10 lines on Friendship in english for student and children

Friendship is one of the best relationships in the world. Our following 10 lines on Friendship remember all our good memories, cheerful moments, and roller-coaster emotions.

Friends give additional support to us in every stage of life. There are no geographical or chronological boundaries for friendship and you can make friends anywhere and anytime. It is the only relations that never expects anything from us. 

We need a friend to share joys and sorrows in our life. Your life becomes boring if you do not have friends. A good friend always ready to help and you can call upon at any time.

Everyone likes to spend time with their best friends. In our article, we include the following 10 lines on Friendship to respect this beautiful relationship in the world.

10 lines on Friendship:

10 lines on Friendship

1.Friendship helps to bring positive life changes and shows the right path.

2.We are celebrating International Friendship Day on the 13th of July every year.

3.True friendship builds strong relationships and increases the respect and responsibility of relation. 

4.Friendship keeps our hearts open to sharing similar thoughts and affection.

5.A true friend always stands strong beside you and never leaves you at any hard moments.

6.Friendship does not depend on religion, race, caste, gender, and nationality. 

7.Friendship relieves our pain of sorrows, sufferings, and grieves of our life.

8.A true friend may take care of your happiness and lightens our burdens and pain.

9.It is hard to find true friendship and we must preserve it once we get it. 

10.A true friend always looking for the betterment of his friends without any bad thoughts.

Few lines on Friendship:

1.If you are having childhood friends, then you are considered one of the luckiest people in the world.

2.Real friends, close friends, and best friends are different types of friends in the world. 

3.Friends can easily understand, analyze, and synchronize our thoughts, mentalities, and likings. 

4.A true friend helps you get out of a bad situation in your life.

5.You can learn the importance of values and loyalty in our life from friendship.

6.School days and college days friendship can never end and continues till your life ends.

7.True friendship always stays connected with you irrespective of location and distance.

8.Friendship will shape our inner personality and it is one of the important parts of our childhood days. 

9.Real friends always help with your personal growth and professional growth.

10.Similar thoughts and actions develop friendship and you cannot make friends as all persons you meet in your life.

Some sentences about Friendship:

1.We just learned the kind values of friendship like loyalty and happiness from a dog that acts like a man’s best friend.

2.We must put a lot of effort and patience into maintaining good friendships and you cannot make all people friends.

3.It is the responsibility of friends to remove the bad qualities of their loved person and shape their character.

4.Memories created by our friends always stay with us and it will remain throughout our life.

5.Friendship is not a complicated relationship and true friends always stay in touch in any situation without any expectation and reason.

6.You can learn about the biggest life lessons from friendship.

7.Friendship gives you more freedom to share your thoughts, but you cannot get this freedom from your relatives and family.

8.Pure friendship can do anything for you and does not encourage harmful traits like jealousy, ego, and others.

9.A small circle of friends enjoys the beauty of true friendship rather than a large friends circle.

10.Support of our friends makes us stay strong and happy throughout our life.


We hope that the above 10 lines on Friendship will make you understand the importance and benefits of friendship in your life.

We should always remember the golden line “A Friend in need is a friend indeed”. If you want to enjoy the real happiness of your life, then try to make at least one best friend. One cannot able to live a complete life without a friend.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question – What is the meaning of friendship?

Answer – Friendship is a beautiful relation that can give support and helps you to come back from any hard situation in your life.

Question – How can we make friends in our life?

Answer – We can make friends when we seeing a person with similar thoughts and mindset.

Question – What is the expectation of friendship?

Answer – Friendship never expects anything from anyone. But it gives support, happiness and helps to shape our personality and characters.

Question – What is the right time to make friends?

Answer – You can make friends at anytime and anywhere. 

Question – When will we celebrate international friendship day?

Answer – We are celebrating International Friendship Day on the 13th of July every year.

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