10 Lines On Camel in english for students and children

10 Lines On Camel:: Camels are big animals, and people love to ride on them. They are mostly found in the desert area. Here are 10 lines on camel that explain everything about the camel’s family, creature and including all interesting facts. Camels are soft and gentle with people, and it is a friendly creature. Most people can’t see these gentle animals because they are found only in the deserts. 

Camel’s skin is double moulded with its hair that helps to safeguard and survive in the sunny desert. Camel is a rare animal in south India, and so people don’t know anything about them. The following 10 lines on camel will help the people to know everything about camel in detail. Camel can live both in the sunny and winter climate; also, it lives without water for many days. Commonly, the height of the camel is 7 feet, and the weight is 1500 pounds. 

  • Kingdom: Animalia 
  • Class: Mammalia 
  • Order: Artiodactyla 

10 Lines On Camel:

10 Lines On Camel
  1. Camels are the only animal that can live in the desert, and it has 3 eyelids on the eyes also has two rows of eyelashes that prevent the blowing sand. 
  2. It is the most useful domestic animal that helps humans for years. 
  3. Camels are mostly visible in Gujarat and Rajasthan
  4. Camel is the fast running animal in the desert, so they are called “ship of the deserts.”  
  5. Camel seems a big animal with long necks, four legs, and a small head. 
  6. It eats up to 10kg to 20kgs of pure fresh food and 8 to 10kgs of dry foods per day.
  7. The life span of the camel is 40-60 years.
  8. Male camel called “Bull Camel” and female camel called “Cow Camel”.
  9. Camels are considered as two types which are desert camel and snow camel.
  10. Camels are friendly animals used for defence and military purposes. 

Few Lines On Camel:

  • The population of the camel is 40 million around the world, and 35 to 50 thousand camels are found in India.
  • Camels have the ability to run in the desert, so it is used for the long journey.
  • Camels can live in both the climate like hot, winter and dry. Camels can see their humps.
  • Camels can eat grass, cereals, corn, and many dry foods, and it is the ling running animal, so the humans used them as domestic animal. 
  • It can live in hot and dry weather. So camel is named the king of the desert. 
  • The camel contains four feet. It carries a heavy load on its hump and also the humans. 
  • Camel milk is rare, and it’s healthy for humans.
  • The camel meat is delicious and rare to eat. 
  • Camel is a vegetarian animal. It can live without water and food for many years. 
  • The camel has long legs; the toe is broad, so it is easy to walk in the desert. 

Some Sentence About The Camel:

  • Camels from Bikaner are more famous because they are stronger and walk longer than others. It has a better speed. 
  • The camel has two eyes, two ears and a mouth; the eyes are so protected with three eyelids and two rows of eyelashes. 
  • People make it a favourite animal. 
  • Camels are physically strong mammals also it is eight feet in height. 
  • They can run faster in the desert sand with heavy loads. 
  • Camels have more patience and calmness than other animals. 
  • People used transports like caravan for carrying their loads in the early period, and they use fewer camels. 
  • Camel is said to be a worthy animal. Camels can close their nostrils. 
  • It is a multipurpose animal, and a people’s friendly animal used to plough the field. 
  • Camels are helpful animals, and it has amazing characters in them. 


Camels are one of the favourite animals for many people. Since 3500 years ago people domesticated used them for transportations. Camels are the soft and gentle creature globally; however, sometimes mess, camels become more vigorous when people annoyed them. Even it can bite and kick them. These interesting 10 lines on camel can be more helpful to understand about the camels. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question – How many years do camels can live?

Answer – Camels can live about 40-60 years.

Question – In which place camels can live?

Answer – There are two types of camels, one hump and two hump camels. The one hump camels live in North Africa and the Middle East. The two humps camel is in Central Asia.

Question – Why the camels are called a “ship of the desert”?

Answer – Camels are the only mode of transportation for people living in desert areas, so they are called “ship of the desert.”

Question – Why camels are domesticated?

Answer – Camels are domesticated because of their fur, milk, and meat.

Question – How many types of camels are there in the world?

Answer – Two types of camels are there
(i) Bactrian and (ii) Dromedary.

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