10 lines on Discipline in english for students

10 lines on Discipline: Discipline is an art of self-control. Once trained to control yourself you can achieve anything in your life. Discipline is a path to attain success in life. Discipline must be the basic quality of every human. Discipline leads to enforced control for your character. It is important to discuss 10 lines on Discipline to develop good behaviour among others.

How to enable discipline in yourself? Setting rules and regulations to follow leads to enable disciplinary behaviour. If you fail to follow discipline then you are forced to follow obedience. Disciplinarian activities or punishments may be taken against you for your indiscipline behaviour. We try to learn discipline on these 10 lines on Discipline article from each point.

10 lines on Discipline:

10 lines on Discipline
  1. Discipline is not others ordered on you to follow obedience. You must follow obedience.
  2. Discipline is not another decision. It is your decision for honest behaviour.
  3. You can follow discipline for not escape from the punishment of others. You follow it for your own goals.
  4. Discipline increases your respect for others. More respect gives more discipline.
  5. Discipline decreases the distraction of your lifetime goals. It kills the things that make you divert from your career
  6. It leads to an enemy-free life. If you follow discipline, everyone likes to make friendship with you.
  7. It gives clear knowledge in your studies, research, and day to day activities.
  8. Discipline destroys laziness from your mind and makes you work like an ant.
  9. Discipline is a result of a healthy mind and good behaviour. 
  10. Discipline kills your bad thoughts and bad impression towards others.

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Few lines on Discipline:

  1. Speak gentle, soft tone of voice to both elder and younger people changes your hard character.
  2. Giving Respect to elders and others too makes our discipline level one step up.
  3. Give an immediate response to other’s action shows that you are attentive before their action.
  4. Be patient to hear other’s words whether it is useful or not. Which is the basic quality for discipline and leads to a clear analysis of other’s thoughts.
  5. Follow timing for every activity that shows your dedication towards your work. It is one of the forms of discipline.
  6. Aware of your responsibility towards work whether it is official or personal. Responsibility encourages discipline in your mind
  7. Fear on punishment is also considered as a discipline because one gets little fear about someone or somewhat that gives self-discipline
  8. Speaking truth is best to discipline activity where many saints and leaders follow this concept.
  9. Helping tendency increases the discipline behaviour in our hearts. 
  10. Use discipline words to speak at your parents, teachers, elders, officials, and other public people who popular your character.

Some Sentences about Discipline:

  •  Discipline means the training and instruction to follow. 
  • Another meaning of Discipline is a follower. Follower means Students to follow the instruction of teachers.
  • Discipline is not a punishment. It is obedience to follow
  • Discipline is just a set of rules to follow and not strict enforcement. We can make it to perceive our goals.
  • More discipline gives more choices in life. More choices give more control to choose a better option in life
  • Less Discipline gives fewer choices in life. Fewer choices give stress and distraction of life goals and unable to choose a better option in life. 
  • Discipline is not an act of controlling you. It is an act of controlling your mind.
  • Discipline spreads positive energy to others to create a peaceful environment.
  • Discipline is not only for kids but also for parents, teachers, elders, and also for officials.


Here we see 10 lines on discipline in this essay. We get some detailed clarification and effects on the following discipline. To live a life of good mental health, we must perceive the basic character of humans called Discipline.

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