Essay on Global Warming and its impacts

Essay on Global Warming and its impacts:: Nature is the only thing due to which humans are surviving. While humans are ruining and damaging it for a very long period of time. Willingly or unwillingly We were using its resources, Cutting the Trees and Spoiling the environment. Especially after industrialization, the level of pollution has gradually increased. Which has caused several disastrous impacts on earth and its living beings. 

It causes climate change, Diseases, Radiation, and many more. One of its most Dangerous and unfortunate impacts is Global Warming, which is increased a lot in the last few decades. To understand how bad it is, let us first understand what is Global Warming?

Essay on Global Warming and its impacts 

Essay on Global Warming and its impacts

What is Global Warming?

The Noticeable and gradual Increase in the temperature of the Earth’s surface, water and atmosphere are known as Global warming. It is caused due to the Release of Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in a very large amount. Global warming is increasing a lot in the last few decades, exactly after industrialization. 

It causes climate change, Glacier melting and many other hazardous impacts. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are the most common greenhouse gases which are released by industries as well as from houses and Buildings. If we understand it with an example that how much it is released then, Human activities, in general, produces 37 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. 

Causes of Global Warming 

Discussing the causes of Global Warming is a very wide topic. It includes several issues it. For better understanding the causes we can divide them into two parts – Natural causes and Human influenced causes. Yes, nature itself has done some activities that have caused Global Warming. Which impacted it many more times in once than the humans did. 

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Natural Causes

The most noticeable natural cause is Green House gases like carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide which prevents the escaping of the solar heat rays and Trap them in the earth’s atmosphere. It is happening for a very long time which has increased the temperature of Earth. 

Another most important natural cause is natural disasters like Volcanic eruptions and Forest fires. These produce a huge amount of carbon dioxide, ashes and Heat. Which gets trapped in the earth’s atmosphere due to Greenhouse gases. 

Methane Gas is 20 times more effective in trapping solar heat and radiation than Carbon dioxide. It is a natural gas which is released from castles, landfill and petroleum Also from several human activities.

Human Influenced Causes

Human influenced causes are especially due to the modern lifestyle and Human needs. This leads to doing several activities like Deforestation, Burning Fossil fuels, Industrial Production and mining etc. 

Humans have been cutting down trees from ancient times for personal uses.

Uses like to obtain wood, produce paper, Build Houses, generating fires etc. Which has resulted in fewer forests and very few Trees in the Human populated areas? Trees take the carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Due to Deforestation, the balance is now disturbed and Causing us issues. 

Mining and Industrial production are the most important causes. The increase in the industries produces harmful gases and harm Nature.

Also minings like coal mining release gases from the inside of the earth which disturbs the natural balance. Rearing the cattle produces methane the same as in mining.

Uses of the Fossi fuels are also the most important cause. It is because we not just use fossil fuels but also due to they produce Harmful gases.

Fossil fuels are limited and natural resources and we have been exhausting it for a long time.

In almost every sector we use fossil fuels whether it is industrial or producing energy like electricity or in our vehicles. We all use it in our daily and give our distribution in this Global warming.

Impacts of Global Warming 

The Rise in temperature has caused tons of hazardous impacts globally. Few of them are easily Noticeable and few of them are continuously noticed and are measured by scientists.

None of the impacts is found good in any way for Humans, nature or any other living being. 

Melting of the Glaciers is the most noticeable results that occurred due to this. The Rise in the sea level due to the melting of ice in large amount has causes several other impacts too.

The natural balance is been ruined and how many of the small islands have lost Their existence just due to the increase in Sea level.

Many of the societies left Their motherland due to it. It can cause flood and sinking of the cities near the sea in coming times. 

Extreme weather and climate change is another greatest impact of Global Warming.

Now it can easily be noticed that in summers the hotness is increased a lot. The imperfections in the distribution of weather have caused many changes.

An increase in rainfall in several regions has made it hard for the survival of plants and animals. In other had few areas are facing extreme heat and droughts.

Human life expectancy is decreased due to the several new and common Diseases caused by it. Disease like Breathing Disease, cancer are a few examples of it.

Not only just humans but also plants and animals. The life cycles is disturbed. The migration of animals and birds is increased in expectations of a better place to live. 

The increase in temperature causes the extinction of several life forms.

In research, it is found that more than 1 million species are already extinct due to it. In coming times humans will be unable to produce their food due to crop failures.

Also, the plants will be less nutritious because they accumulate more fibre and less protein.


The solution is all in our hands. If human reduces and control their needs and co-operate in retaining the nature the issue of Global warming will be solved.

Reducing the need will reduce the consumption of Fossil fuels. If we reduce the use of energy like electricity then can control the production of Harmful gases. 

Industries that produce Harmful must be closed or controlled. Also, waste management must be Compulsory for industries. By Planting Trees and reducing Deforestation we can do a great impact on it.

During this Global Pandemic (Coronavirus) we have seen nature healing itself. This is due to the stop in industries and reduction in the use of vehicles. 

If all of us contribute to the healing process of earth then we can easily make it a better place. Where there will be no global warming, pollution or any disease.

Breathing in pure air, looking at the clear sky is the desire of us all. We have to save the earth for our future generations.

FAQS on essay on Global Warming

What is global warming? 

Global warming is a dangerous atmospheric deviation refers to the expanding normal worldwide temperature since the Industrial Revolution. 

What makes global warming? 

Certain gases, for example, carbon dioxide and methane, help trap the sun’s warmth in the climate. Known as ozone harming substances, they exist normally in the climate and help keep the Earth’s surface warm enough to support life 

If global warming is genuine, for what reason is it so cold and frigid this colder time of year? 

A dangerous atmospheric deviation is a progressing, slow cycle that doesn’t forestall cool, frigid climate from happening. All things being equal, a dangerous atmospheric deviation makes colder-than-normal winters more unusual, and hotter than-normal winters more probable. 

Are people causing or adding to global warming?

yes, by expanding the plenty of ozone depleting substances in the environment, human exercises are enhancing Earth’s characteristic nursery impact.

What does a global warming have to do with extreme climate, similar to dry spells and storms? 

An ascent in worldwide temperatures improves the seriousness and probability of tempests, floods, out of control fires, dry seasons and warmth waves. In a hotter atmosphere, the environment can gather, hold and drop more water, making wet territories wetter and dry regions drier. 

Final word –

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