Difference between prose and poetry with Comparison Chart

Difference between prose and poetry:: Literature means creative work. It represents a short message. It is for those who have a high and enduring value. It can be described in different styles. Sometimes it indicates a quick note, and sometimes it suggests an experience. These are prose and poetry. 

These are the two primary forms of literature. But if you want to know in detail about the difference between prose and poetry, at first, you need to know some details about them.

The prose is a real work that contains sentences and paragraphs. It does not have any specific structure as poetry has. On the other hand, poetry is a genre of literature. Here, the poet expresses his thoughts and feelings in a powerful way.

The fundamental difference between prose and poetry is that you can use the sentences in paragraphs for the prose case, whereas you can use the lines in poetry like stanzas. Here is an essential writing process in prose. But in poetry, there is a unique style of writing. 

Difference between prose and poetry

Difference between prose and poetry
Difference between prose and poetry

Definition of Prose

The prose has a usual ordinary writing style in literature. It helps to encompass the characters, plot, mood, theme, point of view, setting, etc. An author always wants to write prose as a distinctive form of language. 

It contains every grammatical sentence that helps to form a paragraph. Here the author sometimes includes dialogues and also helps the readers by giving some related images so that they can understand them well. 

 It has a straightforward structure that contains meaningful sentences. This can be fictional or non-fictional. There is no line break here. Paraphrasing is possible.

Example: Biography, autobiography, memoir, essay, short stories, fairy tales, article, novel, blog and many other writings.

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Definition of Poetry

Poetry means a style or a form of literature in which the poet uses a unique way and rhythm to express his feelings. It is something that contains a full imaginative sense. But it would help if you chose an appropriate language that suits the form of writing.

There are also some selective words. You can arrange them in such a manner that helps you to create a proper pattern or rhyme. This style of writing means a lot to the readers. 

Sometimes the substance of the writing varies to the different users. Poetry contains two or more words with identical ending sounds and the rhythm (cadence of the poem).

A poet gives an artistic way to this form of writing to communicate with the readers’ something special. A poet sometimes uses a musical intonation of stress that sounds long and unstressed that sounds short.

 Poetry always expresses beautiful emotions, peaceful moments, helpful ideas, experiences, delicate feelings, and thoughts of the poet to the readers or audience. Poetry contains the structural components of poetry, including lines, couplet, stanza, etc.

Poetry has a form of verses that contain stanzas. It follows a meter. The number of verses in every stanza varies. It depends upon the information of the poem.

Difference between prose and poetry

Prose means a straightforward form of literature. Poetry means a style or a form of literature in which the poet uses a unique way and rhythm to express his feelings.
Here, the author can express his feelings easily. Here, the poet expresses his thoughts and feelings in an intense way.
It is a straightforward way to express language. It is like a decorated way to express language.
Its nature is realistic. Its nature is imaginative.
There is no line break. There is a line break.
In this case, paraphrasing is possible. Here, the exact paraphrasing is not possible.
Here, the summary is like a message or information. Here, it is like an experience.
Its main purpose is to provide information. Its main purpose is to amuse the reader.
You can find ideas in sentences. Here, you can find ideas in lines.
You need to arrange the sentences in the paragraph. In this case, you need to arrange the lines in stanzas.

∆ How to remember the difference

If you are unable to remember the difference between prose and poetry, we here notify you of the best trick to recognize the difference between these two. 

The difference between the two helps you to understand the writing style. An author writes prose ordinarily, but poetry has its aesthetic features. This form has a distinctive writing pattern.

In other words, prose in the form of language helps to convey a message. It means the way of a narrative structure. In the case of poetry, it is such a form of literature that has a unique writing format. This writing form has a pattern, rhyme, and rhythm.


The best way to understand prose and poetry is to understand the difference between prose and poetry. It helps you a lot to differentiate the characteristics of these two. In the article, we provide the difference between these two so that it will clear your doubts.

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