10 lines on work is worship for Students and Children in English

10 lines on work is worship for Students and Children in English:: Devotion is often portrayed as a hardship to endure, a gift you receive after you renounce everything that distracts you from the path towards spirituality. However, there is a simpler way than to find lonely hills to meditate on. Instead, you can find yourself through what you do, says work is worship. 

A lot of people confuse the concept of spirituality, devotion and worship. Anything you adore, anything that you do with your heart and soul present, and anything that gives you joy is worship, and there is a real way to walk towards work is worship

10 lines on work is worship:

10 lines on work is worship
  1. When you decide your work is your worship, you begin to enjoy what you do. 
  2. Alternatively, you can work on things that give your joy, making sure work is worshipped to you. 
  3. A lot of people are unhappy with their jobs and are constantly looking for a new one. This is because they never say their work is worship. 
  4. Once you realize that the job assigned to you can be done the best only by then, your work is worship. 
  5. The concept of work is worship is so new to so many people that it opens their eye to things they never saw before. 
  6. Not only are you more satisfied with the outcome of your efforts, but work is worship concept also makes putting in extra work easier. 
  7. As long as you complain about how you do not like it or want it, you can never actively work towards thinking of saying that your work is worship.
  8. Imagine the possibilities and the doors it would open, only if everyone could proudly say that work is worship. 
  9. If you give the same undivided attention that you offer god to your work, then work is your worship.
  10. Every obstacle you face will be new, and when work is worship, crossing them would be a child’s play. 

Few lines on work is worship:

  1. When you say your work is worship, you are less concerned about the results it will produce and concentrate more on doing the actual work. 
  2. They say you can worship your work when you don’t have to push yourself to do it, but rather start enjoying it. 
  3. The selfless love toward God and the same devotion can be applied to your daily tasks making you the best at what you do. Thanks to work is worship. 
  4. Many people have achieved the impossible and never felt the strain of it weighing them down because they believed their work is their worship. 
  5. Great people say we will be who we believe we are, so if you think work is labour, you are a labourer, but if your work is worship, you are doing the work of God. 
  6. The illusion of you being in control of everything will be lifted when you truly worship your work. 
  7. If you can manage to utterly devout yourself to the task at hand and not succumb to the peer pressure, you have received work in a worship mindset. 
  8. People who have gone above and beyond did not do it because of their knowledge, and they did it because of their devotion to work and belief that work is worship. 
  9. If your work is worship, it brings a sense of gratitude and satisfaction in your daily tasks that are impossible without it. 
  10. Working towards a goal and awaiting the result adds the pressure, but worshipping your work makes you love it and makes you want to keep trying. 

Some sentences about the work is worship:

  1. The road towards success is hard and is filled with obstacles. Worshipping your work will make you reach new heights faster. 
  2. If you can see God in your work, you can identify God in all other beings too. When work is worship, you are truly one with yourself. 
  3. Not only is this a way towards doing your job better, but being a better version of yourself and worshipping even the boring, mundane tasks of every day. 
  4. Instead of wishing you could do what you love every day, work towards loving what you do because work is worship. 
  5. Wonders have been accomplished in science, and milestones are reached every day because someone decided their work their worship. 
  6. Never say you love one work more than the other; this will stop you from working towards worshipping your work. 
  7. Be it cleaning a house or a radioactive site, the devotion and dedication levels should not be any different; this is what is called work is worship. 
  8. Just like you devote your mind, body and soul to God selflessly, if you can manage to bring that to work, you worship the work. 
  9. Waking up every morning and believing that your work is worship will get you halfway there; trust this. 
  10. Miracles happen when you least expect it, and worshipping your work will bring you one step closer to getting your own miracle to happen. 


This is a simple principle to bring into practice and a tough one to keep up. No one ever said it was easy; they say it is worth it, and you should try to make this happen every day to make you, your work and your outlook towards your life better. Remember, your work is worship

10 lines on work is worship Frequently asked questions:

Question – Who coined the phrase work is worship?

Answer – Gandhi was the first person to coin the term to motivate fellow citizens of India.

Question – In this statement, what does he mean by ‘work’  

Answer – Anything that needs mental and physical strength is referred to as work. 

Question – What is the meaning of worship?

Answer – It is a form of expressing unconditional love and devotion to any sacred object.

Question – Why does this moto give better results?

Answer – Since we are not focused on the results, our only aim is to do the job assigned to us with full attention. It brings more success than usual.

Question – How does this benefit the country at large?

Answer – By being true to yourself, we are honest, and our quality of work improves. If everyone in the country can adapt to this, the country will flourish.

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