10 lines on mother in English for students and children

10 lines on mother in English for students and children:: This world all people have one common emotion called mother. The mother scarifies everything just for her children. Mother is the great gift that was gifted by God to us. Mother is the most important person in the world and we cannot live without her. The word mother is the deep connection between the children. This bond cannot be broken by any type of relationship. This connection will start before the baby born in this world. The mother can be compared to the moon and their children are compared to stars. Mother is called the backbone and best supporter of the family. The 10 lines on mother explain the great scarification in our life.

The entire mothers in this world are the best and amazing creatures. All mothers have some superpower to teach some good values and nourish our life. The mother is called the first teacher in our lives. Our mother is the first woman who started our journey of life. The 10 lines on mother are mentioned below.

10 lines on mother:

10 lines on the mother
  1. The mother and child relation is very precious and cannot be compared to any other relationship.
  2. The love of our mother is unconditional.
  3. Nothing makes us happier than our mother’s smile.
  4. Mothers love will not end until our lives end.
  5. You can view the purest form of love from the eyes of the mother.
  6. Mothers will hold the child in heart and hand with love.
  7. The only love that cannot be defeated is the mother’s love.
  8. The love of the mother makes childhood happier and cherished.
  9. Mother love is the best support for children in their childhood.
  10. The mothers act as a pain killer for their children.

Few lines on mother:

  1. The mothers will make the future life of their children more toppers.
  2. Every part of life made sweeter by our mother.
  3. Never underestimate the love of a mother, it has more power.
  4. Mother’s love is the best feeling in this world.
  5. Nothing can be found more comfortable than a mother’s lap to sleep.
  6. The mother is the only creature in this world, who never expects anything from their children except love.
  7. Mother’s love is deep as the ocean and vast as the sky.
  8. Mother’s love always encourages us to succeed in our life.
  9. Mother is the only people  in this 
  10. Moher can take care of their children.

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Some sentences on mother:

  1. Mother plays a vital role in every children life.
  2. The children good and bad thing depends on the care of the mother.
  3. The future society is depending on the hands of the mother.
  4. No children can expect a life without a mother. It is great pain in life.
  5. Mother is the only creature in this world that always takes care of their children.
  6. Mother is very much concerned about the health of the children.
  7. Mother not only takes care of their children but also their family members.
  8. All mothers play the role of friendship with their children.
  9. The mother will hurt from the depth of her heart if something hurts their children.
  10. All mothers will educate their children to shine in their future.


The mother is one of the precious diamonds in his world for all the children. A mother’s relationship cannot be replaced by anyone in this world. Mothers will always support all the conditions of life. Mother is a gift from god. She works with full power for her children. The above mentioned 10 lines on mother explain the significance of mother in our daily life.

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