10 lines on Earth in english for students and children

10 lines on Earth:: We are living on a planet called Earth. Our Earth is suitable for living things than other planet does. Earth consumes enough oxygen for living beings to survive. We see 10 lines on Earth to know some interesting information about Earth.

Our Earth has one natural satellite. Earth is the third planet in the solar system, and its position is more comfortable for getting the required sunlight and heat. The ozone layer covers over this planet, and we discuss more in 10 lines on Earth.

10 lines on Earth:

10 lines on Earth
  1. The word Earth originated from the German Language, and it is translated from the Latin word Terra which means Land of Humans or Human world.
  2. Earth’s formation is about 4.5 billion years ago and takes 365.26 days to rotate the sun on its axis. Its gravitational forces help to attract objects.
  3. One natural satellite Moon, takes 28 days to rotate Earth on its axis. Moon is four times smaller than the size of Earth.
  4. Life on Earth may start 4.1 billion years ago, and we have evidence.
  5. More than 7.7 billion humans live on earth.
  6. Rodinia, a supercontinent that exists 750 billion years ago, and breaks and recombined to form Pannotia, and it also breaks and recombined into Pangaea.
  7. Initially, the newborn Sun could able to deliver 70% of light to Earth. So greenhouse gases protect oceans from freezing.
  8. The Gravitational force between Moon and Earth makes Tides and slows down the Earth’s rotation, and makes it stable.
  9. Earth is looking like Blue Marble when you take a photo from space.
  10. The atmosphere on Earth is of several layers.

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Few lines on Earth:

  1. Hawaiian Mauna Kea is the biggest mountain on the Earth at the height of 13,795 feet, and it is not considered because the rest of the portion remains below sea level.
  2. The most dried place on Earth is called Mcmurdo dry valleys situated in Antarctica. 
  3. There is only 3% of freshwater remains on Earth.
  4. A massive object attacked Earth about 4.6 billion years ago, which leads to the formation of the Moon.
  5. Continents on Earth will reunite after 250 million years.
  6. Most of the part which is covered by water of 70% are failed to receive sunlight.
  7. The Karman Line is the border between the Atmosphere and outer space.
  8. 70% of freshwater remains in 90% of ice.
  9. Gravity is not spread equally on Earth. For example, places like Hudson Bay in Canada contain less gravitational force.
  10. Earth’s magnetic north pole is moving northward at a speed of 10 miles per hour.

Some Sentences about Earth:

  1. Moon quakes affect the tides and changes in sea waves. Earthquakes affect only the earth’s crust.
  2. Earth’s longest mountain range is the Mid-ocean ridge of 80 thousand kilometres lies under an ocean full of volcanoes.
  3. Earth has an all-time active volcano called Stromboli volcano erupting about 2000 years, and it is called the lighthouse of the Mediterranean.
  4. Humans only explored 5 per cent of the oceans on Eartha and 70% of oceans yet not explored.
  5. The ocean on Earth holds nearly 20 million tons of Golds, and it is dissolved, and 9 pounds of gold is still undissolved.
  6. The deepest part of Earth is the Mariana Trench, and it is nearly 11 kilometres deep from the ocean surface. 
  7. Earth has the largest structure of living creature called Coral Reefs, and some are visible from space, and it is the highest density of life structure than Rainforests.
  8. Every day there are about 100 tons of interplanetary materials falls on Earth’s surface.
  9. Earth will move away from its orbit on the rotation of the Sun
  10. The ozone layer protects Earth from the Ultraviolet radiation of the Sun.


You get to wonder about 10 lines on Earth which include wonderful information about our live planet Earth. Our Earth crossed half of its lifetime. We try to protect the remaining half lifetime of Earth from our careless activities.

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