10 lines on Rabbit in english for children

No one hates Rabbit. Because Rabbit occupies everyone’s heart by its cute structure and reactions, due to its cuteness, we will see 10 lines on Rabbit article for knowing some intersecting facts about Rabbit. This is a small animal but easily identified when it hides in our house or garden. 

Playing with Rabbit cherishes the minds of children and adults. Small vision, small legs, tiny tail, big two teeth slightly comes out from mouth and cute actions made this 10 line on Rabbit article.

10 lines on Rabbit:

10 lines on Rabbit
  1. The word Rabbit which derived from the Latin word Cuniculus, which denotes the name of young animals.
  2. Rabbits are used for pets, meat, and research animal. Angora rabbit breed is for fur, and most European breed for a pet.
  3. Rabbits can give birth to two to eight baby rabbits at a time.
  4. Hares are the type of rabbits that contains good vision and more hairs compared to the rabbit. In addition, hares are bigger than rabbits.
  5. The average sleep time of the rabbit is about 8.4 hours in a day.
  6. Rabbits contain a clear vision of around 360-degree view.
  7. Bucks is the name of male rabbits and Does the name of female rabbits. A group of rabbits is called Colony or nest. The word litter means born of a group of baby rabbits.
  8. Rabbit is widely called Bunny in many areas of the world, and it is the daily part of life to act as the best companion. 
  9. Rabbit comes from the family Leporidae. 305 breeds in domestic rabbits and 13 breeds in wild rabbits.
  10. Root vegetables, grasses, forbs, and leafy plants are the favourite food for rabbits.

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Few lines on Rabbit:

  1. Maintain cleanliness in the rabbit culture is necessary. Fails to clean leads to the spread of diseases to rabbit
  2. Search for veterinarians in specialization in lagomorphs for the better care of rabbits.
  3. Like humans, Rabbits get bored easily. So arrange toys for its entertainment.
  4. Give more attention to the rabbit than any other pet animals like dog, cat, birds, etc. A lifetime of attention depends on your caring and attention towards it. 
  5. It would be best if you trimmed the Rabbits nail every six weeks. After that, monitor your Rabbit teeth, whether it hurts or not.
  6. Don’t do strange things to the rabbit because any strange habits make them too afraid.
  7. Rabbit guardians must watch whether their Rabbit eats its wastage or not. So clean the living area of the rabbit. 
  8. Please don’t put your Rabbit along with your other pet because Rabbit takes a long time to make its companion.
  9. Never let your Rabbit unnecessary outside your home or another grassy area. Because other animals or pesticides in grass may kill or affects your cute little friend.
  10. Spend enough time with your Rabbit for analysis and make a strong bonding with it.

Some Sentences about Rabbit:

  • Rabbits can able to entertain and best time passing pet.
  • Rabbits need protection from outside animals whether they can hurt or not.
  • You need to place a nibble on Rabbit mouth like a baby because Rabbit likes to chew it.
  • Rabbit lifetime is for only 8 years and 10 years for sterilized rabbits.
  • Rabbit farming needs fewer labourers to maintain. So you can save more money from spending labour costs.
  • The ears of rabbits act as a sensor to prevent upcoming danger. European rabbits have long ears.
  • Costs for Rabbit culture is quite less when compared to other animals.
  • There is no loss in Rabbit farming because you can earn in a short period.
  • Rabbit farming needs less money investment.
  • Flesh from Rabbits is rich in protein, vitamins, calcium than any other animals flesh.


This information would help in caring for your little bunny. So keep in mind these things and carefully catch the 10 lines on Rabbit points for changing the best companion to your Rabbit. Special care and focus on your charming bunny make it so happy.

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