10 lines on Grandparents in english for students and children

10 lines on Grandparents:: Grandparents are liked by all the children in the family. They are likely to help grandchildren in their studies and helps for their personal growth and development.

In this article, we include 10 lines on Grandparents explains their importance in a family. They teach moral values and good habits to their children and grandkids. 

Grandparents are the symbol of true love and care. Grandchildren like grandparents more than that their parents. So, their relationship remains successful and cannot be described in words. 

Indians are celebrating National Grandparents Day every year. Not only India, many countries are likely to deliver hearty thanks to their love and care. Grandparents perform the most crucial role in the family.

This is because every child needs some emotional support and moral values apart from parenting. Our following 10 lines on Grandparents include simple lines for school students and kids to understand the importance of them.

Grandparents are experienced people who know how to develop the family and how to shape the character of their kids. 

10 lines on Grandparents:

10 lines on Grandparents

1.Grandparents also like parents who always looking for the development of the children.

2.Grandparents are likely to share their thoughts and experiences with their grandchildren. They are the root cause of the family.

3.They teach good behavior and social thoughts to the children. 

4.Grandparents are more valuable in a joint family and act as great supporters for the kids. 

5.Depending on the various factors, Grandparents’ involvement with youth can vary with their grandkids age.

6.During any occasion, Grandparents are likely to celebrate a lot along with their children and grandkids in the joint family.

7.Grandparents in a joint family can trust and believe their grandkids and delivers huge support and care to the child in the absence of parents.

8.National grandparent’s day is celebrating on every year September 8.

9.Kids must focus and care for their grandparents in their old age.

10.Grandparents taught life lessons and valuable knowledge to their grandchildren.

Few lines on Grandparents:

1.The life experience of Grandparents is needed for a family to get the knowledge and support from us. 

2.The younger generation doesn’t like the behaviour of the grandparents. This is due to the disciplined attitude and the behavior of their grandparents towards life. 

3.The imbalance situation between grandparents and grandchildren becomes a challenging task for the whole family. It will raise more conflicts and misunderstandings between the grandparents and their grandchildren.

4.You can reduce the imbalance relationship by understanding the feelings of grandparents and involving them in changes which improve collaboration in the whole family.

5.Grandparents and grandchildren must understand each other and adjust their thinking and behavior to each other. 

6.Grandparents are generally friendly and eager to play any type of games with their grandkids.

7.The moral values of Grandparents help grandkids promote a lot of moral values and ethics in their grandkids to learn how to respect other people in society.  

8.The hard experience of Grandparents guides children and grandchildren through their valuable life advice. 

9.Grandparents are responsible for showing love, care, and respect towards their grandchildren. 

10.The worst health is the major barrier to their daily activities. This is due to their age. So, they suggested a younger generation promote healthy habits in their daily lives.

Some sentences about Grandparents:

1.Grandparents are treated equally to God. Their blessings are more valuable than any other. 

2.Grandparents influence children and grandchildren to follow their dreams. This is because they are true believers in dreams. 

3.Children are feeling safer due to the care and support of their Grandparents 

4.The affection of grandfather to grandchildren is incomparable to any other relation in the world. 

5.Grandparents are likely to spend more time with their children living in a joint family. 

6.On comparing to parents, Grandparents feel more excited about the arrival of the new-born baby in the family.

7.Grandparents teach grandchildren about how to respect and admire the elders in society. 

8.Sometimes, parents are failed to support their children but Grandparents never miss these wonderful opportunities to show their love and care to their little ones.  

9.Many Children love grandparents more than their parents and likely to spend more time with them. 

10.Grandparents show unconditional love towards their grandchildren more than their parents.


We hope that this article is very helpful for you to know about the importance of grandparents in a family. We must take care of them in their old age. From the 10 lines on grandparents, you must understand that they are another form of God. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question – What is the reason for saying grandparents are equal to God?

Answer – This is because they are always praying for the enrichment of their children and grandchildren

Question – What is the purpose of respecting the grandparents in our family?

Answer – Grandparents are ready to do anything for their children and grandchildren. So, we must respect them. 

Question – Why grandparents are more important to children than parents?

Answer – Due to the tight situation and work, parents cannot able to spend time with their children. So, grandparents are more important for grandchildren. 

Question – What are the duties of the grandparents?

Answer – Grandparents offer love, support, and care to their grandchildren. They take care of their grandchildren and reduce household stress.

Question – Why grandchildren love grandparents more than their parents?

Answer – Grandparents are always kind to their grandchildren. So, grandchildren love grandparents on comparing their love towards parents. 

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