[Best] Essay on an autobiography of a pen for students and children

Essay on an autobiography of a pen It is used for writing and expressing our thoughts in terms of poems, letters etc., we all use a pen for our day to day activities. Have you ever thought that it’s important for you? It has great importance for us. These special lines will help you to know the importance of pain.

The pen helps us in expressing our thoughts, ideas and emotions. Before print media, Pen was the only source to get information; with the help of a pen, a man writes an autobiography to read it later after his death.

Essay on an autobiography of a pen (100 words)

Essay on a autobiography A pen

Essay on an autobiography of a pen I am an old derelict foundation pen,  I was made in an Indian pen factory situated in Kolkata, but now they have moved to somewhere else.

People would appreciate me for my beautiful and glossy look, everybody would desire to possess me, but my price tag was very high. So, I was displayed with other posh items in the shop.

One day a budding writer purchase means he had great pleasure in writing with me; he used to carry me all the time, and also he used me to write a mini poem, stories and valuable articles for the newspaper.

There is a saying, ” The pen is mightier than the sword” my Owner seemed to prove it true in all respect. But my happiness did not last long; one fateful day, my owner passed away, leaving me alone in this world.

Essay on an autobiography of a pen (500 words)

Hello, I m a Pen. It is my autobiography. I wear a plastic jacket and have a long sharp nose, and wear a cap everywhere wherever I go. Students and writers often used me to express their thoughts. Paper and pen work is getting limited at this time in the digital world, but my presence is irreplaceable.

You can use me to express your views. Also, you can express your Idea by using me, I am a boon to those who are eagerly waiting to show their thoughts process to this world and of course, you have heard the proverb, ” A Pen is mightier than a sword.”

I can act as a friend who never backstabs your knowledge; I have the power to change society, even I have the ability to suppress the negative thoughts of the world. I act as a binder between a knowledge seeker and society. 

They prevent you from being distracted by useless things; I have given birth to the process of writing, which makes your mind sharper, Hence without me, this world is nothing.

The pen is made for writing and doing our written work; perhaps it’s classwork, office work we will use Pen for it, Pen is coming in different brands in the market, I choose my Pen with a great look.

My pain is a fountain pain; it is made of plastic, it has one nib, its colour is black, but its write blue, its cap colour is silver. I always write with my pen in school and at home; I always use it its case is only 35 rupee, I clean my pen within a week I keep my pen with great care. I like my pen very much my pen is special for me, we must care about our pen.

The pen helps in every occupation, whether a writer, an engineer, a doctor or other; even the most powerful person in the world cannot deny using the pen for daily work.

Essay on an autobiography of a pen is called the ‘ Sword of a writer” Literature is the greatest source of past human activities, which also used pain. A pen was, is and will always remain the prime need of human beings.

Even in this modern digital world, many activities must need a pen to be completed. Thus, a Pen has the power to achieve than a sword. 

A king can rule only his kingdom, but a poet or writer can Rule the whole world through his/her inspirational writing skills with their pen; the power of the pen is more influential through its proper communication than the power of hatred, war, conflict and destruction. I hope you like the Essay on an autobiography of a pen in 500 words.

 Essay on an autobiography of A pen (1500 word)

I am a Trimax pen; Here I am writing my autobiography. I was manufactured in a factory 5 years ago after I was made my name called ‘Trimax’ engraved on me. First, I was packed in a pretty little box; Then, I was put into a larger box and other pens. 

We were happy together and had a wonderful time talking to each other, I was transported to a large department store, and I was taken out of my box and placed in the display tray along with other Pens of a different branch.

I was displaying for only a short period of time, after that one day a man came to the store; he was looking for a gift he bought me and presented to a woman at graduation day. 

She gave it to a hard outer named Mihika; Mihika is a student and used me daily to do her schoolwork; she took good care of me; after She using me, She placed me neatly in the box. She was very gentle with me and never handled me roughly.

” The Pen is Mightier than the sword” implies that a pen is mighty; even though it is small in size but it has the power to accomplish things that a mighty sharp-edged sword cannot accomplish.

By way of this proverb, a famous writer Bulwer – Lytton, I wanted to state that the power of writing is much greater than the power of war and hatred. A war always ends in suffering and loss, whereas writing is a gift to humanity.

The stories learned during our childhood have taught us a lot; those teaching are priceless.

It is actually true that the peaceful act of writing with a small pen can have a bigger impact Then the act of violence carried out by a Sword.

