10 lines on my father for students and children

10 lines on my father for students and children:: The man who sacrificed his dreams, wishes, goals, motive, and whole life for family happiness is none other than our father. He is the only person who gives more and more love without expecting anything. Always father is the first role model and hero to most of the children. Every father will be the backbone for every family’s achievements. As giving a piece of honour and respect to such a wonderful character in everyone’s life, each year on June 3rd Fathers Day is celebrated respectfully. This article provides an overview of the 10 lines on my father.

The important duty of a father is to raise his children with discipline. He is the first teacher to each and everything in life. He will be always thinking about his children’s future. Only the happiness of the children is the happiness of the father. No one other than a father can teach good manners. He loves his children until his last breath. The 10 lines on my father are explained below.

10 lines on my father for students and children

10 lines on my father for students and children

10 lines on my fathers:

  1. Father’s important responsibility is to teach good behaviour to his children.
  2. Fathers will always expect only the happiness of their children and family.
  3. Fathers are equal to the mother to improve the child’s emotional well-being.
  4. Fathers also teach the children’s relationship with society.
  5. Children are always growing up seeing their father’s discipline; so he should take care of himself.
  6. Even though, if a father is not educated, he thinks that his children should be well educated.
  7. Father will continuously work hard for his family, regardless of any situation.
  8. Fathers sow the hope of life in the minds of their children.
  9. Father is the one, who carries the hardships of the family and lives without showing the pain.
  10. He always spends his time on the growth of his children and family.

Few lines on my father:

  1. Fathers have a significant role to play in the skills, sociable, and sensitive development of their children.
  2. The best father is one, who is always involved, available, and responsible for his children.
  3. Fathers will clarify all the basic doubts about society, culture, rules, economics, and politics to their children.
  4. Fathers will convince the value of work, money, food, and everything to their children.
  5. Fathers teach us to buy only what we need.
  6. Fathers teach us to live in unity with society.
  7. If the mothers give us life, then the fathers will introduce us to the world.
  8. The world of fathers is surrounded by sacrifices and sweats for their children and family. 
  9. Fathers give support to their children’s dreams and desires.
  10. Fathers teach us the skills to solve daily life problem.

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Some sentences about my father:

  • Fathers provide fundamental knowledge about society, people, tradition, and all the world.
  • He gives us ideas and techniques to lead our life and overcome struggles and problems.
  • Educated fathers give suggestions and guidance to their children’s higher studies.
  • Fathers give more protection to their children and family.
  • Fathers are strong pillars to lift their children in their success.
  • Father is the only human who will lend his hand in your failure.
  • When we go down on the wrong path, the father points it out and fix it.
  • A father thinks that his children should not have pains and problems even in their dreams.
  • Father is not just a money-seeker, but he is also a daily runner for his family’s needs.
  • No matter, how many times you decline and fall, when you look back, your father is always waiting to pick you up with the same confidence.


The father is who does not give any hardships of life to the children, he solves his difficulties for the happiness of his children. Moreover, if the mother carried us for ten months, the father carries us for the rest of his life. You will realize the pain of your father only when you stand in your own leg.  The 10 lines on my father provide more about the father’s role and his responsibility, pain, love, and so on. Certainly, you will get more understanding about your father.

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