10 lines on Forest in english for students

Forests are the main source of supply of enough amount of oxygen to human beings and animals. It is home for many animals to survive on Earth. Here there are 10 lines on Forest to know the importance of forest. Average rainfall depends on the density of the forest.

In the forest, we find many endangered species whether it is plants or animals. Forests contain huge resources for human needs. Use it properly according to our demand and keep it safe for future usage. We discuss 10 lines on Forest article to know more about it.

10 lines on Forest:

10 lines on Forest
  1. There are various types of forests on the Earth such as Tropical forests, temperature forests, boreal forests, etc
  2. Forest is made up of Forest Floor, Understory, Canopy, and Emergent layers
  3. Dead trees, animals, and decomposing material are on the Forest floor layer of Earth
  4. Bushes, shrubs, and young trees are found on the Understory layer of the forest
  5. Branches, leaves are present in the Canopy layer of the forest that consumes food.
  6. An emergent layer of Forests lies on tropical Forest that contains a tower over the canopy layer.
  7. Boreal forests are generally called Coniferous forests and it full of evergreen trees.
  8. Temperature rain forests, Temperature coniferous forests are the forest of warm temperature over the broadleafs.
  9. Tropical forests contain both coniferous and rain forests
  10. Due to human intervention, forests are classified into old-growth and second-growth forests

Few lines on Forest:

  1. Forests have a hundred billion varieties of trees and most of the trees contain medical substances.
  2. Over 30% of Earth’s surface or 4 billion hectares are covered by Forests.
  3. We consume 21.9 Giga tones of carbon from tropical forests, 8.1 gigatonnes from temperature forests, and 2.6 gigatonnes from Boreal forests.
  4. Forests give shelter for more than 300 million people and it provides resources for all human beings.
  5. Many countries use Forest therapy of touring on forests area for the treatment of Depression and Anxiety.
  6. Rainforests supply 25% of medicine to human beings. But, the number of rainforests is decreasing nowadays.
  7. About 80% of forests are completed destroyed by human activities.
  8. Forests supplies 100 billion kilograms of net oxygen for a year and a single tree consumes 100 kilograms of oxygen.
  9. World’s largest temperature rainforest is Tongass which is located in Alaska and its temperature will increase gradually between 4 to 5 degrees before the arrival of the year 2050.
  10. Taiga is the world’s largest coniferous forests situated in North America with full of pines, spruces, and larches. Taiga is also the world’s largest boreal forest.

Some Sentences about Forest:

  1. The term forest is derived from the Old French Language as Fores. This means the huge area which is covered full of trees.
  2. It is necessary to increase the size of global forests to 20% before 2050 for global warming. On recent statistics, Brazil, Indonesia, China, Russia, India, Canada losses the maximum area of forests.
  3. Forests produce a large amount of oxygen and supply it to the ozone layer. Amazon forests alone supply 20% of oxygen to the atmosphere.
  4. Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest forest which covers an area of 5,500,000 square kilometres and contains the largest range of animals and plants.
  5. The life of animals under extinction depends on the forest area.  Forests act as a home for about 70% of animals. 81 million acres of Amazon forest provides a home for birds and animals.
  6. Pine forests help for treating lung diseases by walking in the early morning on those forests that help to cure lung problems.
  7. An Indian who lived in forests for about 31 years with wild animals like tigers, rhinos, and elephants. He started to live in the forest at the age of 16.
  8. Deforestation leads to the release of carbon dioxide as it is the same as the release of carbon from vehicles and factories
  9. Bristlecone pine tree is the oldest tree which is located in White Mountains, California
  10.  Trees help to maintain a stable climate.


We are the reason for the appearing the El-Nino climatic disaster. Due to deforestation, over usage of forest resources leads to a decrease in rainfall and global warming. We are aware of these 10 lines on forest for preventing our natural resource from danger and extinction of species.

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