10 lines on My Father My Hero in English for students and children

In our article, the following 10 lines on My Father My Hero includes the respective words of a lovely kind personality. Father is the real hero of every family. He is a great role and true inspiration to his children. 

We are feeling so proud of describing the true words of everyone’s real hero. He kicks out every struggle and achieves great things in life. My father is my whole world, and he delivers his unconditional love towards me in any situation.

Father is the first and best friend to every son and daughter. Therefore, it is necessary to share your difficulties and problems in your life. This is because he is the only person who takes care of you and helps you come out from sorrows.

 Life without a father is like hell. So our 10 lines on My Father My Hero demands every son and daughter save their precious gift in their life. 

10 lines on My Father My Hero:

10 lines on My Father My Hero

1.My father is my real hero and a great person in my life.

2.Father protects you from all the difficulties in your life.

3.Father is the only person who is always thinking about you.

4.One can learn all ethics and good manners from their father.

5.He is like a safeguard for you and your family members.

6.My father is my best friend, and I like to share everything with him.

7.Father is the person who easily answers all your questions. 

8.Father is the role model of his children.

9.No love is equal to Father’s love.

10.We are celebrating International Father’s day on 20th June every year.

Few lines on My Father My Hero:

1.My father respects my mother and helps her in household activities. He manages our family effectively and makes us live happily

2.Father likes to takes out his children on holidays and spend more time with them during his busy schedule.

3.Father protects his family from social evils and acts as an inspiration to his children. 

4.My father is a gentleman, and he is always ready to help others while facing difficulties in their lives.

5.He is working very hard for my family and helps me live a life of prosperity and happiness.

6.My inspiration is my father because he was born in a low-income family, and he achieved many things in his life through his hard work.

7.Father expects his children must follow the basic rules like discipline, consistency, hard work, and helping tendency.

8.My father helps me to maintain health by following healthy foods and doing regular exercise.

9.Father is the leader of the family and takes the right decision after discussing with family members.

10.My father is a well-disciplined person and never encourages any mischievous behaviour.

Some sentence about My Father, My Hero:

1.Father helps you to achieve your lifetime goals and makes your dream real.

2.He never shows his difficulties and sorrows to his children and hides them behind his smile.

3.He is a great soul who never expects anything from children.

4.My father relieves my pain of sorrows, sufferings, and grieves of my life.

5.My father gives me more freedom to share my thoughts with him.

6.It is the father’s responsibility to remove the bad qualities of their children and shape their character.

7.My father teaches me the biggest life lessons.

8.Father can do anything for his children without any harmful traits like ego, jealousy, and others.

9.Father responsibly undergoes his duties, and it is not an easy thing.

10.Father gives equal love to all his siblings without any partiality.


Again, we feel so proud of writing the above 10 lines on My Father My Hero in our article. It is the right time to deliver your hearty thanks to your wonderful person for giving you a precious life to live in this world. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will we celebrate International Father’s day?

We celebrate International Father’s day on every year 20th June.

How a father makes his children happy?

He helps his children to enjoy all the things in the world and makes their dream real.

What are the roles of the father?

His main roles are shaping the character of his children, helping at hard situations, making them happy, and teaches good behaviour to them.

Whose love is best? Father or mother?

Both father and mother are equal. The mother carries her baby for 10 months. But the father carries his children throughout his lifetime.

How father shapes his children’s character?

He molds his children’s behavior by teaching basic manners and good thoughts in society. 

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