10 lines on doctor in english for students

10 lines on doctor: A Doctor is a person qualified in medicine and treatments to cure sick and injured people; Doctor has a significant place in our society. They treat sick people and give proper advice related to health. 

Doctors treat the patient in hospital and clinics. The doctor has nurses and compounders for help, and A doctor is like a god because he saves people from many diseases. The profession of a doctor is the noblest and respected one; they make many efforts to cure many diseases.

A Doctor should have a medical degree and licence to work as a doctor, and a doctor has a special instrument for diagnosing the body problem quickly; here are Top 10 lines on Doctor.

10 lines on Doctor

10 lines on Doctor

1.A Doctor is a person who helps to keep human health in healthy condition.

2.A Doctor holds a significant place in our society.

3.There are different doctors’ fields to treat various illnesses of humans, animals, and plants.

4.Doctors treat their Patients in hospital and clinics.

5.There are several diseases; only doctors fight against those diseases and treat infected people.

6.Doctors not only treat diseases but also advise patients about diet, health and hygiene.

7.A responsible doctor gives priority to service, not to money.

8.A doctor always wears a smile on his face and behave very softly with his patients.

9.In India, 1st July is dedicated to the doctors every year; this day is celebrated as doctors day for their commendable works.

10.A Doctor wears a white coloured coat and usually have a stethoscope around their neck.

Some sentences about Doctor 

1.Here are some sentences about Doctor Allopathy, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda: various forms of medicine specialised by doctors.

2.A Doctor is a professional person with a professional health degree to treat many diseases and injuries.

3.The Doctor leads a hectic life; he does not have any fixed hours of work in an emergency; he has to visit the patient even at midnight.

4.He does not get enough rest and sleep; the doctor in Village faces many difficulties sometimes, there is no medicine available, but he tries his best to save the patient’s life.

5. Many dangerous diseases have been totally cured by the doctor like polio, typhoid Malaria etc.

6.A Doctor is a healer who extends his true services to all his Patient regardless of any bias, selfishness or apprehension about himself catching up the infection.

7.To a doctor, his Patient is critical and treating and curing them is always his priority.

8.There are different types of doctors like Gynecologists, cardiologists, dentists, neurology, ENT Ophthalmologist”, etc. 

9.An ophthalmologist” is a doctor who deals with eye-related problems.

10.In several diseases, sometimes the doctor takes a patient’s blood sample or uses the X-Ray method to treat the patient.

Few lines on Doctor 

1.A doctor is a person with extensive knowledge In the domain of medical science who applied and dedicated his knowledge to identify the medical problem face by the patient.

2.The doctor’s effort makes it possible to mitigate the discomfort of diseases that threatens patient life.

3.With the efforts of doctors and medicine, and therapies, the patient’s lifespan or onset of the worst effect of an illness can be extended significantly.

4.Doctor have amazing communication skill for interaction and consolation with their patients.

5.Being a Doctor is a very noble or decorated professional in every country of the World.

6.Every doctor takes the Hippocratic Oath; by taking this oath, they swear to follow ethics laid down for medical practices.

7.To become a doctor in India, aspirant qualified for the NEET exam and go to medical college for a 5-year MBBS program.

8.Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical practices in India. Ayurvedic doctors  use herbal plants that have medicinal properties to cure patients

9.Doctors are people whom you trust in the most difficult moments of your life. The Doctor Serves as an advisor, interpreter and supporter in the endeavour.

10.Doctors must all be committed to playing a part in the education and support of the next generation of a medical practitioner and Facilitating the advancement of evidence-based practice.

Frequently Asked Questions 10 lines on Doctor.

Why doctor is important in our life?

A doctor is very important in our life because they eliminates health related problems and they give a new life to patients, a doctor saves life period of patient.

Is Doctor a good career?

Yes, definitely doctor is a very good career, Doctor holds a very important place in our society.

Who is a doctor in simple words?

A Doctor is a person who helps to keep human health in healthy condition.

How do doctors help us?

Doctor is a person with extensive knowledge In the domain of medical science, who applied and dedicate his knowledge to identify the medical problem face by the patient.

What is Paediatrician

Paediatrician’ is a doctor who is a specialist in child-related problems.


The doctor is a respected profession in society who helps people by using their medical science knowledge to cure diseases; I Hope these 10 lines on doctors are useful for you.

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