10 Lines On Postman For Students And Children In English

10 Lines On Postman For Students And Children In English :: Postman is a government servant who delivers letters all around the town. Postman works in the department of postal services. People almost don’t know about a post man and his services, and so with these 10 lines on postman you can understand in detail.  The appearance of the postman is, he carries an envelope bag which contains full of messages or letters, parcels, and also he carries a money bag in his left shoulder. 

The postman wears a khaki color dress with a turban on his head along with a hanging bag that contains letters and parcels. Life of a postman is generally very hard as he is paid with a small amount of salary and also he has only few holidays. Postman gets the dak from the postal department every morning and he delivers the post containing letter, parcel, and also money order by riding on a bicycle. He delivers the letters at the doorstep. 

10 Lines On Postman:

10 Lines On Postman
  1. Everyone knows that postman is a government servant; he gets the post from the postal department and delivers inside the locality. 
  2. Postman is a genuine worker and familiar to everyone. 
  3. He wears a khaki dress and a hat with red strap.  
  4. The postman’s hanging bag contains letters, parcels, and also money orders. 
  5. The postman always rides on a bicycle and always carries his bag. 
  6. Postman is working for the public. 
  7. Postman is a familiar face to everyone.
  8. A postman is a hardworking person but he gets low wages. 
  9. He works hard on the hot sunny days, cold winter days and even in the rain. 
  10. He works more than his salary that he is getting paid off. 
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Few Lines On Postman:

  • The village postman’s life is hard to see. He is a hard worker. 
  • Postman travel all over the village for a long time to deliver the letters. 
  • He is not a well-educated person but he is genuine and physically strong. 
  • Some of the postmen give thank letter to the villagers who respect his services. 
  • His salary is much less and government should take care of the postman. 
  • People should respect him for his service and also should reward him for his honestness. 
  • A postman is a genuine person and public should behave gently with him.
  • Postman works even in rainy times and any climatic conditions. 
  • The government should take a look at the position of postman. 
  • He deserves a much better salary for his hard work. The postman may get only a few holidays. 

Some Sentences about the Postman:

  • He delivers the post at the doorstep or drops the letters in the letterboxes. Also delivers via mail-vans and trains. 
  • Postman collects letters from the postal department. 
  • Postman sorts his ward letters from the letterbox. He delivers to the street and drops the letters in the doorstep or gives it to the persons. 
  • Postman makes a regular touch to quick up his service. 
  • First of all he delivers all letters, and then moves to the parcel, at last, he delivers money orders. 
  • Delivering all the letters and parcels his day ends with an empty bag. 
  • As postman knows people will be eagerly waiting for their letters he tries to deliver as quick as possible.
  • In the early period postman is the messenger for all.
  • The government should give a better salary to them. 
  • Postman’s job is a little challenging and couldn’t appreciate by anyone. 
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In the modern generation people uses email but still, the postman has an important place. Postman is an honest and genuine person, they fulfill his work dedicatedly. These are the 10 lines on postman that people have to know and understand to respect and reward them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question – Where the postman gets the letters?

Answer – The postman gets the letters from the postal department. 

Question – Where the postman gets the letters?

Answer – The postman delivers money order, gifts, parcels, and the letters.

Question – Do postmen get more salary?

Answer – The postman works hard honestly and genuinely but he gets only small wages. 

Question – What does the postman wear?

Answer – Postman wears a khaki uniform carries a bag of letters with a red strap hat on his head. 

Question – How long postman does travels?

Answer – Postman travels all over the town and villages until he completely delivers all his postal orders. 

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