10 Lines On Farmer For Students And Children In English

10 Lines On Farmer:: Farmers are simply called the “Backbone Of  India”. They are the most useful people and they provide foods. Farmers are growing crops for people. Farmers farming crops in villages because the fertility of the soil is good. Moreover, many people don’t know the 10 lines on farmer here see more about them. They work hard for their family and country. 

Farmers have fields and they crop the plants and plough using bullocks. Farmers wake up early in the morning and start their fielding work. Let’s see the 10 lines on farmer and how they survive this corporate world. Farmer crop and sows the seeds in the early morning. By selling their crops they get the money. Farmers protecting their field from hail and frost.   

10 Lines On Farmer:

10 Lines On Farmer
  1. Farmers grow crops in their field and they are the most helpful and important person in every country. 
  2. Farmers difficult to survive in India because the government couldn’t give proper offers to them 
  3. They work hard throughout the day; people should make concern and respect on them. 
  4. Typically farmers lives are quite challenging. 
  5. They never stop their work even in heavy rain and sunny days. Farmers work hard the whole day. 
  6. Now people eating fresh fruits and vegetables because of them, everyone should respect farmers. 
  7. In simple words, farmers are the “backbone” and “ heart” of the nation.
  8. Farmers sow seeds then cultivate and supply them to the people. 
  9. Agriculture is an important part of every country; they are also one reason for economic growth. 
  10. The government should concern our agriculture heroes! 

Few Lines On Farmer:

  1. Foods are the essential one for human if they eat because of farmers. 
  2. Farmers will crops grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits and so on. 
  3. Farmers have bullocks and plough, they work every day without rest. They always respect and works honestly. 
  4. Farmers jobs are the very toughest ones they work very dedicatedly. 
  5. Farmers works hard even though, they indebted to banks and rich peoples. 
  6. Their regular work is ploughing, watering, sowing seeds sprinkle fertilizers, harvesting, cultivations etc. 
  7. The GDP rate of the agriculture sector is more than 15%. They are one of the reasons for economic growth.
  8. People give more support and respect to the farmers but the government couldn’t help them. 
  9. Almost the countries economic growth is increased by the farmers. 
  10. Farmers face more hard problems that’s why in recent years the rate of farmers suicide is increased. 

Some Sentence About The Farmer:

  1. Farmers suicide because they are unable to pay the debt. 
  2. An agriculturer helps to increase the living organisms for food. 
  3. Generally, it is applied to individuals who make some blends in field crops or other livestock.
  4. Farmers start their work from early morning they work till the sunset. They are the reason for foods.
  5. Lands are the biggest property for the farmers. They grow crops for people. 
  6. Farmers harvest and cultivate their crops in the field after that they sell in the market. 
  7. Farmers are difficult to survive in the nation. Their houses look small and made up of huts and mud. 
  8. Bullocks are used to ploughs the land, some farmers use tractors. 
  9. Farmers always wait for the rain because they always devote themselves. 
  10. Farmers watering the land regularly because seeds grow very well. 


Farmers are the primary economic key for the nation. They always take care of our country. The above 10 lines on farmer are helped to know about agriculture. Farmers work hard but they remain a small amount of money. They are poor people. The government should take care of them. 

Frequently Asking Questions:

Question:: Does the land contain snakes?

Answer – Yes, snakes are around the field. But there are no poisonous snakes on the farm. 

Question:: Is the farm includes any poison ivy?

Answer – No, there is nothing on the farm.

Question:: What kind of crops do the farmers sow?

Answer:: Farmers sow wheat, corn, sugarcane, soybeans etc. 

Question:: Define farming?

Answer:: Growing crops, ploughing bullocks, rearing animals, cultivating foods like fruits, vegetables, fibre etc. 

Question:: What are the types of farming system in India?

Answer – 1. Dry agriculture
2. Shifting agriculture
3. Subsistence farming
4. Mixed farming
5. Plantation agriculture. 


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