10 lines on Save environment in english for students

10 lines on Save environment:: From our school days until our college ends, everyone has been taught every now and then that one can make a difference. In the beginning, a small change feels like an absolute deal-breaker in the routine but in the end, it is all for the best. The difference we will talk about in 10 lines on Save environment is how a small effort results in a big difference. 

Various environmental speakers or specialist get a hold on this topic of how to save mother nature. Various classes, NGO’s, clubs focus their attention on this particular issue. People think of ways on how they can contribute to achieving this goal. In 10 lines on Save environment, we can find solutions which can be made in practice with some efforts which will help in preserving the environment for future generations to come.  

10 lines on Save environment:

10 lines on Save environment
  1. The ultimate solution that paves way for saving the environment is to use reusable bags.
  2. Don’t print until it’s of extreme importance. 
  3. Paper is made by cutting trees hence, make use of a reader or other gadgets next time for your project or seminars. 
  4. Recycle! Recycle! Watch for recycle machines next time when you drink from cans.
  5. Do not throw your old notes since it can be used by your juniors.
  6. Try and use light efficient bulb rather than using regular bulbs.
  7. This can help and try to save electricity.
  8. Save water is also a topic of debate. Avoid using showers instead use a tub which will save lots of water.
  9. Use public transport instead of private vehicles as it can lower the number of harmful gases in the environment. 
  10. Avoid using an air conditioner or cut down the time your air conditioner is one.

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Few lines on Save environment:

  1. According to experts worldwide, taking steps like appropriate handling of waste contributes to the majority of efforts to save the environment.
  2. Government can plan cities by considering the number of water resources so that not too much amount of water is wasted.
  3. Air pollution and greenhouse gases can be reduced by energy-saving tactics.
  4. Organizations will need to keep a check on rising water levels to avoid submerging of lands.
  5. Banning plastics is a major change that can be easily adopted by any individual.
  6. Make use of fuel-efficient cars.
  7. Reusing engine oils is the solution to air pollution. 
  8. Even people can drive less and promote walking which will benefit both body and environment. 
  9. Farmers can use bio-fertilizers to get fertile land.
  10. Make use of organic methods to decontaminate our land.

Some sentence about Save environment:

  1. Glancing towards the environment there came an urgency to protect and conserve our nature for sustainable growth.
  2. This led many countries to develop laws towards it.
  3. These laws ask each and every individual to protect and improve the natural environment.
  4. It also seeks to have a sense of compassion towards each and every individual.
  5. The first and foremost law was put on the framework at the UN conference which was held in 1972.
  6. It was in Stockholm where a conference on the Human environment was discussed.
  7. Various acts such as the Air prevention act, Water prevention act came into the picture.
  8. There are regulations developed to manage hazardous waste.
  9. Other laws include the wildlife protection act and the e-waste management act.
  10. It is the duty of citizens to look upon these acts and work accordingly.


In this modern world, saving the environment is not just a global concern but has become a truth for our survival. In 10 lines on Save environment, we understood that’s various individuals, organizations and government need to work together as one community to lift our planet from the hazards which can eradicate the possibility to wipe out future generations. It is pivotal to make people understand the importance of nature and to respect it. 

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