10 lines on save water save a life in english

10 lines on save water save a life:: Water is abundant on earth but, human beings do not know the value of water. So, instead, they waste it. Without water, we can’t survive. Besides, plants and animals use water to survive. So, the air is necessary to stay alive, but water also plays a vital role in human surveillance.

Earth is the only planet where water is placed in abundance. Almost 70% of the earth is surrounded by water. We can survive without food for a week, but we cannot survive without water for more than two days. If we survive without water, it will cause some health problems, and it will soon cause death. The 10 lines on save water save a life explain the importance of water.

In this developed world, industries use a lot of water for manufacturing and constructing some products. So, as human beings, we should save water for future generations and the present generation. Rainwater harvesting is one of the most popular forms of saving water. Also, people use the most efficient way to save water. The 10 lines on save water save a life are mentioned below.

10 lines on save water save a life:

10 lines on save water save a life
  1. We can get water from the river, sea, well and lake. The main source of water is rainfall.
  2. Clean water is an essential component of life, especially drinking water.
  3. It is not only essential for human beings but also other species.
  4. It helps in the body digestive system and helps to regulate our temperature.
  5. Saving water will promote water conservation.
  6. Water is one of the precious gifts that God gave.
  7. We can save water for today and the future generation.
  8. We can save water by using buckets while taking a bath instead of using a shower.
  9. We can use the wastewater of washing for gardening.
  10. Close the tap while washing the clothes.

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Few lines on save water save a life:

  1. To save water in your house, check the leakage of pipes, shower, and tap.
  2. Tell the children not to play in the shower while taking a bath.
  3. Water is an essential need for domestic, industries, etc.
  4. Our planet earth seems to be unique while compared to other planets because of water.
  5. Pure water is the primary resource for all the needs.
  6. We can save water from rainwater by using canals on the terrace.
  7.  Rainwater is one of the purest forms of freshwater.
  8. Close the tap while brushing and washing your face.
  9. Educate children to save water so that they can understand the value of water.
  10. Awareness programs should be initiated in schools, colleges, etc.

Some sentences on save water save a life:

  1. Water can also be saved in the agriculture sector by using some of the irrigation processes.
  2. The consumption of water is increasing day by day. So, we should save water.
  3. We use water from the morning until we go to bed.
  4. To keep our environment green, we need water to grow plants.
  5. Water plays an important role in the body’s immune system.
  6. Controlling water pollution can also come under the category of water conservation.
  7. We use water not only for drinking but also for cleaning, washing, etc.
  8. After using the taps, we should close it properly.
  9. Earth is called the planet blue because of the availability of water in abundance.
  10. We can save water scarcity by limiting the use of water.


So, save water to save a life. This is not only the slogan but also the emotion of many peoples of the world. By conserving the water, we can save many lives. Therefore, it is our duty to save water for the upcoming generation. Therefore, the abovementioned 10 lines on save water save a life should be followed by everyone to save water.

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