10 lines on tiger in english for students and children

10 lines on tiger:: Tigers are easily recognized by their reddish-orange coats with dark stripes. The largest wild cat found in the world is the tiger. The tigers belong to the same genus of jaguar, leopard, and lion. It is believed that the tigers are originated during Pleistocene Epoch in northern Asia. Based on the scientific classification, the tigers belong to the family namely Felidae. The 10 lines on tiger coming below will explain the interesting facts about them and their hunting features.

Tigers can climb trees and they possess a strong and big body. They run very fast and it has sharp claws and padded paws. The tiger is a meat-eater, so it comes under the category of carnivorous mammal. The Siberian tigers consist of prominent features such as softer, longer, and paler fur. The 10 lines on tiger are mentioned below.

10 lines on tiger:

10 lines on tiger
  1. The three basic requirements of the tiger are water, prey, and a den that is far away from society.
  2. Tigers are good at hunting.
  3. The tiger always hunts the prey at night and the middle-sized prey such as deer and wild pigs are mostly preferred by them.
  4. Tigers live alone and they hunt their prey lonely and not in the group.
  5. The tiger catches the prey in its jaw and strangulates it till its death.
  6. When a tiger hunts the prey, it will eat everything except the stomach and the bones.
  7. The tiger also hunts small animals such as tortoises, monkeys, and frogs.
  8. After eating the prey, the tiger will hide the rest of them from vultures and other hunters.
  9. A tiger eats twelve pounds of flesh every day but it can also eat 55 to 65 pounds at night.
  10. The tiger having three cubs will require about 280 kg for every 20 days.

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Few lines on tiger:

  1. In the case of larger prey, the throat of the prey will be bitten by the tiger and when it is smaller, the tiger will break its neck.
  2. Tiger lives alone and they did not enter another tiger’s area. 
  3. Based on the trees surrounded by him, they will found that it was another tiger’s territory.  
  4. Though the tiger is represented as the cat’s family, it enjoys swimming in the water. 
  5. Tiger is a beautiful creature and it is considered the national animal of India.
  6. At night the tiger’s eye is six-time better when comparing to humans. 
  7. The white tigers have blue eyes and their eyes look like burning lamps at night. 
  8. The tiger consists of four canine teeth; two at the top of the jaw and remaining at the lower jaw. 
  9. An interesting fact about the tiger is that their tails help them by providing balance when rushing fast behind their prey. 
  10. These animals are found in the dense forest of West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, and central India.

Some sentence about tiger:

  1. The government of India started ‘Project Tiger” to preserve the tigers in India.
  2. The female tigers are shorter than males.
  3. Though the tigers look quiet, they can hunt their prey from a longer distance.
  4. Tiger is a clever and ruthless wild animal.
  5. Eight species of tiger are found in this world and Indian species are known as the Royal Bengal tiger
  6. After the Project Tiger Campaign has launched the number of tigers in India got increased.
  7. Tiger is the most powerful and attractive creature in this world. 
  8. Tiger is a majestic animal and well known for its might and skillfulness.
  9. The life span of the tiger on average is about 11 years. 
  10. The tiger is considered the top predator.


Tiger is an intelligent wild animal from the cat family. Day by day the number of tigers in the forest is disappearing. But, the government has implemented various programs to conserve this species. Though as Indian citizen, we should also take part to save tigers. Through this essay on 10 lines on tiger you can gain more knowledge about the features of the tiger.

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