10 Lines on Save Tree in english for students and children

10 Lines on Save Tree :: One can live without family but not without trees. it’s very difficult to explain trees in words because a tree’s contributions are more than all human beings and it is explained in 10 lines on Save Trees. Trees are beneficial for not only human beings, trees are beneficial for all living beings and also to the nature.

The trees are lungs, the air is our breath and earth is over the body. We all human beings, animals, insects, and nature still alive, healthy, and alive because of the trees. Which is clearly and closely explained in a few lines on Save Trees.

10 lines on Save Trees

10 Lines on Save Tree

1) Earth has given us many gifts, one of them is trees.

2) The trees are an integral part of our life. Trees are like best friends of human beings.

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3) Trees reduce air pollution and also in  increasing rain, trees roles are vital and major.

4) Wild animals are dependent on trees for food and shelter and more than 90% animals live in forests.

5) Trees help to prevent soil erosion and stops being harmed by floods.

6) Many birds are dependent to make their nests on trees. also they enjoy their routine on tress including sitting, playing and sleeping.

7) Trees give out oxygen and make the earth cool and clean and control some of major climate changes.

8) Many of our tribes live inside the forest which has trees. They are happy and also very healthy.

9) Trees provide us timber to make furniture.

10) Many products such as paper, gum, rubber, etc, are obtained from trees.

Few Lines on Save Trees

1) We can plant a tree to avoid air pollution and breathing problem.

2) We can start planting a tree from our home garden, varieties of trees like, vegetables, fruits and some big trees for birds and animals.

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3) We get varieties of fruits from trees like apples, bananas, orange, etc which is mandatory for our health and provide neutrino and vitamins.

4) Many trees are having natural medicines; we can protect our health by saving trees.

5) Trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide present in the environment

6) Trees release oxygen into the environment and human beings require oxygen for breathing.

7) Trees also give shelter to many animals including birds.

8) In planting trees if you take the pain, there will be more oxygen and abundant rain.

9) Plant a tree and get oxygen for free.

10) The trees are our lungs, the air is our breath and earth is our body.

Some Lines on Save Trees

1) ” SAVE TREES” Can be often heard when people are talking about earthquake and pollution.

2) So “SAVE TREES” by not cutting them and make them happy.

3) Trees must be saved as they are a very important natural resource.

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4) Save trees means don’t make the land service without trees.

5) Saving Trees is all about making nature attractive and beautiful.

6) Trees contain ecosystems within them and support various forms of life.

7) There have been many movements launched in the whole world to save trees.

8) Many NGOs work for saving trees and one can join them very easily.

9) Saving Trees is indirectly saving the human from calamities.

10) Trees are as close to immortality as the rest of us ever come.


10 lines on save trees are not completely enough but at least do not ruin the life of those trees, depending on which we live. Let’s prove that we are humans. And a society grows great when old meant plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit it. Love the trees until their leaves fall off and then encourage them to try again next year.

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