10 lines on My Role Model in english for students and children

The following 10 lines on My Role Model explains the quality, qualification, and basic features of a person to become your favourite or hero. Keep the following information in your mind before choosing your role model.

Analyze, discuss, keep tracking the records and behaviour are the primary activities when you select your role model. It is necessary for school students who are the future generation of the world. 

You should keep these below 10 lines on My Role Model and makes the wise choice of your dream person. Never go for useless debut to others whether they criticize your favourite person because they know nothing about them.

If your hero is worth it, then you have the right to spread the information about them without providing wrong messages. Websites and various technologies help you to track your favourite hero.

10 lines on My Role Model:

10 lines on My Role Model

1.Your Role Model must have good character and resemble your characters and skills.

2.You must choose your favourite person who has significant features of hard work, honesty, intelligence, and a kind heart.

3.Such a person should create good impacts on your thoughts and behaviour.

4.Choose a person who has good communication skills to deliver his idea to the public

5.Your role model must understand your problem of situations and solving them in a short period.

6.Pick a person who achieved many things and received many awards from the Organization or government.

7.Your hero must help others at the time of critical situations.

8.Your role model must be loved by several people in the world.

9.Your favourite person must be a follower of simplicity and adaptability.

10.He must deliver positive thoughts to people.

Few lines on My Role Model:

1.Your hero must have the capability of making the right decisions at the right time without any fear.

2.Choose a person who helps you become a better version of yourself. 

3.Your role model can give guidance and advice with real-world examples.

4.They can take care of their supporters and leaves footprints for followers.

5.They focus only on the future and are not worried about past things.

6.Your favourite hero must know about his strength and weakness.

7.Consider a person who inspires you in all ways and effectively handling difficult situations. 

8.Choose a person who underestimates the skills and knowledge of other people.

9.Choose your Role Model who sees the heart of people and not their economic background.

10.Your person must be ready to face hard situations and hard persons with a flexible attitude.

Some Sentence about My Role Model:

1 . Your hero must have the character of self-motivation and motivates you at any time.

2 . Your Role Model must perceive a high standard of thinking, giving more power to the words.

3.Choose a person who maintains a greater level of confidence that motivates you to become more active towards your life track.

4.Your favourite person resembles your actions and principles.

5.People choose your role model who always focus on their goals and duties.

6.Choose a hero who is ready to face problems lonely without the help of others.

7.They can execute their action without only delivering words which creates admiration and respect among followers.

8.Your Role Model can have the ability to control emotions in public conversations. 

9.They can ready to accept the public feedback of their activities and likes to change their weakness.

10.They should follow time management to become their favourite person.


The useful information from the above set of 10 lines on My Role Model helps you choose your hero with your basic qualifications. It is important to decide your role model, which is important for deciding the quality of your character.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will you choose your favorite person?

On choosing your role model you should know about their goals, character, talents, skills, and knowledge.

Is it necessary to learn about their success and failures?

Yes, it is necessary to learn about their success and failures.

Is there a chance for a person who loses their individuality on following their role model?

It is possible for one can able to lose their individuality in the attempt of following their role model. Try to be on yourself and respect your inner thoughts and actions.

What are the basic qualifications for becoming a role model for a person?

Good communication skills, inspiration, motivation, powerful thoughts, powerful actions, patience, braveness, planning, and open-hearted are the basic qualifications of becoming a role model for any person.

Is good communication skill is necessary for a role model?

Yes, it is necessary for a role model. This is because the follower must understand the thoughts and ideas of their role model.

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