10 lines on Sun in english for students and children

10 lines on Sun:: In our solar system, we give central importance to the rising star named Sun. It is yellow, which is comprising 98% of the total mass of the entire solar system.

This bright hot ball consists of hydrogen and helium gases which act as its main component.

The energy acquired from the sun is called solar energy, which helps in growing vegetation and plants on the earth. This is required for the survival of living creatures like animals and human beings.

Here, 10 lines on the sun describe the importance and hidden fact about our Sun.

Every day, we see the Sun after we wake up, but we are failed to know the importance of the Sun for us.

The most massive object and a star which is located in the centre of our solar system. It is a hundred times as large as our living planet Earth.

It never stops moving and supplying solar energy that is used in many ways. In this article, we include 10 lines on Sun to explain the purpose of this yellow giant in our solar system.

So, you must look at the valuable points that will give us valuable knowledge about the Sun.

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10 lines on Sun:

10 lines on Sun

1.Sun is also a star located at the centre of the solar system. It is yellow.

2.Our planet Earth receives heat and light from the Sun. 

3.The combination of helium and hydrogen gases burning together and produces bright colour.

4.Sun is a sphere in shape and a hundred times larger than our planet. 

5.Our earth takes 365 and half days to rotate the big sun in its orbit. 

6.On our earth, we see the sunrise in the East direction and sunset in the West direction.

7.We feel hotter from our sun in the summer season and less hot in the winter season.

8.Sun emits ultraviolet rays, filtered by our ozone layer, and protects against skin cancer.

9.No one in the universe can able to go near the Sun. This is because its temperature turned anyone into ashes.

10.Hindus celebrate the Pongal festival for thanking the nature of God, the Sun. 

Few lines on Sun:

1.The Sun has a strong magnetic field of attraction. 

2.Hydrogen acts as a fuel for this yellow giant star, and its fuel will end up after five billion years. 

3.There are three layers present on the surface of the sun. They are Photosphere, Chromosphere, and Corona.

4.Sun rotates itself at the speed of 8, 20,000 km per hour and takes almost 235 million years to rotate one complete orbit in a solar system. 

5.The temperature of the sun’s outer surface is around 5800 K, and the temperature of the inner core is around 15 million degrees Celsius. 

6.A solar wind generated by the Sun travel in the solar system with a speed of 440km per second. 

7.A moon comes in between the sun and the earth, which blocks the light from the sun. This phenomenon is called a solar eclipse. 

8.Ultraviolet light, infra-red waves, and other radiations are emitted from the sun’s light energy. 

9.A stream of particles is emitted from the sun and is called the solar wind, and it is possible of reaching our planet Earth. 

10.The earth comes in between the moon, and the sun is called a lunar eclipse. Here earth blocks the light energy from the sun to the moon. 

Some sentences about Sun:

1.Sun is bigger than the Earth, and the diameter of the sun is 1.39 million km, and its mass is 330000 times more than the Earth.

2.3826 degrees Celsius is the minimum temperature of the sun, and it is recorded in the coolest zone of the sun above 500km.

3.When the moon comes in between the sun and the earth, the chromosphere layer of the sun is visible.

4.After 5 billion years, the sun will change into a white dwarf planet.

5.In the sun’s atmosphere, the solar transition region lies in between the chromosphere and outer part of Corona.

6.The sun’s outer atmosphere is filled with solar wind plasma, which extends up to the orbit of Pluto.

7.Astronomical Unit (AU) is discovered by our scientists, who are used for measuring the distance between the sun and the Earth. 

8.The light from the sun takes eight minutes to reach the surface of the Earth. 

9.The distance between the sun and Earth is 147 to 152 million kilometres.

10.Solar comes from the Latin word ‘sol’, which describes the things related to or caused by the sun. 


We hope that the above 10 lines on Sun will help to know about the ultimate power of our solar system. Many people worshipping this star and give huge respect every day. So, we never miss this wonderful opportunity of seeing the sunrise and sunset from our Earth. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question – Does Sun have a strong magnetic field than the earth?

Answer – Yes, the sun has a strong magnetic field than the Earth.

Question – How many times that the sun is bigger than the earth?

Answer – The sun is a hundred times bigger than the earth

Question –What is the distance between the sun and the earth?

Answer – The distance between the sun and the earth is 147 to 152 million kilometres.

Question – Are people worshipping the sun as a God?

Answer – Yes, people in the Hindu religion are likely to worship the sun as a God. 

Question – Is the sun occupies the total mass of the solar system?

Answer – Yes, the sun comprises 98% total mass of the solar system.

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