10 lines on apple in english for students

10 lines on apple:: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”! This is not only the proverb and this proved in the real life. Apple is the best fighter from many diseases in the life of many people and this is the most usual fruit that is consumed in every part of the world. Apples are delicious and it has more nutritional values that play an important role in health benefits. They are in a sweet taste and mostly in red and green colour. The upcoming 10 lines on apple will clarify all the nutritional values. 

In Indian state apple mainly grow in hill stations and mountains of Himachal and Kashmir. The yield is insignificant while it is grown in other areas. Kotgarh Apple is said to be the best apple in the world because of its sweetness and juicy flavour. It contains calories, carbs, fibre, vitamin A, E, B1, B2, B6, and C, potassium, vitamin K, antioxidants, etc. Apples have a variety of shapes, flavour, colour, with a range of nutrients that are good. The benefits and the nutritional values of the apples are explained in the 10 lines on apple

10 lines on apple:

10 lines on apple
  1. Apple is a very healthy fruit.
  2. It will be in red and green colour.
  3. Apple is found in many countries across the world.
  4. Apple will have different colour and different size based on their yield. 
  5. Nowadays, apples are used in jam making and it is used in fruit juice.
  6. Apple has plenty of iron and calcium in it. 
  7. After cutting the apple it will leave a brown layer with denotes the sign of iron content. 
  8. Eating an apple with an empty stomach is good for health.
  9. The health experts advise the people to take an apple, not in the form of jam and jellies.
  10. Apples will grow both in the summer and winter season. 

Few lines on apple:

  1. Asia, China, and America are the largest producers of the fruit. 
  2. Apple fruit is grown in the apple tree.
  3. Apple is the low-cost fruit cultivated in every part of the world. 
  4. Apple trees will grow large when it is grown from seed.
  5. Most of the peoples will eat an apple as raw but some will eat after cooking. 
  6. There are more varieties of apple available. Some of them are red delicious, pink lady, golden delicious, gala, granny smith, etc.
  7. The word apple is derived from the Latin word pomum.
  8. The tiny seed inside the apple should be removed while eating.
  9. The overall production of the apple in the world is 74.95 million metric tonnes.
  10. In the world, China is the leading producer of apple.

Some sentences about apple:

  • Apple plays an important role in losing weight and it also increases muscle strength.
  • The apple will reduce the danger and risk of lung cancer.
  • Apple is good for our health because it plays a vital role in the digestive system.
  • The cholesterol patients can eat an apple because apple contains fibre that will reduce cholesterol.
  • Apple contains two acids- maleic and citric.
  •  Apple contains 86% of moisture and it will keep our body hydrated.
  • Apple helps in the control of obesity.
  • Apple will help diabetes patients.
  • Usually, doctors advise stroke patients to take apple because it reduces the risk of stroke.
  •  Apple contains quercetin, catechin, phloridzin, chlorogenic acid that play an important role in our health. 


Apple plays an important role in our day to day life. So, don’t forget to take apple regularly to get all the benefits that are mentioned in the above mentioned 10 lines on apple.

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