10 lines on save girl child for students and children

10 lines on save girl child:: It is important to realize that both men and women are the same. They depend on each other.

Both of them have equally responsible for developing the human race on earth. But, women are most important than men.

This is because they give birth to a new child. If you kill a girl child, then no one can save our humanity from extinction.

Some nations have following the practice of killing a girl child at birth. We discuss the importance of having girl children by the following 10 lines on save girl child

We should also give equal opportunity and respect to our girl child. Our future civilization is in the hands of women. They are the root cause of our birth.

They play different roles in our society as a mother, sister, daughter, and wife. Unfortunately, many social evils in our society force us to avoid having a girl child.

It will lead to performing many evil practices against women in society. Try to understand the points given in the following 10 lines on save girl child

10 lines on save girl child:

10 lines on save girl child

1.Every year, we celebrate International women’s day on October 11.

2.Women can give birth to children. So, we protect the girl child.

3.We must learn to respect women.

4.Many Governments introduced several schemes to protect our girl child.

5.Evil practices against women are restricted and abandoned by the Government of India.

6.Women are the symbol of kind, love, mental strength, and will power.

7.National girl child day will be celebrating every year on January 22.

8.We should respect our mother, daughter, wife, and sister.

9.In India, women are treated as gods, and people are work shipping many female gods. 

10.Women are also working as engineers, doctors, teachers, police, pilots, scientists, and many other professions. 

Few lines on save girl child:

1.From the research, it is concluded that girls under the age of 13 are more depressed than boys. 

2.NGOs, corporates, companies, and human rights committees are conducting various programs and campaigns to save girls.

3.Marie Curie, the first women scientists, got a noble prize in the year 1903.

4.Many organizations are started for promoting awareness about the rights of the girl child. 

5.Sally Ride, the first women astronaut, entered space.

6.We should spread awareness of protecting girls by using social media like television channels, newspapers, Facebook, the app, Twitter, etc.

7 Amelia Earhart, the first women pilot in the world to drive a plane without a co-pilot.

8.Girl children are considered as God’s gift.

9.On comparing to men, women can easily mind read and analyze the facial expressions of others. 

10.Avoiding the girl child will never encourage the growth of the country. 

Some sentences about save girl child:

1. According to the recent study of UNICEF, 70 million girl children were married below 18 years old.

2.Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Sukanya Samriddi Yojana, Balika Samriddi Yojana, National scheme of incentive to girls for secondary education are the various schemes introduced by the Indian Government.

3 . A girl child is more caring and kind than a boy child.

4 . Females take a longer time to recover from unexpected moments or happenings than males.

5 . Vigdis Finnbogadottir, the first woman in the world elected as a President for the nation Iceland in 1986.

6.The government of India has banned the killing of the girl child at birth. 

7 . According to the cyberbullying research at Florida University, teenage girls, engage in cyberbullying than boys. 

8.On comparing to boys, the girl child is loving and caring towards their parents. 

9.Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman in the world, completed an MD course and became a doctor.

10.Due to the kind nature, women are appointed as primary school teachers because they have more patience than men for handling all kinds of children. 


We hope you will get a clear idea about the importance of women in our society through the above 10 lines on save girl child. Keep these points in your mind and know the power of a girl child. We kindly recommend you to give your support and take care of our girl child and women. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:: What is the reason for saving a girl child?

Answer –Due to some evil practices and unawareness, many people are likely to kill the girl child at birth. So, we need to save the girl child. 

Question:: Who is responsible for saving the girl child?

Answer – We are only responsible for protecting our girl child and adult women.

Question:: What are the evil practices carried out for women and girl children?

Answer -Some evil people follow dowry deaths, sati, female feticide, and some other crude practices

Question:: Why do we need a girl child for our society?

Answer – Our future generation also depends on the population of women. They can also have equal rights to live. Women are eagerly participating in the development activities of our nation. They can also be able to rule our world. 

Question:: What are the roles of our women in a family?

Answer – They act in different roles like mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, and other relation.

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