10 Lines on Christmas in english for students and children

10 Lines on Christmas:: Most people think that Christmas is about Santa clause, Christmas trees, cake, and carols. Yes, these are all fun things that we do at Christmas, but the real meaning and essence of Christmas is something very different – it is much more profound and exciting, and 10 lines on Christmas is not enough.

But Christmas is a festival of Christians which marks the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Below are a few lines on Christmas, which will give you better clarity.

10 Lines on Christmas:

10 Lines on Christmas
  1. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December every year.
  2. Jesus Christ was born to mother Mary on this day in Bethlehem, Israel. Christians believe Jesus is a son of God.
  3. The festival of Christmas crossed all the boundaries called nations and celebrated by everyone irrespective of nationality and religion.
  4. Christians celebrated globally with great enthusiasm, love, and happiness.
  5. This festival is cherished, enjoyed and loved by all age groups, especially kids.
  6. All houses and churches are cleaned and well decorated before Christmas.
  7. For decoration purposes of Christmas buntings and flowers usually all use.
  8. The major attractive decoration is the Christmas tree at their homes and offices with ribbons and colours full balls and red socks.
  9. People visit the church and witness the festival celebration.
  10. All religious people attend the church and light the candle to worship Lord Jesus Christ.

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Few Lines on Christmas:

  1. People invite friends and relatives to their home during the Christmas festival.
  2. People distribute gifts; organize feasts, exchange Christmas cards, and sing Christmas carols on occasion.
  3. Kids get a lot of gifts and new dresses from Santa Claus. And also get sweets and presents.
  4. “Santa Clause ” dressed in fluffy red and white costume.
  5. Christmas is the festival of love, care, and happiness.
  6. Christmas is about sharing and helping the needy and helpless people.
  7. This Christmas festival teaches us to live a good life of prayer, sacrifice, and love.
  1. It is one of the biggest festivals which is celebrated by many non-christian communities too.
  2. The evergreen Fir tree is used as a Christmas tree and decorated with tinsels, ornaments and gifts, etc.
  3. Christmas celebration continues till the new year and after few days to celebrate some more occasions related to Christmas.

Some lines on Christmas:

  1. A worldwide holiday is declared on this particular day and all celebrate Christmas with great love and enthusiasm.
  2. Everyone greets each other by wishing “Merry Christmas.”
  3. On this day in the morning time, a church mass is held, and later, the whole family enjoys a delightful meal.
  4. In India, there is a national holiday at Christmas. Schools and all the government offices remain closed on this day.
  5. Kuswar sweets, originating from goa is one of the traditional Indian Christmas sweets.
  6. Not only homes, some streets, and shopping malls are well decorated with a variety of decorative items.
  7. Christmas festival teaches us to love and help as much as possible and work towards the betterment of humanity.
  8. All creatures on earth depend on each other, and we have to maintain this balance.
  9. Lord Jesus Christ message to all of us is, we have to rise above the discrimination of caste, religion, colour, etc
  10. Christmas is also called the feast day of Christ. Bible is the collection of Jesus’ words and scripture of Christianity.


Christianity is the most established religion and around the world because of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity and concern towards humankind. 10 Lines on Christmas is not sufficient because the life of Jesus is beyond reach some times and at a time effortless and loving. Christmas is the day to rethink and understand the values shared by Jesus.

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