The power of pen and words has been emphasized by way of many other proverbs. Some of these include ” books are the way to the truth” books are the best companion or Essay on an autobiography of a pen

Story of a Pen

A pen is our daily companion today. In this presentation, we cover the topic called Essay on an autobiography of A pen; I am the quintessential birthday gift that one receives at least once in their life.

I am a blue ink ballpoint Parker pen that has a dark green and gold cover from the outside; I have an ultimate shelf-life guarantee, and whenever you write so much that my ink gets over, please don’t think twice before buying a refill and using it again because I believe that some luxuries are meant to be had.

I start every day in some new places. I believe life is a journey full of adventures and surprises about what is to come next. Some days, you will find me patiently standing on the pen stand by the study table.

You will often find me lying on top of some paperwork kept on a table, and many days I roll around on top of the fridge, and someday, I find a spot on the dining table.

On Some occasions, I have also stayed rolling on the carpeted floor for a few days before I was discovered and then properly relocated again, I am usually used to write.

My ink has been often used to create wonder out of words. Some Person writes beautiful poems and some people redefined the Beauty of poetry, while have penned engrossing screenplays and stories with my Guidance, constant support and aid.

Due to my smooth grip Feature and elegant tip finish, anyone who handles me become a fan of my guidance and starts to love their own typography.

My real owner found me on their birthday, in reality, it is a coincidence that she likes to believe in the importance of pen and She takes care of me every time throughout the day and even later in the night.

When I initially started writing after that, she used to clean me using a handkerchief every evening. She would place me back into the strong, weather protectant pen cover every night without fail.

In this world, The most classic or pleasure birthday gift and the treasured armour of every writer is the pen. The most basic existence of a stationary and pen stand as a decorative asset is used by one and all. For Poets and writers pen is like true worship for them, A pen gives life to writers or post to express their thoughts.

People use me every day in their life Every time if people want to remember something important. Suddenly think about myself and search for me I have become an internal partner of everyone people daily life, The people carrying me around everywhere, where they go for just in case if they to write something important.

In my life journey I see many pens like me people Throw out after their life source has run out But hopefully, I’m an exception distinct them every time when my refill get empty my owner quickly refilled ink and used it again It’s an endless chain. I have seen a lot in my life almost written hundreds of poems and stories, and seen a lot of people pass near me I remember everyone but I remain Constant on this study desk and always observing things.

In my earlier life, the first thing I remember was the product assembled line in the Factory, The factory worker they’re putting together pieces of me by hand and also built a protective cover around my delicate ink cage or Then they added in me a very complicated or detailed manner carved nib point, from this carved Nib point through ink flowed. After that, I was placed in a foam padded case cover and moved along.

I Never forget that moment when travelling for an hour’s in the back of a Transport Truck and I noticed many others thing. Still, we do not speak that because we have minimal life sources to sustain ourselves, Then travel for a day finally the transport truck stop and there was, stir all around me And I could hear my other buddy being taken one by one.

After my brother took one by one then finally movement come they again put me with my brothers After sometimes we felt were airborne. That time only I had learnt about human transport vehicle, which I felt that we were on an aeroplane or We were in the air for far less a time. However, air travel is faster than transportation after that we were unloaded and shifted to shops.

That shop where I got shifted, it was a huge stationery shop and it was well maintained, In the shop then pen rows of fancy products for sale. I was fortunate that I placed it in a glass display Design case But it was a different stylish customised or more expensive pen piece compared to others. So the customer came to the shop mostly they purchased my brothers.

But one day a man came to the shop They highly interested in me to buy, they like my design but my price like always drive for the man budget, and they left the shop But it doesn’t matter for me since I was really proud of my me and my design or value and, I felt special.

However next day the same came to the shop they again saw me and I surprised he purchased me and after He took me home and they very proud to own me and me also lucky that my owner likes me so much 

Buy buying a good pen we have to option You can change your future or this world’s future by using me,  or waste your life without using me, the choice is your what you want better or worse? That is your decision. This is an Essay on an autobiography of a pen.

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In conclusion, we can solve the problems more effectively through words of writing communication than by violence. Hence,  a pen is more powerful than violence.

The pen is Surely more powerful or effective than the sword, The work that can be completed with a small tip of a Pen can not be Completed if we use something as mighty as a sword. I hope you like the Essay on an autobiography of a pen.

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