10 lines on teacher in english for students and children

10 lines on teacher in English:: Generally, we know about everything in the world through our parents. But, apart from the parents, if third-person will provide knowledge about the world, only our teacher can do that. Teachers are those who support the students, from basic knowledge to perfect mannerism.

They are not only teaching school subjects, but they are also teaching life lessons. Like engineers, doctors, IAS officers, business people, everyone in the world could not come without the help of good teachers. Moreover, this article of 10 lines on teacher will teach you the importance of the teacher role.

Only a teacher can produce good students and can transmit good thoughts to children’s minds. Children’s age is very precious, and it is the perfect time to sow good knowledge and obedience. But, without the help of teachers, it is not possible. Only they can teach and properly train the children’s minds. You will know about the teacher and their speciality in this article of 10 lines on teacher.

10 lines on teacher in English:

10 lines on teacher in english
  1. The best teacher always should understand students’ thinking level and then teach to their accepting level.
  2. First, the teacher should know about everything before teaching the students.
  3. A good relationship between teachers and students will improve the understandings of the subjects.
  4. Teachers Day is celebrated on September 5th in India every year as a marked sign to make the teachers feel proud and responsible.
  5. According to 2012, nearly 2,127,000 teachers recorded in India in Secondary Schools.
  6. Teachers are basic instruction provider to the students.
  7. A good teacher has the ability to take care of the students in personal life.
  8. A teacher who has the knowledge, craft skills, and good dispositions is recognized as the best teacher.
  9. They should understand about subjects and also know about how to teach that effectively.
  10. They should use unique techniques to teach students.

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Few lines on teacher:

  1. Teachers should plan the lessons perfectly to teach the students in perfect timing.
  2. They should have the ability to manage a group of students.
  3. The teacher should also have the quality of enthusiastic teaching.
  4. Enthusiast teachers are always closer to students. 
  5. A good teacher is not only helping the students in educational goals, but they also help the students in their personal goals.
  6. The teachers should allow the students to participate in classroom discussions.
  7. A good teacher should provide permission to the students in decision making about classroom matters.
  8. They should teach lessons with more humour and real-life examples to make them learn and understand more easily.
  9. A good teacher should be like a ‘substitute parent’ for students in the schools.
  10. A teacher should always motivate the students in a good way.

Some sentence about the teacher:

  • India’s first teacher is Savitribai Phule; she has also involved herself in enhancing the rights of females.
  • Teachers have strained their mental health and physical health to provide good teaching to the students.
  • Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is one of the best teachers in India, and his birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day every year in India.
  • Teachers should have patience and a kind attitude to develop a relationship with students.
  • Teachers should provide their full dedication to teach the students effectively.
  • Teachers should always positively motivate the students.
  • Generally, teachers are one of the best contributors to our educational and personal life.
  • The friendly attitude of teachers will always stay in students’ hearts.
  • A good teacher will always be a role model for the students.
  • Further, the real happiness of teachers lies in the development of their students’ knowledge through their teaching.


Whatever it might be, the teacher is the first and the best guide to the students in their life. They enable students to know themselves. Teachers will have to learn about everything all through their life to teach the students powerfully. Their contribution to the enhancement of a student’s life is unmatchable.

They are the determiners, they are the real producers, and they are the kingmakers. Moreover, all the teachers must have the flexibility and adaptability to grow a good relationship with students. This article of 10 lines on teacher has discussed everything about the facts, good things, importance, role, and teachers’ values in detail.

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