10 Lines on My Family in english for students and children

10 Lines on My Family:: Family is the first school, and the mother is the first teacher. The role of the family is significant in everyone’s life, and it doesn’t matter rich or poor and big or small.

Essential things of the family will be explained in, few lines on my family and also the essence is on 10 lines on my family. The primary education, culture, and protection everyone receives from the family itself.

10 Lines on My Family: 

10 Lines on My Family
  1. I have a beautiful and amazing family. There are seven people in my family.
  2. I have my father, mother, one elder sister and brother with grandparents.
  3. My grandparents live with us and sometimes stay in our native place and to take care of our agriculture.
  4. We have a big house in the village and we all gather for festivals and poojas.
  5. My family always supports and loves me to do things better and well.
  6. I have a pet also in my family, and I love to play with my pet.
  7. My mother cooks well and always prepares my favourite foods.
  8. My father plays with me in the evening hours and helps me to study and complete homework.
  9. I always take the support of my elder sister and brother to come out of problems.
  10. I always receive the comfort of my elder sister and brother to go out of the problem.

Few Lines on My family: 

  1. Whenever required, I get support from family to win games and score good marks.
  2. I share every significant incident and activity of the day with my family in the evening.
  3. My family always teaches me the right path to moral values.
  4. My family members, including my studies, help me in other extracurricular activities.
  5. My family understands my desire of playing outdoor games.
  6. My family and especially my mother, take care of me, whenever I am sick and lost.
  7. My father takes us outside on every holiday to visit some right places, and we enjoy the day together.
  8. My family loves to celebrate every festival with joy and enthusiasm.
  9. I have caring, loving and supportive grandparents too, whenever they come to me, they come to me with lots of love.
  10. My family loves to watch cartoons with me, especially my brother and sister.

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Some Lines on My family:

  1. My mother always supports me to have good health and for good energy to study and play.
  2. My mother discusses with me about friends, teachers and guides me to have good relations.
  3. My elder sister always helps me to get ready early for school and to have breakfast soon.
  4. My elder brother always motivates me to be healthy, energetic, and lively.
  5. I love to play cricket, tennis, and chess, my sister and brother play with me, and sometimes my father also joins.
  6. My father is rigorous in terms of the discipline of reading, sleeping, and eating food times.
  7. My grandmother tells stories of morals and ethics with clarity.
  8. My grandfather takes me to walk and to park every evening.
  9. We all eat our dinner together and share our day’s experiences.
  10. In my family, all are happy to celebrate my birthday and give lots of gifts for me.


Family is always an emotional and supportive part of everyone. We learn, analyze, and discuss every problem in the family. The family gives not only mental strength, but also provides emotional support with all necessary support and help.

Some lines on my family are to write a complicated and at a time very precious thing. Always family is the priority of everyone because the family completes us with all the colours and shades.

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