10 point on winter season in english for students

10 point on winter season:: Winter season is the wintertime when the weather is cool. Generally, it lasts for around four to six months. During winter, the temperature remains around the freezing point. In most cases, the temperature is slightly below zero for more than four months. 

It usually happens after the winter and before the spring season every year. This is usually caused by the earth axis being aligned away from the sun. At that time, the sun is blocked out from the earth and thus no sun rays hit it. Therefore, the earth’s land surface is cool. 

10 point on winter season

10 point on winter season
  • The cold weather affects all the plants, animals, and human beings on the earth including humans.
  • During the cold weather, it becomes difficult for people to survive especially during the night and during winter. 
  • Most of the animals freeze at that time because they are too cold. During this time, there is a decreased production of body heat. 
  • Therefore, people are also exposed to the risks of catching diseases like frostbite. 
  • At that time, animals become inactive, and hence food supply is also reduced. 
  • In order to protect themselves from the cold weather, humans need to wear clothes and coats to protect their skin from the extreme cold. 
  • However, the weather is unpredictable and there are chances that the temperature will get even colder.
  • The Winter season is generally characterized by low temperatures in contrast to the summer season and this is because the earth’s rotation is inclined towards the south. 
  • This means that the colder regions of the planet get colder during the winter seasons. 
  • The warmer regions get warmer during the summer season.

Few Lines on Winter season

  • Wintertime is generally characterized by long, dark nights, bitter cold temperatures, snow, wind, rain and blizzards. 
  • Winter happens due to the rotation of the earth with its axis tilted towards the south. 
  • This is accompanied by colder temperatures than before in both polar and temperate regions. 
  • Winter also happens when the temperature falls below the freezing point of water or ice, which causes the ice to melt and snow to fall. 
  • In some places, the summer is the hottest season, but in most places, the winter is more common than summer. 
  • The only difference between summer and winter is that the winter season is associated with the temperature of the earth while the summer is associated with the temperature of the air. 
  • Summer is known to have better temperature in comparison to the winter season 
  • This fact is mainly due to the fact that the summer season has a more equatorial zone and the colder regions tend to get cooler during summer.
  • In winter, there is a higher incidence of snowfall and this is due to the earth’s rotation being directed towards the south. 
  • On the other hand, winter is also known to be the best time for plants and animals to grow.

Some sentence on the winter season

  • When it comes to trees and plants, winter gives them a longer period of the growing season as compared to the summer season. 
  • They are able to grow and flourish during the winter season, as compared to their growth in the summer season.
  • Because of the extreme conditions, snowfall and ice formation cannot be avoided during wintertime. 
  • There are many types of snow, some of which are very heavy enough to completely block highways and other highways can be partially buried due to high snowfall. 
  • Snow is also caused by seasonal winds in that the winds blowing in from different directions tend to bring down snow on the higher elevations. 
  • This makes it impossible for plants to grow properly in this area. 
  • Therefore, it is essential to prepare yourself before heading out. 
  • During the winter season in order to prevent any unnecessary hardships from happening.
  • The Winter season is generally characterized by low temperatures in contrast to the summer season.
  • This means that the colder regions of the planet get colder during the winter seasons. 


The 10 point on winter season is not only a season to enjoy but also to be wary of. This is because winter is also the coldest period of the year throughout the polar and temperate regions of Earth. It happens between fall and spring every year and takes place in every country in the world. 

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