Essay On Girl Education,Importance of Girls Education

Essay On Girl Education::Education is the Basic need of us all. From the day we are born to the day we die, we are always learning something and improving ourselves and our skills. It is the Basic fund of life, and by Education, we become capable to have a luxurious life. 

Even after these all importance’s of Education, in some portion of this world Girls are not allowed to have Education and even if allowed, then only to some primary classes Education is not something on which we can do partiality on the basis of gender. 

Any human of any gender has the right to get Education and choose their their own path in life. The impact of Education is the same for the girls as it does on Boys. 

If we particularly talk about our country, girls were been treated as goddesses for a long time. But still, if we read our history books we can easily know that just 100 years back women or girls were not allowed to have Education. 

They were seen as labourers, who serve the men. Even now when Educational institutes are available at almost all places, in some areas girls are been prohibited to attend Schools. They are suffering from this torture because they are not aware of their rights. 

Education is the key to the knowledge of information and skills. To understand why Girls Education is important we must first understand what is Education?

Essay On Girl Education, Importance of Girls Education 

Essay On Girl Education

What is Education and what is its necessity?

Education is the lifelong process in which we learn and acquire knowledge and skills which we use in developing our personality and earn our livelihood. It leads you to the path of humanity and makes you aware of your social and personal duties and rights. 

It is necessary for all of us because it helps in building our career or achieving our desired goal. Not only this it also teaches you social and moral ethics and helps you in helping the development of your nation. 

By Education, a person does not help his individual but also the society and the nation. Education has improved our life in all aspects like livelihoods, luxuriousness, health, etc. We can understand this easily by comparing those countries which are developed and which are poor and developing. It can be easily seen the difference between the Literacy Rate of those countries.

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What is Girls Education?

Girl Education is a debatable topic which is been discussed millions of times in schools, Colleges and also as political agendas. Girl Education means providing education to all the girls without any partiality with boys. So they can be treated with equal respect to the boys. It is not just about sending her to school but also that she learns and feels safe while attending school. 

Also, girls must be aware of their rights so there will be no or less social harm that can be done to them. Girl Education makes a girl well educated so she can choose the path of her life and achieve her desired goal. 

Even after when democracy says everyone is equal in a nation, few families in our society, and also even in some areas girls are not allowed to attend Educational classes. To tackle this issue there are a lot of initiatives started that show the benefits of the girl and Education and why is it important.

Importance of Girls Education 

From ancient times, men’s were always been treated as superior to women. They were allowed to choose while for women everything was forced on them. Due to this women have suffered a lot of mental and physical pain. 

In our day to day life, we can see the news of married women been beaten by her drunk husband or a girl been raped by some monster. 

There are a lot of issues that show the girls and women are not treated equally to men. And to solve this issue it is important to make all of the girls educated. Education spreads awareness of rights; any educated women will never suffer the pains like these.

Any well-educated girl is totally aware of her duties towards her family and society. If we compare the successful birth rates of Educated and uneducated women, illiterate women are half in numbers if compared to literates when giving birth successfully. 

Educated women know their duties as a daughter, a wife, and a mother also the resident of a nation. Any literate women understand how to raise a child and what qualities and lessons they must learn. Even if we talk about socially, educated girls can also achieve their goals in their desired fields and earn their livelihood. 

Also mentioning the social discrimination and torture done to the women and girls on the basis of gender can be tackled because now she knows to fight back. Any democracy puts everyone as equal and that can be implemented perfectly if everyone gets Education.

Social and Economic Benefits of Girls Education

Let’s start with the personal benefits a girl gets when she is Educated. Any educated girl learns social and emotional skills to adapt to this changing world. Education teaches everything about how to live a life and the difference between good and bad. She can make decisions about life on her own. She can choose her career and work for it. 

Education also saves girls from domestic violence and makes them aware of their rights. For example, many of the divorced women don’t know that they can claim the property of their man so she does not have to suffer anymore. 

There is also one important topic no one discusses, educated girls know the use of contraceptives which controls the population and also can save them from sexually transmitted diseases.

In terms of social benefits, educated girls and women help a lot in the development of a country. If any of the women are earning then she invests much of her money in the care of her children or family than men. 

Also, they can improve the health care of their family. They can help in the employment rate and increase the National economy. They can reduce the burden on men and help them in earning more. 

Being educated, she knows her duties towards the nation like the right to vote and paying taxes. She can serve her country as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, politician or even a scientist, etc.


Education is not something to do partiality on. Everyone must have Education; we must make everyone aware and encourage all to spread Education to girls also.

They have equal rights as men do and can bring glory to a nation with the same capability as men. 

There are many initiatives that are encouraging everyone about girls Education and we must support them. This is the first step to women empowerment and the battle towards it can be half won just by giving Education to girls.

Education can change the perspective we see the world and can help in every walk of life. Girl Education must be compulsory so she can choose her destiny because – it’s her choice!

FAQS on essay on girl education

What number of young ladies don’t go to class? 

As indicated by UNESCO, there are an expected 130 million girls between the ages of 6 and 17 out of school. 15 million grade school-matured young ladies won’t probably ever enter a study hall in the course of their life 

What is keeping girls out of school? 

As indicated by UNESCO, there are an expected 130 million girls between the ages of 6 and 17 out of school. 15 million grade school-matured young ladies won’t probably ever enter a study hall in the course of their life 

Is Girl education being important.

Yes, it is very important to make them stand equivalent to other member of the society specially in India.

For what reason is girl education is not supported in India? 

India is as yet a non-industrial nation. It has a lot of neediness and backward reasoning. It is one of the fundamental reasons why individuals don’t urge to educate girls. 

What are the advantages of educating girls? 

If we educate girls that means, we teach entire nation as women plays various role in society and thus it is necessary to teach them equally

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