10 lines on Peacock in english for students and children

Peacock is considered one of the wonderful creatures in the world. It is the reason for the following 10 lines on peacock. Especially, the male peacock attracts the vision of all kinds of people.

Compared to the female peacock, the male has attractive feathers, combined with blue and green colours. It is present behind its body. There are found in various parts of this world. Peacock serves the grand treat to our eyes. 

Due to the change in our weather condition, this bird is now added to the endangered species list. Therefore, every human must save this bird and spread awareness about this bird to the people.

Peacocks are available in forests, mountains, sanctuaries, and zoos. Go to these places and visit the national bird of India. Several sanctuaries and zoos are developed for protecting this bird. To get more knowledge about this bird, then read the following 10 lines on the peacock. 

10 lines on Peacock:

10 lines on Peacock

1.Male peacock has beautiful features, but the female species does not have it.

2.Peacock is the national bird for the Indian country. 

3.Peacock can fly for a short distance. However, it cannot be able to fly for long distances and heights. 

4.Peacocks are found in countries like India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Burma, Indonesia, China, Japan, and other eastern countries. 

5.It looks so beautiful while it is dancing with colourful feathers. 

6.The average lifetime of a peacock is up to 10 to 25 years. 

7.The average weight of a peacock is about 5 kilograms. 

8.Peacock is seen in forests, mountains, sanctuaries, zoos, and other natural places.

9.The female species of Peacock is known as Peahen. 

10.Peacock also considered a good friend of the farmers because it eats insects and keeps farmland free of insects. 

Few lines on Peacock:

1.The average length of the peacock from its beak to the tip of the tail is 195 cm to 225 cm.

2.Male peacock contains 200 feathers at the back of the bird. It is also called a train. 

3.The front wings of this bird are so attractive, which is in blue, green, and golden colour. However, its back wings are short and dull, which is in greyish brown colour. 

4.While in danger, Peacocks are mostly like to run rather than flying. So it lay eggs on tall trees to protect from predators. 

5.The peacock head and neck are in iridescent blue colour. 

6.India declared the peacock as its national bird in the year 1963.

7.Naturally, Peacock is very bird and has an extra sense of alert.

8.White-colored Peacock is few in numbers, and it is added to the list of endangered species. 

9.Peacock is considered a traditional bird in the Hindu religion.

10.Peacock is listed as one of the topmost beautiful birds in the world. 

Some sentences about Peacock:

1.Female Peahen is smaller than the male peacock in size. The female peahen has no attractive feathers.

2.Peacock mostly eats insects and grains but sometimes likes to eat snakes. 

3.Male peacock opens its feather at the time of rain. This will attracts people.

4.Peacock alerts other birds when it notices any danger in its place.

5.These birds are likely to live in frigid climates. Mostly it can live in dry and hot desert areas. It can also found in territories where there are woodlands, bushes, shrubs, and freshwaters. 

6 Male peacock shakes its tail 26 times a second and creates the pressure wave for attracting the female peahens. 

7.Many people are likely to roast and eat peacock meat. The taste of the beautiful peacock is terrible. For this reason, many peacocks are hunted by humans. It can also hunt for its feathers.

8.White peacocks are formed by a genetic mutation that is due to the loss of pigmentation. As a result, coloured peacocks have red colour eyes. But its eyes are not red.

9.At the time of birth, it is hard to find the gender of the peachicks. Male peacock changes its feather colour after six months of birth. 

10.The group of the peacock is named Ostentation by humans. Sometimes, this group can be called a muster or party. 


We hope that the above 10 lines on Peacock will help us know about the wonderful bird. We are so blessed on seeing this lovely creature in our world. So, we should protect this bird from danger and disasters—many volunteers conducting awareness programs for protecting this kind of species in this world. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question – Which country declared Peacock as its national bird?

Answer – Peacock is the national bird for the country named India. 

Question – What is the lifetime of a peacock?

Answer – The average lifetime of a peacock is about 20 to 25 years.

Question – How a group of the peacock is called?

Answer – The group of peacocks is called an Ostentation or muster or party.

Question – What is the name of the child’s peacock?

Answer – At the time of birth, the little one of the peacock is named peachicks.

Question – What are the favourite foods for a peacock?

Answer – Insects, food grains and snakes are the favourite foods for Peacock.

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