10 Lines on My school in english for students

10 Lines on My school it is the temple of knowledge the name of my school is DAV Public school, it is one of the best school in my city, my school building is very spacious and beautiful It is E shaped, the big colourful hit of my school welcomes us daily.

My school have more than 80 classrooms a big assembly hall, a big library or a huge playground and science lab, all rooms are well ventilated and well furnished. A family of learning is the motto of my school also my school is famous for sports, education and other Co-curricular activities.

My school teachers are very kind and caring, they teach us many new things and moral values, there are our true friends and guides, my school is my second home Here are the 10 Lines on My school.

10 Lines on My school

10 Lines on My school

1.The name of my school is Eklavya international school.

2.It is one of the best school in my State.

3.The school building is very big and we have many classrooms science labs, an auditorium, a library and a big computer lab too.

4.The classrooms of my school are wide, airy and well ventilated.

5.Our school has a big playground where we play sports.

6.The teachers of my school are well educated and talented.

7.My school has started e-learning this year, which makes studies easy.

8.Our teachers also teach moral values.

9.Many functions like annual day, sports day, children’s day etc are conducted in school.

10.My school is really nice and I like my school very much.

Some sentences about my school 

1.Some sentences about my school I believe everybody should have a good start in their life, having a good education is a great path to success, the school provides knowledge, friends and intelligence.

2.All children should go to school Because Education plays a significant role in the progress of human life.

3.Going to school is our second home, school is such a wonderful place we can learn many good things in school.

4.School teachers teach us many things and answer our question and also we make a lot of friends in school.

5.Children play in school also they celebrate festival and others day in school.

6.There are many types of school for different ages of children Nursery and playschool for those children who are less than 5  years.

7.Nursery and playschool for those children who are not old enough to go to school come to play and learn in a very simple way.

8.Kindergarten is the first step that children take when they enter school and they get ready for primary school.

9.In kindergarten they learn things like the letters of the alphabets and shapes and colours in a fun way.

10.Primary school has classes from 1st to 5th and secondary school has Classes from 6th to 9th and senior secondary classes from 10th to 12th.

Few lines on my school

1.Few lines on my school A day in school when we reach school we have to attend the school assembly, we have to stand in straight lines according to our class.

2.The class monitor makes the student stand quietly after that one of the students read out the daily news and another student tell us what is the thought of the day.

3.Once a week, a class is selected to sing in special song during the assembly and at the end of the assembly we sing our National anthem then in straight lines we go to our classroom.

4.After that Our school day starts we have different periods where we learn good things, different teachers teach us all these things

5.In my school also have a tiffin time when we eat the food we bring from home and also get to play with our classmates.

6.We also have a sports period in my school, where we play games like basketball, cricket, badminton etc.

7.At the end of the school day we get into the school buses and go back home.

8.We have many rooms in the school the principal sits in her/his office. The teacher sits in the staff room when they are not teaching.

9.In my school we learn math, science, geography, history, English, Hindi and other languages

10.In my school we also learn to play games such as basketball, cricket, kho-kho and hockey And we learn to sing and dance and how to draw painting.


School provide primary to secondary knowledge, several people in the world cannot afford for their kids to attend school, so it’s important to learn to read write and communicate. School education provides fundamental skills data required for getting admission to Big University or chooses a career in a different line. So here, are the 10 Lines on My school I hope u like.

Frequently Asked Questions on 10 Lines on My school

what are the types of school ?

The types of school we have in our country are Nursery and Play school, kindergarten, primary, secondary or middle school and senior secondary school.

what is the life of school

school is such a wonderful place we can learn many good things in school and also we make a lot of friends in school.

How can I be a good student in school ?

For being a good student in school you must attend daily classes, do not hesitate to ask question where you do not understand the topic, revise every topic daily and follow the schedule of study in day to day life.

Who made School?

Horace Mann get the credit for modern version of school system.

Why it is good to go to school ?

Going to school should be  much interesting or necessary because school is the place where you learn new skills including social skills the knowledge you gain in school they will help you in future life.

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