Can money buy happiness essay : 1000 words

Can money buy happiness essay:: The conventional system suggest that the best thing in our life is happiness, and money can’t buy happiness. But, on the contrary, happiness is a sparkling system of our mind and the lighting system of our face.

Happiness comes from a person’s good work and good thoughts. Words cannot express the happiness of the soul.

Now the question is here whether can money buys happiness? So we write an essay that Can money buy happiness? In this essay, we will explain this question. So please read it carefully and get the answer to your question.

Can money buy happiness essay?

Can money buy happiness essay
Can money buy happiness essay?

Can Money Buy Happiness essay?

The question accounts for deep thought on “Can Money Buy Happiness?” Well, every individual has a different perspective on “Happiness”. Therefore, you need to define “Happiness” in your own way so that you can relate it with “Money”.

Some people say that Money makes them happy. This is because it gives pleasure and fulfils other necessities of life required to survive in life—this thought changes across people due to the diverse thought process.

Since every coin has two sides, another thought on happiness can also be seen and considered. Some people believe that Happiness is only Intrinsic. Therefore, money can’t buy true happiness for them. You may have experienced any of the emotions or act during your life, which created a belief system around the same.

Let’s understand the critical aspects to deep dive into “Can Money Buy Happiness? 

We can relate our thoughts with the 5 aspects given & conclude the reality of Money.

1.Money is the basic necessity only-

We have discussed that how people think about money. For some people, it is about survival & for others, it is a mode of pleasure.

According to my, Money is just the basic model to fulfil the necessities of life such as food, education, home, etc. Indeed, it makes you smile & happy for quite some time as it is a part of your possession. However, real happiness needs quite a thought.

Look at the examples around the world. A lot of crime happens because of money which changes a person’s behaviour rapidly. Wherever Money gets involved, relations tend to justify their trust & bond frequently & end up in a messy situation.

An individual should only use the money wisely to fulfil the basic requirement of life. Taking it as possession or too much involvement may take your internal peace or real happiness far away from you. 

2.Happiness is a Journey-

One needs to understand the real meaning of “Happiness”. We all hunt this specific word into the real world by doing our daily jobs, tasks & other additional work.

It is quite surprising that we all aim for tangible happiness around us, which is not stagnant & merely fake. “Happiness” is a journey during the achievement of any small or big accomplishment during the phase of your life.

Imagine yourself getting passed out from the board examination; how exciting & happy was it. But, unfortunately, you can’t buy the same happiness as your achievement with “Money”.

You should enjoy every course of your life, irrespective of money, to imbibe yourself with positivity. It is an old saying that “Don’t teach your children to be rich, instead teach them how to be happy”.

If you are happy, you can create a wonderland for yourself as peace, but if it turns out to be chase after money, you aim for big & get nothing in the end.

3.Money helps in increasing living standards- 

This is quite an acceptable statement that Money helps in increasing living standards. Don’t get confused about increasing living standards & happiness. Both have different aspects of fulfilment. In today’s era, we all are on the competition verge against each other to show off the standards.

No matter what the situation is, most people don’t resist mapping the comparison of standards with their life & well-being. We have completely misunderstood the meaning of life standards. It is not to do with money completely; however, maintaining a healthy mindset to help others in need & taking care of your basic amenities properly accounts for a proper living standard.

Money gives you the basic power to make it or break it as per your belief system. Hence, utilizing the money appropriately certainly helps in maintaining living standards.

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4.Directing money in a better way-

We have understood too far that “Money can’t buy happiness”. It is imperative to say that you can be on track to Intrinsic Happiness if you know how to handle money.

How many times may you have helped a needy one? If you have helped even a single time, you can certainly relate it with the uncountable happiness you feel right after that incident. Indeed, money is the basic form to buy food & other basic requirements for someone.

However, helping someone can make you happy. If you know how to direct or utilize your money in a great way, it can help others & bring joy for them. Money gives you the power to use it effectively & change the lives of others & yourself. 

5.Finding Intrinsic Happiness-

There are many ways to find our Intrinsic Happiness. For example, some of us like to enjoy our hobby which can’t be purchased with money. You may also want to find out what drives or motivates you to get up every day.

That’s going to be your Goal which makes you happy. For someone, being rich is the ultimate goal. However, the little steps taken every day to become rich is the real happiness for them. If you are not getting bored from the daily task & it is keeping you alive, you have surely found happiness in it.

Anything which is making you low is a straight sign of unhappiness. Hence, you can keep checking the tasks or actions which keep you going every day no matter what the situation is. 

It is evident that “Money can’t buy happiness” from the above discussions. Happiness directly refers to “Peace”, which signifies long term stability in thoughts & emotions. Therefore, money cannot bring eternal joy in life.

You can be happy after purchasing nice care or an expensive phone; however, the essence of temporary achievement would go away over some time. A “smile” signifies that it can be seen on the face without good clothes, nice care, or a phone.

Real happiness can be brought by untagged emotions, love & friendship, which can’t be brought my money at all.

FAQS on Can Money buy happiness

Accomplishes more money continues to purchase increasingly more satisfaction? 

No. It quits purchasing more satisfaction past a point, called ‘joy level.’ 

Would anyone be able to purchase encounters to fulfill themselves more? 

Not every person. It relies upon their attitude. 

A purchasing extraordinary or exceptional encounters make you more joyful? 

It to a great extent relies upon your age. With passing age, individuals are bound to value common experiences. 

How might you utilize your money to purchase most satisfaction? 

There are 3 different ways to purchase bliss with your money that is Get yourself time, Put resources into others and buy experiences

Can money really buy happiness?

Yes, sometime it does bring happiness. Specially for the people who do not have money to but their essential things but if they get money they can buy their essential which make them happy. 

Final word

I hope this Can money buy happiness essay will very helpful for your examination, So please read carefully Can money buy happiness essay.

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