10 lines on Pollution in english for students and childrens

10 lines on Pollution in English for students and children’s:: Introduction of any harmful substance which can disrupt the bio cycle is known as Pollution. The substance which causes or triggers pollution is known as Pollutants. Pollutants in these 10 lines on Pollution can be classified as natural like volcanic ash or can be man-made such as waste released by factories or other runoff products. Pollutants not only damage air but also cause harmful effects on water and land as well.

Various substances which people use in their everyday life can cause pollution. Various examples like gases released from the car, using air conditioners, burning coal to generate electricity can lead to pollution. In these 10 lines on Pollution, we will know how biotic life forms, from the tiniest microbes to the largest living organisms depends on the availability of oxygen.

10 lines on Pollution

10 lines on Pollution
  1. Pollution is mainly of three types: Air pollution, Water pollution and Land Pollution.
  2. Air pollution is clearly visible from the naked eye as one can see dark smoke from trucks or factories. 
  3. Polluted air can be harmful as it can cause a burning sensation in the eyes and make cause lung cancer while causing breathing difficulty. 
  4. Most air pollution is however not natural and is caused by burning fossils.
  5. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane have a serious effect on the atmosphere and can cause heating leading to global warming. 
  6. Water pollution can be seen when water becomes muddy and smell foul.
  7. It can be caused by oil spillage or waste released from factories.
  8. Acid Mine Drainage is the most probable cause for water pollution where miners remove coal from the rocks and the waste is released into the streams.
  9. Sewage is another important factor leading to water pollution.
  10. Radioactive waste can also lead to many diseases which can cause permanent damage to human life.   

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Few Lines On Pollution

  1. Air pollution is a topic which everyone discusses. It has lead several organizations to work upon it and to reduce it.
  2. Air pollution can lead to severe outcomes.
  3. From global warming to health risks, Air pollution has made severe concerns on the minds of people.
  4. Water pollution on the other hand has caused a major impact on marine life.
  5. Fishes and other marine animals die of plastic which can get stuck in their throat. 
  6. As plastic is non-biodegradable, it can stay in water for many years causing drastic ill effects.
  7. When looking around, litters on the ground can easily give us a thought on how severe land pollution is getting.
  8. Because of less area for dumping grounds, waste is building up creating a bad environment for future individuals to come.
  9. Throwing garbage water and failure of distinguishing between dry and wet waste has made an adverse effect on the environment.
  10. Land pollution unlike water and air pollution is only man-made and does not occur naturally.

Some Sentences On Pollution

  1. Here are simple ways one can promote to reduce pollution: can start smart walking instead of using a private vehicle.
  2. When replacing your car, one can opt for a fuel-efficient car.
  3. Switching off lights when not needed is an effective way to save electricity.
  4. One can buy energy-efficient bulbs rather than using regular bulbs.
  5. Using eco-friendly products.
  6. To stop burning garbage is an easy solution to reduce air pollution.
  7. Plant trees.
  8. People need to stop dumping waste on the ground or in the water.
  9. Stop using an air conditioner as it releases CFC’s.
  10. Make use of reusable bags instead of plastic bags.


Pollution in any form has found harmful not only to humans but also to various other life forms found on earth. The heating and increasing elimination of greenhouse gases have led to melting ice sheets. This has caused submerging of land up to a few mm per year. Global warming as we saw in these 10 lines on Pollution is not just a concern but a bitter truth that has to take care of as early as possible to avoid the extinction of humans.

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