10 lines on save water save earth in english

10 lines on save water save earth:: Earth, also known as a ‘Blue Planet’, consists of 70% of water. Yet, many people around the world are suffering from water scarcity. Water is one’s necessity. People use it for cleaning, drinking, washing, etc. However, the fact is the majority of the people in the world do not have access to clean water directly. 10 lines on save water save earth will understand how water conservation will help secure lives for future generations to come.

Conservation generally means the act to guard, protect, and preserve the environment or its resources. People have wasted water more than the actual use. In these 10 lines on save water save earth, we will get a brief idea about the concept of water conservation and its importance.

10 Lines On Save Water Save Earth

10 Lines On Save Water Save Earth
  1. The best way of water conservation is rainwater harvesting.
  2. People can build wells to collect rainwater, which can be used in further time to come.
  3. One can use shorter showers as it can reduce the amount of water passing.
  4. Use low-flush toilets and composting toilets.
  5. It can reduce the large volume of water using.
  6. Dual flush toilets make use of a 67% lesser amount of water than regular toilets.
  7. Wastewater or greywater recycling.
  8. People can start making use of high-efficiency washers for cleaning clothes.
  9.  In hospital and other facilities, one can install steam sterilizers.
  10. The sand filtration method can be used to manage water.

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Few Lines On Save Water Save Earth

  1. Water conservation consists of all policies and tactics to properly organize the natural resources of freshwater.
  2. Various factors contribute to determining water consumption.
  3. Factors like the population in an area, the size of your house, and the population’s growth have their markings.
  4. Water conservation goals include: to make sure that generations ahead get water, and in case of water withdrawal of freshwater, it does not surpass the water replacement proportion.
  5. Energy conservation since water pumping makes use of a tremendous amount of energy.
  6. In many areas, 15% of overall energy usage is provided in managing water.
  7. Habitat conservation is an important goal in water conservation.
  8. It reduces human water consumption, which will help in preserving freshwater for wildlife.
  9. It will not only preserve water but also improvise water quality.
  10. Many nations have started implementing strategies to make water conservation successful. 

Some Sentences About Save Water Save Earth

  1. Ever thought of how our future generation will survive if such water exploitation continues?
  2. It can lead to war to drink or to get just a glass of water.
  3. Maybe a war between two states or two nations for the availability of 1% of the water we left for them to survive.
  4. Alternatively, there would not be any future generation surviving in the worst-case scenario because of such a no-care attitude towards preserving water.
  5. Hence, it has become pivotal to pay utmost importance on how to use water conveniently.
  6. Various organizations and laws have been formed to make sure that no people waste water hastily.
  7. Yet there are places, and there are people who carelessly use it without thinking of its consequences further.
  8. Every individual needs to take the initiative to make things work.
  9. Water is life to us. Saving water means saving a life.
  10. It is high time to understand and take efforts.


Water is a boon to our planet, and so is our important source of life—all we as an individual needs to take care of its usage and give importance to water conservation. As we saw in the above 10 lines on save water save earth water is everyone’s basic necessity. We must pass and leave ample natural resources so that our future can thrive and survive harmoniously.

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