10 lines on My Favourite Leader for Students and Children in English

10 lines on My Favourite Leader:: The following 10 lines on My Favourite Leader explains the quality, qualification and basic features of a leader to become a favourite choice for the public.

Keep the following information in your mind and choose your leader in any domain. Analyze, discuss, keep tracking the activities and overview of his behaviour are the primary activities to select your favourite leader. School students are the future generation of India. 

You should keep these below 10 lines on My Favourite Leader and makes the wise choice of your dream leader. Never go for useless debut to others whether they criticize your favourite person because they know nothing about them.

If your leader is worth it, then you have the rights to spread the information about them without providing wrong messages. Websites and various technologies help you to track your favourite leader activities.

10 lines on My Favourite Leader:

10 lines on My Favourite Leader

1. My Favourite Leader must have good character and good leadership skills.

2. Honesty, intelligence and a kind heart are the significant features for becoming a favourite leader.

3. Such a leader can create good impacts on the thoughts of all people.

4. This leader must have good communication skills to deliver his idea to the public

5. Understanding the problem of situations and solving it in a short period

6. My Favourite Leader achieving many things and received awards from the Organization or government.

7. A favourite leader must help others at the time of critical situations.

8. This Leader must be loved by several hearts in the world.

9. They have a follower of simplicity and adaptability.

10. They deliver positive thoughts to people.

Few lines on My Favourite Leader:

1. My Favourite Leader takes the right decisions at right time without any fear.

2. They create a calm environment and supporting people actions towards good things.

3. My Favourite Leader trusts talented people and gives them a chance in society.

4. They take care of their supporters and leaves footprints for followers.

5. They focus only on the future and not worried about past things.

6. A good leader must know the strength and weakness of society and people.

7. My favourite Leader is a human of inspiration and building an opportunity for others.

8. They never underestimate the skills and knowledge of financially backward people.

9. My favourite Leader sees the heart of followers and not their economical background.

10. A good leader is ready to face hard situations and hard persons with a flexible attitude.

Some Sentence about My Favourite Leader:

1. Self-motivation is the basic qualification of My Favourite Leader and also motivates others.

2. My Favourite Leader perceiving a high standard of thinking which gives more power to the words.

3. Maintaining a greater level of confidence keeps a leader more active in their life track.

4. My Favourite Leader takes responsibility for the outcome of their actions and principles.

5. People choose the favourite leader by their attention towards a public and busy schedule of achieving their goals.

6. My favourite leader always braves to face problems without the help of others.

7. They execute their action without only delivering words which creates admiration and respect towards the public.

8. My favourite leader tries to control emotions to the action of others. 

9. They always ready to hear the public feedback of their services and likes to change their weakness.

10. Be on time is the general quality of a leader to become a favourite to everyone.


The useful information from the above set of 10 lines on My Favourite Leader helps you to choose your leader to follow their principles in your life. It is important to decide your leader which decides the quality of your character.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question – How to become a Favourite Leader?

Answer – Following goals, helping others, Inspiring young people and positive thinking help to become a favourite leader.

Question – What are the main goals for leaders in their lifetime?

Answer – Their main goals are introducing some principles for the development of society and achieve something in their lifetime.

Question – How great leader react in critical situations?

Answer – They maintain calm and analyze the seriousness of the problem. They react according to the mindset of others who causes this situation. They act bravely to solve the problem.

Question – What are the basic qualifications for becoming a Favourite leader?

Answer – Good communication skills, inspiration, motivation, powerful thoughts, powerful actions, patience, braveness, planning and open-hearted are the basic qualifications of becoming a Favourite leader.

Question – Is good communication skill is necessary for a leader?

Answer – Yes, it is necessary for a leader. Because he must know how to deliver their idea to the public. 

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