10 lines on Kindness in english for students and children

The following 10 lines on Kindness explains the importance of this best quality to humans. Kindness helps one can behave well with all living creatures in the world. It never allows humans to hate other people for any reason.

It teaches us to love every living being without expecting anything from it. Kindness makes you can earn fame by performing a donation to anybody or an organization. 

You can make your place so beautiful by following the 10 lines on Kindness in our article. It is crucial in your life journey for developing personal growth and achievement.

Kindness is essential for school students who need to learn this universal quality for helping others at their hard times. One can get satisfaction and happiness by following this humanitarian behaviour.

10 lines on Kindness:

10 lines on Kindness

1.Kindness is the basic quality of all humans in the world. 

2.It gives additional emotional support to humans.

3.Parents and teachers must teach kindness to their children and students. 

4.It helps to maintain good relations and making new friends in the world.

5.Kindness also includes motivational speech and encouraging others to succeed in their life. 

6.All religious texts describe the importance of kindness and tell one should be kind to every living being in the world.

7.Kindness increases positive thoughts and gives hope to others.

8.One should have a good character to show kindness without any expectation.

9.Kindness makes you can achieve anything in the world.

10.Kindness helps you to live a happy and peaceful life in society.

Few lines on Kindness:

1.Kindness cannot depend on caste, religion, race, gender, and nationality. It is present in all living creatures in the world. 

2.It makes you show your good character, behaviour, and thoughts to other people in society.

3.Kindness never depends on the economic factor, and it shows your positive attitude. 

4.Modern people are failed to show kindness due to their busy schedules and work. Instead, try to spend time with your loved ones. 

5.Many historical and mythological stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata teaches the importance of kindness to humans. 

6.Many Non-Governmental Organizations show kindness in the form of helping poor people in society. 

7.You cannot lose anything by kindness, and it creates a huge impact on another person’s life.

8.One can get a huge benefit from kindness in one day. It is like karma that you can return what you gave to others.

9.Compassion and gratitude are other forms of kindness that everyone in the world notices.

10.Many individuals show their kindness by collecting various resources and starting charity and organization for needy people.

Some sentence about Kindness:

1.Kindness helps people to remember that compassion and love remaining in the world.

2.A kind giver gets huge satisfaction from showing kindness, and the receiver gets the feeling of gratefulness.

3.Kindness is an act of generous service and leaves a love mark in the hearts of all living beings in the world. 

4.It is great anticipation for hatred and violence. So, we should try to show kindness to all people in society.

5.It brings great changes and impact in your life and has the power to change any individual in the world.

6.Lifelong relationships and friendship are considered a kind gesture for everyone who wants to maintain a good relationship with others. 

7.Everyone in the world loves and respects the kindness of anyone and symbolizes the good behaviour of people.

8.Kindness is the main cause of a peaceful life, and it cannot depend on any diversity among people.

9.Giving food to nourished and poor people is also a form of kindness.

10.Try to show kindness to all kinds of people in society.


We hope that the above 10 lines on Kindness show the importance of this good behaviour. Our elders and forefathers told us that we must follow kindness, which is an important duty in our lives. Never forget that kindness is like karma which will return in one day. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question – How we can show kindness to others?

Answer – We can show kindness in the form of helping, loving, encouraging, motivating, advising, and caring for others

QuestionWhy kindness is important to a human being?

Answer – Everyone must show kindness to all living beings in the world because we are gifted the sixth sense by God.

Question – What will happen if we forget kindness?

Answer – It will break the relationship between humans and other living creatures which providing many difficulties in their life. 

Question – What mythological stories tell about kindness?

Answer – The great mythological stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata told that kindness is very important for human life. 

Question – Is kindness depends on social diversities or not?

Answer – Kindness is irrespective of caste, religion, race, gender, and nationality. Anyone can show kindness to anybody.

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