10 lines on Good manners in english for students and children

10 lines on Good manners:: Having a good manner is the basic quality of every human. This is because man is the topmost intelligent creation of God compared to other living beings on the earth. So he must able to think, talk, and act wisely according to the situations.

He must also know the right way of behaving well and performing good manners. Parents must teach about their behaviour with family members, neighbours, friends, teachers, etc. Here, there are 10 lines on Good manners that help us know the purpose and reason for good behaviour.

Good manners are essential to human life, which helps us to behave well in society. Moreover, it wins the heart of several people in a public place.

Good manners make one create a unique personality in society. A well-behaving person has the qualities of modesty, humbleness, kindness, and courtesy.

You never forget that you are only responsible for your activities in society. Our following 10 lines on Good manners help you to pursue good manners throughout your lifetime.

10 lines on Good manners:

10 lines on Good manners

1.Avoiding loud talk and bad words in public conversation improve your quality, among others.

2.You can follow different types of good manners according to different situations.

3.Try to help disabled person, old aged people, and children in society.

4.Disciplined and good behaving human respects all women in society. 

5.Give equal respect to elders and youngsters who are giving respect to you.

6.You should not interrupt the conversation between two people.

7.One can become more popular by following good manners in society.

8.Follow the habit of practising good manners in your day-to-day life.

9.If you follow good manners, then you are respected and loved by your family, friends, relatives, and others.

10.Our society only accepts the people who are following good manners in their life. 

Few lines on Good manners:

1.In this world, some people behave well with sweet words only in front and not behind. This is not considered a good manner.

2.A person with good manners shows huge respect towards the feelings and emotions of other persons in society.

3. Try to say sorry for apologizing to the person when you have made a mistake. 

4.Stand and greet others by shaking your hands with them is also considered one of society’s good manners. 

5.When you leave your home, school, or office, try to ask permission from parents, teachers, and officials. 

6.Give respect to others and expecting the same respect from them is good quality. 

7.Try to obey the instructions of parents, teachers, elders, friends, and leaders. 

8.Helping others is a kind of good manners which everyone must follow in this modern society.

9.Never cheating, harassing, beating, and hurting anyone without any cause.

10.A well-behaving person understands the feelings, emotions, and love of others.

Some sentences about Good manners:

1.Good manners help you to learn how to behave in public places.

2.Good manners give perfect shape to our thinking, behaviour, gesture, and way of talking with others.

3.A normal man is being converted to a civilized well-being human or nobleman by Good manners.

4.At a young age, you must try to follow good manners.

5.Teachers must teach good manners to students. 

6.Using Please, May, Excuse me, or other polite words in conversation are the simple way of including good manners in your life.

7.Thanking others when you get something or getting some help from someone is also a form of good manners.

8.Good manners increase our patience to hear the words of other people and respect their options. 

9.Respecting elders and speaking politely are the best practices of good manners.

10.People with good manners not likely to use any harsh words in the conversation of others.


We hope that this article will provide the advantages of following the Good manners in your life. Therefore, you should keep these above 10 lines on Good manners in your mind and try to become a good person in society. Good manners will bring sunshine and add good qualities to your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What are the benefits of good manners?

Answer – A well-behaving person is respected, loved, and cared for by all kinds of people in society. He can also get help from others.

Question: How can we follow good manners in our life?

Answer – We can follow good manners through our day to day activities. For example, saying wishes while seeing elders, parents, teachers, and others, helping disabled and old-aged people, speaking gently, etc. 

Question: Is greeting anyone is also considered a good manner?

Answer::Yes, stand and greet anyone who comes to your place, home or location is the best practice of good manners. 

Question: How can we respect our teachers, elders, or someone?

Answer: You can deliver your respect through wishing and adding polite words like please, sorry, thank you, excuse me on conversion with them.

Question:: When will you follow good manners?

Answer: You can follow good manners when meeting your teachers, elders, friends, asking for help from an unknown person, entering a classroom, public halls, or attending functions or any public meetings. 

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