10 lines on Indian soldiers for children and students

Indian army is one of the oldest and proudest armies in the world. Our 10 lines on Indian soldiers gives you some interesting information about Indian soldiers and the military.

Indian country sleeps peacefully due to the Indian soldiers performs their duty. Without any self-motivation, Indian soldiers serving the country for many years. Indian people are likely to join the Indian military to express their love for their country. 

Indian soldiers always protect the honour of the country. They are ready to face enemies at anytime and anywhere. 

They have the responsibility of maintaining a peaceful environment in their country. Therefore, they are not worried about the attack of terrorists and natural calamities.

Indian soldiers are capable of handling any situation in their country. The following 10 lines on Indian soldiers providing more information about the Indian soldiers. 

10 lines on Indian soldiers:

10 lines on Indian soldiers

1.Indian Army Day is celebrating every year on January 15th at India Gate in New Delhi.

2.India’s army was successful in more internal and external threats. 

3.Indian soldiers have the duty of protecting Indian people from international enemies and natural calamities.

4.The various divisions in the Indian army are named regiments. 

5.Indian army hires many youths irrespective of caste, religion, language, or region.

6.Indian army appoints both genders as army personals in the navy, air force, missile, and vehicles.

7.The Indian soldiers are controlled by the Chief Army Staff of the Indian military.

8.Horse Cavalry Regiment also present in the Indian army.

9.Indian soldiers are awarded by Param-Veer Chakra, Maha-Veer Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Kirti Chakra, and others. 

10.The supreme power of the Indian army is the President of India. 

Few lines on Indian soldiers:

10 lines on Indian soldiers

1.Indian army is the second-largest army in the world with more than 1 million active personnel and 9 lakh reserved personnel approximately.

2.Indian army is the big voluntary force in the world.

3.Indian soldiers built the Bailey bridge, which is the highest altitude bridge in the world.

4.Indian soldiers never initiated the first attack and never engaged in a military coup to gain power in India.

5.Indian soldiers perform the world’s biggest civilian rescue operations for saving many people from massive floods in Uttarkhand.

6.Indian soldiers are considered the world’s best soldiers in high altitude and mountain warfare.

7.Indian soldiers control the world’s highest battlefield in the world. 

8.Indian army awarded honorary ranks to many Indian celebrities.

9.Indian soldiers fight against 2000 Pakistani soldiers in the battle of Longewala.

10.There is no caste or religious reservation of posts in the Indian military.

Some sentences about Indian soldiers:

1Indian army carried out the biggest civilian rescue operation named Operation Rahat in 2013.

2.Based on stringent tests, trials, overall merit, and fitness, many soldiers are recruited into the Indian army.

3.With the help of the Indian air force, 120 Indian soldiers, fought against many Pakistani soldiers with M40 recoilless rifle in the battle of Longewala.

4.The Indian Army’s High Altitude Welfare School trained Special Forces of the US, UK, and Russia. So, it is one of the most elite military training centres in the world.

5.The highest battlefield in the world, the Siachen glacier, is controlled by the Indian army.

6.All the soldiers of the Indian president Bodyguard’s are trained paratroopers.

7.The famous cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has been granted as Honorary Group captain in I.A.F and MS Dhoni as Honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian army.

8.Before Independence, the Indian army participated in World War I under British rule. 

9.Indian soldiers showcased their courage and patriotism in the Kargil war and Indo-Pakistan war. 

10.Military Intelligence Unit is the own intelligence unit of the Indian Military. 


The above 10 lines on Indian soldiers will help you know about the detailed information of the Indian soldiers and military. The Indian people must respect their soldiers who are protecting their people from enemies for many years. 

Frequently Asked Questions 10 lines on Indian soldiers:

Name the awards given by the Indian army to Indian soldiers?

Param-Veer Chakra, Maha-Veer Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Kirti Chakra, and other awards are given by the Indian army to Indian soldiers.

What is the name of the Intelligence Unit in the Indian military?

Military Intelligence Unit is the name of the Indian military intelligence.

When will the Indian army celebrate the national army day?

Indian Army celebrates the national army day on every year 15th January at India Gate, New Delhi

What is the name of the biggest rescue operation of the Indian army?

Operation Rahat is the name of the biggest rescue operation of the Indian army.

Is there any oldest regiment in the Indian army?

Horse cavalry regiment is the oldest regiment in the Indian army

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