10 lines on Air Pollution in english for students and children

The following 10 lines on Air pollution clearly explains the harmful effects of poisonous gases in our atmosphere. Deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels are the main causes of air pollution.

Gases from industries and vehicles pollute our environment and cause many respiratory problems to humans and animals. We should reduce these harmful activities for getting fresh air.

We should consider this problem seriously and solve it as early as possible. There are many ways to reduce the number of air pollutants from the air.

Everyone must read the following 10 lines on Air Pollution and understand the importance of controlling air pollution.

In addition, students must spread awareness to the public about the bad effects of air pollution.

You should remember these points to keep our air pure and fresh. 

10 lines on Air Pollution:

10 lines on Air Pollution

1.Air pollution is caused by the emission of harmful gases, smoke, and toxic elements in the air.

2.It reduces the quality of air and affects the plant and vegetation of the region.

3.In 2012, more than six million people were died due to air pollution.

4.Human activities are the main reason for air pollution. 

5.Vehicles and industries release more toxic gases into the atmosphere.

6.Smoke from volcanic eruption releases dust and harmful gases into our air. 

7.Air pollution provides many health problems for humans and animals. 

8.You can reduce air pollution by using Electronic cars, solar vehicles, and bicycles.

9.Trees absorb harmful gases and purify our air.

10.Everyone should plant at least a tree in our living area to reduce air pollution. 

Few lines on Air Pollution:

1.Vehicles and industries release air pollutants. Especially, Smog is an air pollutant which affects your eyes, throat, and lungs and causes asthma problem.

2.Reforestation, the reduction of burning fossil fuels, and the use of solar vehicles reduce the major cause of air pollution.

3.Natural calamities like wildfire, volcanic eruption, etc., emit harmful gases in the atmosphere.

4.You can measure the air pollution of a particular region by using the advanced system called Air Quality Index (AQI).

5.Radon, a toxic gas released from the radioactive element which provides lung cancer to humans. 

6.In our homes, Detergents, paints, room sprays, and aerosol causes indoor air pollution.

7.The government should provide various limitations to industries for controlling the smoke and fumes coming out of chimneys.

8.Humans are suggested to wear masks before going to highly polluted areas. 

9.It is the duty of every people should follow the rules and regulations for controlling air pollution.

10.Acid rain is caused by the mixing of toxic elements in the atmosphere.

Some sentence about Air Pollution:

1.World Health Organization confirmed that the toxic level of air in Delhi is two times more than the toxic level of air in Beijing.

2.Air pollution causes side effects like wrinkles, rashes, tumours, and other skin diseases.

3.Air pollutant PM 2.5 is a tiny particle that can penetrate our lungs, leading to severe problems. 

4.Global warming and climatic changes are caused by the increasing toxic elements in our atmosphere

5.Air pollution provides a heavy loss to the agriculture sector due to climatic changes. 

6.In the continent of Asia, air pollution is responsible for the death of more people.

7.In London, Smog killed nearly 6000 people in the year 1952.

8.Polluted air decreases the lifetime of living creatures on our Earth. 

9.Toxic elements in the air mixed with our food and water cause severe health problems.

10.The ozone layer is affected by greenhouse gas emissions from industries, vehicles, and the burning of fossil fuels.


We hope that the above 10 lines on Air pollution will make you control air pollution by following various steps and alternative procedures. Share this information with your friends, relatives, and your loved ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Ten lines on air pollution :

What are the factors that lead to air pollution?

Vehicles, industries, radioactive elements, wildfire, volcanic eruptions, crackers, etc are the various factors that lead to air pollution.

Is air pollution offers health problem for humans?

Yes, air pollution offers many health problems like asthma, skin disease, etc to humans.

What is the reason for planting trees on roadsides?

Trees absorb harmful gases emitted from vehicles and control air pollution.

What is the relation between air pollution and acid rain?

Toxic elements mixed with air particles and produce acid rain

How can we control air pollution?

We can control air pollution by using electrical cars, solar vehicles, and bicycles.

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