Essay on Environmental Pollution and its impact

Essay on Environmental Pollution and its impact:: Nature provides us with everything But in return, we only have exploited it in all aspects. The Human life or life of any other type of living Being, either it is a plant or animal is not possible without Nature.

The Balance it maintains is the only reason for survival. It provides us food to eat, Air to Breath and resources to fulfil our needs.

We in return misuse the resources, make the environment dirty and damage nature. And we are doing it for a very long time which now has led to the cause of Environmental Pollution.

Due to which the Ecosystem is disturbed and caused several Disastrous impacts on mother Earth. So now let us understand what is Environmental Pollution?

Essay on Environmental Pollution 

Essay on Environmental Pollution
Essay on Environmental Pollution 

What is Environmental Pollution?

All living beings and non-living things together form the Environment. In simple words whatever we see in our surroundings including us is part of the Environment. And when Pollutants contaminate the Environment or surrounding then it is called Environmental Pollution.

Pollutants are those substances that cause pollution for example Harmful Gasses like Carbon dioxide and methane, Plastics, Industrial waste etc.

Pollution Disturbs our Ecosystem and Lifestyle. Also, it causes several diseases to Humans and Global warming. It is also the reason for the extinction of millions of life forms till now.

Causes of Environmental Pollution

Willingly or unwillingly Humans are causing Pollution for a very long time. But humans are not the only reason, nature itself does some activities Which cause it. Some major reasons are mentioned below :

Industrial and Agricultural Waste: The Harmful gases’ life sulfur nitrogen and carbon released from Industries pollute the Air while the Waste material and Chemical contaminated Water pollutes the Water and Soil.

Same in the Agricultural fields, to increase the productivity of soil farmers use pesticides and other harmful chemicals which pollutes the soil.

Population and Vehicles: Population growth is the Greatest reason for the exploitation of Nature. Which leads to the consumption of natural resources in Huge amounts.

Also, the use of vehicles became a Human basic need. The Harmful Gasses released by Vehicles pollutes the air and also consumes fuel.

Fossil Fuel and Plastic: Fossil fuel Available in nature is very limited and takes a very long period of time to manufacture. The increase in population caused Fossil fuel consumption at its peak and resulted in the extinction of it.

Also, the use of it releases harmful gases. Plastic available in nature is impossible to decompose. Which is polluting the soil.

Deforestation and Radiation: Trees consume Carbon Dioxide and Provide is pure oxygen And also maintains the Ecosystem. But for our personal needs, we are chopping them. Many forests vanished due to Deforestation.

Also, Nuclear experiments and attacks have increased the level of Radiation in the environment. Which pollutes soil and air both.

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Types of Environmental Pollution

Water Pollution: The presence of Pollutants in water is called water pollution. The Chemicals used in agriculture like pesticides, Industrial Chemical Contaminated water and Human wastes disposed of in water, accidental oil leakage causes Water Pollution.

It is the reason for the extinction of several marine life and also causes illness to Humans. Pure water is very limited and without water survival of any life, form is not possible. Drinkable water is not available in many of the areas at the moment.

Soil Pollution: The Presence of Pollutants in Soil is called Soil Pollution. Industrial waste, Acid rain, Human waste, Agricultural activities are the main cause of Soil Pollution.

It affects all the plants and animals living on land and causes them several diseases and also Death. The soil loses its fertility due to it and also plants are less nutritious.

Air Pollution: The Presence of Pollutants in Air is called Air Pollution. All the Harmful gases released by Industries, Forest Fires, Fossil fuel consumption and Gases released from vehicles are the Main reason for Air pollution.

It has made it hard to breathe and causes several respiratory Diseases like Asthma. It results in acid rain which ruins the environment and also causes the greenhouse effect. Due to this, the solar Radiation does not escape from the earth’s atmosphere.

Noise Pollution: It is the very least discussed Topic under Pollution. But the impact is not that small. The sound produced by all human beings, animals, vehicles and machines increases the level of noise in the environment and causes Noise Pollution. Due to which people face hearing problems Especially in urban areas.  It Disturbs the Calmness and Beauty of Nature.

Impact of Environmental Pollution

There are several Hazardous impacts of Environmental Pollution. It causes Many types of Diseases like Skin cancer and Respiratory problems. In plants, it reduces Nutrition because they consume more fibre and less protein.

Also reduces the fertility of the soil which will lead to a decrease in food supply for humans. Also, it has caused the extinction of various life forms especially marine life.

The Greenhouse effects caused by pollution traps solar radiation and leads to an increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Which is called Global warming due to which many glaciers are now melted.

Pollution causes acid rain and climate change. Due to this, some places are flooded with rain and some are droughted without. Sea level is increased which in future will lead to the sinking of cities located near seashore.

Solutions of Environment Pollution

There are several easy steps that can solve this issue But needs the cooperation of the whole human race. We must adopt various measures which reduce pollution.

Like planting trees, use of Renewable sources, less use of non-renewable resources, and disposal of the wastes properly. Banning the Plastic and Deforestation. The population must be controlled which is the major cause of it.

The industries which cause pollution must be banned or controlled. Reducing the use of vehicles and Electricity can reduce Pollution a lot. One of the most important factors which affect Awareness. Spreading awareness about pollution control can do a large impact in controlling it.

Our Nature is so beautiful if we treat it wisely. We have to save it for our future generations. And in order to do that, we have to end this Pollution and control the population. Without nature, Humanity will extinct. It is our duty to take care of it.

FAQS on essay on Environment Pollution 

What is acidic rainstorm? 

Acidic rainstorm is something that effect the environment by falling acid out of the atmosphere.

What is the definition for radiation? 

Radiation is energy emitted by molecules as particles or electromagnetic rays. 

What are the two fundamental issues identified with ozone? 

Ozone, a particle with three oxygen iotas, is at the center of two altogether different issues: stratospheric ozone consumption and ground-level ozone development. 

How is pollution influencing what we see? 

Visibility hindrance happens because of the dispersing and ingestion of light by particles and gases in the climate. It is most just depicted as the cloudiness which darkens the lucidity, shading, surface, and type of what we see. 

What sorts of air pollution are delivered by portable sources? 

Combustion of energizes can cause the arrival of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), particulate issue (PM), toxics, sulfur dioxide (SO2), and ozone depleting substances, for example, carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O).

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