10 lines on water pollution in english for students

10 lines on water pollution:: Water is the most important thing that is necessary to survive in this world. Even human can survive without food but they cannot survive without water. In this globe two-third of the earth is covered with water. We can get water from the ocean, river, lake, pond, etc. But these waters are polluted due to human activities. Water pollution is defined as the physical, chemical and biological change that happens in water by the human being. This water pollution will lead to a lot of infections and diseases. The 10 lines on water pollution will explain the impact on the earth.

There are many ways to the water pollution. They are domestic waste, industrial waste, insecticides and pesticide, detergent and fertilizers, etc. If the polluted water is drunken by the human being then it will cause typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, etc. This polluted water will affect the food chain and the entire ecosystem will be affected. There are many ways available to prevent water pollution. The upcoming 10 lines on water pollution will explain all the details on it.

10 lines on water pollution:

10 lines on water pollution
  1. In this world, 80% of the water pollution is done by domestic waste. 
  2. Nearly 6 million pounds of waste end up in the ocean every year. 
  3. The main cause of various diseases such as cholera and typhus are developed by contaminated water. 
  4. More than two million tons of human wastes are released into the water daily. 
  5. In India, the river Ganga is considered to be the top polluted river. It contains dead bodies, animals, dirt and garbage.
  6. Marine dumping is one of the common mistakes that are done.
  7. Water pollution damages the whole environment and the creatures living in it.
  8. Water pollution affects all the aquatic animals and plants in water.
  9. Water pollution paves the way for the breeding of flies and mosquitoes.
  10. Water pollution will cause water-borne diseases.

Few lines on water pollution:

  1. We should save water for the future generation.
  2. Water Pollution will lead to greater health hazards.
  3. Water is one of the treasurable resources and it should be saved from pollution. 
  4. Controlling water pollution is not an easy task but it should be controlled.
  5. Water that is running off from the agricultural land will contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 
  6. Polluted water will give some odour that is unpleasant. 
  7. Water pollution is done when the dumping of sewage and unwanted wastes in water bodies.
  8. Dirty water contains harmful chemicals.
  9. Water pollution is a common problem on the earth.
  10. All the human being, animals and birds are depending on the water.

Few sentences on water pollution:

  • Polluted water is affecting and threatening human life. 
  • Increased industrialization leads to increased water pollution. 
  • Water pollution is classified into direct and indirect source.
  • Water pollution will affect the ecosystem.
  • The direct source is considered as the human itself.
  • Water pollution will lead to an unhealthy environment.
  • The indirect source is considered as nature that is acid rain, etc.
  • Drinking polluted water will lead to dangerous diseases.
  • Social awareness plays a vital role in preventing and controlling water pollution. 
  • Water pollution will lead to damage to the food chain.


All the lives of human being ultimately depend on the existence of water. The main source of water is rainfall. But, today’s generation is suffering a lot from water pollution. So, all the people on the earth should know the value of water and they should prevent it from pollution. The 10 line on water pollution explains the hazardous things that happen on earth. 

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