10 lines on lion in English for students and children

10 lines on lion in English for students and children::The lion is called the King of the jungle because of the power of attacking, and it vigorously attacks animals. The lion is strong in both physical appearance and mental behaviour to attack animals. It is a carnivore animal, and it eats only flesh. If the lion roars, it can be heard in the nook and corner of the forest. The roar of the lion is much louder. When the lion starts to roar, the birds and animals become panic, and they will run away from that place. The lion will run fast to catch the prey and kill the animals. The lion has a big head and neck, which is covered by hairs called mane. A mane is not available in the female lion. The impending 10 lines on lion describe the features of the lion.

The lion will spend approximately sixteen to twenty hours sleeping. The lion has sharp eyes from that no prey or animals can escape. The lion will spend time more sleeping. The lion will always sleep in the morning, and they will hunt in the nighttime. The lions will live in the deepest forest. They are often known as the symbol of pride. The below-mentioned 10 lines on lion are the important points to be noted.

10 lines on lion:

10 lines on lion in english for students and children
  1. The lion is one of the strongest animals in the forest.
  2. The lion can be in the forest and prisoned in the zoo.
  3. The lions can run very fast to catch the prey.
  4. The body of the lion is covered with soft and shiny hair.
  5. The footprints of the lion are often called pug-mark.
  6. The animal lion is a wild animal.
  7. The roar of the lion is very famous.
  8. In India, almost six hundred and fifty lions are living.
  9. The lion is called the carnivore animal because it is a flesh-eating animal.
  10. There are almost ten different types of lions living in different parts of the world.

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Few lines on lion:

  1. The lion’s young ones are called a cub.
  2. The lion will take very much care of their young ones.
  3. The lion will fight with other animals to protect their cub.
  4. For protecting their food, the lion can fight with the other animals.
  5. African lion and Transvaal lion are the largest species of lion that is present in the world.
  6. The lion has sharp teeth and nails that help them to kill the animal and eat.
  7. The lioness can give birth to approximately three cubs.
  8. At the time of birth, the club is blind, and they walk very slowly.
  9. The male lion will get maturity at the age of five.
  10. The lions are coming from the cat species.

Some sentences on lion:

  1. The lion is the national animal for more courtesies such as Ethiopia, Luxembourg, Singapore, etc.
  2. The lions are active during nighttime and take rest in the daytime.
  3. The lions are excellent hunter, and they depend on other animals for their food.
  4. The lion’s pride contains seven females, two males, and several cubs in the jungle.
  5.  The male lion approximately weighs 450 pounds, and the female lions look relatively small.
  6. The lions are called big cats because of their appearance and behaviour.
  7. The lions can run fast as thirty-two kilometres per hour.
  8. As the population is increasing in the world, the number of lions is continuously reducing.
  9. The lion is one of the most dangerous animals, and it hunts humans too.
  10. The mane in the neck makes the lion beautiful and royal.


The lion is a fast and dangerous animal. The teeth of the lion are eight cm long, and it can easily attack the prey. This animal looks similar to the cats, and thus, it belongs to the cat family. The above-mentioned features are the 10 lines on lion.

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