Essay on corruption for students and childrens

Essay on corruption for students and children:: Today’s corruption becomes a major cause of decreasing economic growth in any country.

Do you ever think about why poor people remain poor and rich become richer, and do you ever hear about black money or Swiss bank accounts and scams? Our country’s corruption level increases the same as the population level; in our country, every fourth is corrupted the same as the poverty line.

In our country, corruption is like an infection. It can be treated only by surgery means by cutting the infected part or removing the infected area. 

The true reason for corruption is a desire to get rich by any means; it may spread like bush fire and destroy the whole nation.

In our country, a lack of good education makes them corrupt. Therefore, it is not just reducing the economic growth but also responsible for increasing the poverty line.

Many initiatives have been started to tackle this issue, one among them a celebration of Anti-Corruption Day. 

Essay on corruption for students and children

Essay on corruption for students and children
Essay on corruption for students and children

Anti-corruption day

The anti-corruption day was celebrated on 9 December in the whole country to increase the awareness between people and told them which major step was taken to fight corruption.

The UN General assembly established it to spread awareness about corruption in the whole country. 

There is no doubt the whole country celebrated this day by doing conferences, drama, speech, debate and doing some other activity which makes awareness about corruption.

On this day, 9 December, our Prime Minister NARENDRA MODI taking some effort by Demonetization to tackle these problems related to black money or corruption.

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Corruption in India 

According to the Geneva-based world economic forum (WEF), India has 58 ranks in the corruption list. So in India, I think every 2nd person is corrupt. So if we see in our society where we live, not only in our society in our home, can we easily find examples of corruption?

Corruption is not only to do large scam but also to do anything illegally or unfairly by taking some money. So why do we always say that India is a developing country because in India, everyone is corrupt, so it harms our economic growth? So that’s why it always comes under a developing country? 

In India, every field is fully corrupt, if it is a political field, any government working field or any private working field. So in our country, the main root of corruption in politics. Through this, corruption spread all over the country.

According to the report in2016, the most three corrupt states in India are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Delhi. There are so many scams done in India that is the main reason for decreasing economic growth.

Some big scams in India

 SCAM means earning money through the unfair mode, not paying any tax, and making stock of money; it is an illegal trick. There are so many scams done by the ministers, some officers and another one. In our language, they are black spots in our country. Some scams are-

1.In 2012, INDIAN COAL ALLOCATION SCAM-When Manmohan Singh was prime minister, the PSU and private companies have misallocated coal deposits without competitive bidding by the government. The amount of this allocation was Rs 186000 lakh crore.

2.In 2008, 2G SPECTRUM SCAM- There have been many scams in India, but 2G SPECTRUM is the biggest one. In this scam, former telecom minister A RAJA was the mastermind. But, apart from them, so many people were involved.

 3.In 2012, WAQF BOARD LAND SCAM-the WAQF board is a charitable institution established for the poor Muslim community.

4.IN 2010 COMMONWEALTH GAME SCAM- in this case, they provide a very cheap rate of the equipment, and they did not provide the proper facilities for the players. As a result, they showed a spent list too high.

5.IN 1990 FODDER SCAM- Bihar’s most discussed scandal was the allegation of fodder scam felt by the Bihar minister LALU PRASHAD YADAV.

What can we do?

As the main purpose of ANTI-CORRUPTION DAY (ACD) is to spread awareness, we must also help in such actions and spread the information about protecting our country from corruption.

We must tell everyone to pay their taxes, stop doing illegal ways to earn money; it is our responsibility to knock them.  

Corruption disease spread all over the world it is also making whole in education field such as if you want to take admission in good college firstly you have donated, do you ever think if admitted in these collages you take good education, NO you also become corrupt so first thing you have to be against or oppose them.

If you want to make the country corruption-free, you have to remove or end reservation; nowadays, the reservation becomes more dangerous for our country because fewer knowledgeable people come into power, so they don’t know between good or bad after they become corrupt. 

In our country, corruption is at a peak due to illiterate leaders. So if we want to make our country corrupt-free, we have taken some powerful decisions such as elect literate leaders, oppose the college donation schemes, oppose reservation methods; we have to voice our voice if we see corruption.

This is the time where we show the power of the common person. We must help in campaigns and programs by donating money and spreading knowledge. Education is the key to make people intelligent enough that they know what is good for humanity.


India is a fast developing country globally and has the world’s largest democracy where our system is weak.

So there is always a chance of corruption; it can be overcome by making some efforts such as put up online where tax money, MP/MLA fund is spent. Make donations of political parties transparent. Bring political parties under the RTI act.

Bring a strong Local bill. Action against black money hoarders outside India. Adequate protection to whistleblowers. Make CBI independent.

Close loopholes, digitalization. There are so many other ways to make corruption-free. A little progress every day leads to a big change one day. Maybe tomorrow. Be good and do well.  

FAQS on Essay on corruption for students and children

How is corruption characterized? 

Corruption is something that is occurred by the individual for the sake of his own benefits by doing wrong doing. 

Why people do corruption

Weak or poverty people do corruption to get benefit for their personal reason by harming the other people. 

Can a private individual be liable of corruption? 

Corrupt exercises might be embraced by private people, public authorities, legislators, and business and modern administrators. 

What sort of disciplines are forced for corruption? 

Corrupt exercises are frequently researched as offenses in open office, pay off offenses, extortion, misuse, illegal tax avoidance and maltreatment of insider data. 

How would I be able to prevent corruption? 

Regardless of whether you are a private individual, public authority, legislator or business delegate, you may show others how it’s done and in this manner influence the overall atmosphere. 

Final word –

I hope this essay on Essay on corruption for students and children for students will be beneficial for your examination and speech, So please read carefully Essay on corruption for students.

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