Essay on leadership : Quality and importance of leadership

Essay on leadership: Definition, Quality and importance of leadership:: It is an essay on leadership. In this essay, we will discuss the topic of leadership. Firstly will be an analysis of what key attributes needed to be an exclusive leader. Next will be a discussion on how we can lead an Organization and others.  In this essay on leadership, we will focus on every topic which is related to leadership quality. So please read carefully this essay on leadership and learn how to become a good leader.

Essay on leadership

Essay on leadership
Essay on leadership

[Leadership essay in 300 words]

The word leadership has a deep meaning itself. It is the art of motivating a group to achieve goals. There are a lot of peoples living in the world but only a few have the ability to become a leader. A leader is those peoples who have the ability to take responsibilities and make the right direction for their followers to reach the goal. They always lead their team and face difficulties from the front side.

A great leader always motivates his team for their efforts and also guides them about their mistakes & weakness that makes his team more comfortable with them. Communication skills are so much important quality for great leadership, it is necessary for work efficiently.

A good leader must know how to communicate with his followers.

They give respect to their followers & always like to take suggestions from their followers & do the right thing for them. One thing you will find in every great leader is that they have the strongest confidence level.

They know how to express their ideas and to get the attraction of everyone. Before doing a task, they research and collect maximum information regarding it. They have great creative skill and they like to find new ways to complete work in less time.

They always give examples to their followers on how to do work with more perfection. They keep a positive attitude with them to perform well; they never take any stress regarding work and always keep their mind cool and calm. Great leaders always find the right path for his follower that takes them to the gate of success.

Leadership is too much important for a successful organization, team & work. One who attains all the above qualities of leadership may stand as a great leadership

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Essay on leadership

[ Leadership essay in 500 words]


The action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this is known as leadership. A great leader has the skill to manage his team professionally according to the conditions. He knows how to convey a message to their team and take them to the goal.


 A leader is one who guides and directs other people. He gives the effort to his followers a direction and purpose by influencing their behaviour. He always takes responsibility and set the direction for himself & his team and helps them out to achieve the given task.

He always motivates his team for his effort and also guides them for their mistake with a light attitude. He has a huge weapon of positivity which never lets him weak in any condition and he knows how to perform and deliver with his team in a tough condition.

A great leader always manages his time and does the right things for others & him. Some people have leadership qualities by their birth and some people have to build them with time and experience.

An effective leader is those people who have ideas but won’t happen unless those ideas can be communicated to others in a way that engages them to act according to them.


The following are the main qualities that convert a person into a great leader.







Communication performs the main role in leadership, it is so important because without clear communication your team will have trouble understanding your mission, vision & goal. With great communication, your team will have a broad understanding of what they are working for.


Confidence makes a huge contribution to handle a team because it is near too impossible to manage a team or a group with a lack of confidence. High confidence gives us the ability to perform well & take the attention of everyone and make them listen to you. 


Another quality that a leader should have is creativity in work. Creativity helps you to find a way to perform your task in an easy way and finding a shortcut for long work. It helps you to add something new to your work and inspire others.


It doesn’t matter how the condition is, the leader always looks positive with his plan and work. He didn’t feel pressure in difficult times which is the best thing about him. He always finds positivity in every good and bad situation that takes him in the way of success.


Another quality is responsibility. A leader takes responsibility for delivering work on time with quality and he understands the urgency of work. He takes responsibility for both success and failure & he puts his full efforts to complete his responsibilities.


Leadership skills are important because human nature requires that certain people need to take charge and help others. Because without leaders, it is very difficult to manage large groups of people, set goals, and make progress.

Essay on leadership

[ Leadership essay in 700 words]


Every organization, team, office, or nation needs a great leadership plan to work efficiently. It is very well known said that “Great Leadership takes the group to the greatest success.” So, what actually leadership is?


The word leadership refers to the action of leading groups or the state’s position of being a leader. Basically, in leadership, a leader guides his/her group’s new ways, ideas, and the way towards success to achieve their goals.


Leadership is the most important aspect of life. It led to the progress of human civilization. It is very important in every stage of life, even if you are in the field of education, sports, organization & even on the battlefield.


Leadership is a quality that makes a person special and prominent among others. Some people are born leaders and have all the leadership qualities naturally. On the other hand, one can attain leadership qualities by doing hard work.

“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit”.

The following are some very important qualities of leadership.


“Honesty and integrity are the most valuable and respected quality of leadership”.

Honesty is the foremost and very important quality of the leader. If the leader is honest, his followers will love him and will work with full effort.


A leader must be self-confident so that he can ensure others follow him. They should have the ability to provide great quality work according to requirements.


A good leader must have all the leadership qualities. He/ she have to make his/herself a role model for others to follow.


A leader must have the quality to make a good decision. A wise leader can give more good decisions that ensure the success of the entire group.


The foremost quality of a great leader is that he knows well how to communicate with his group. Good communication skill also reduces the chance of mistakes by the followers.


Punctual and hardworking is the most important trait of the leaders. If the leader is punctual and hardworking, their team will complete their work very efficiently on time.


Leaders should always courage his/ her team members so that they can do their work more efficiently. 


Patience is the most important trait of leadership. “The true test of leadership is how well you function in the crises”.


Every leader leads their team differently, these are called leadership styles. There are seven main leadership styles.


Those leaders who are self-independent and make the decision based on their own ideas are called Autocratic. They don’t like to take any suggestions from their followers to make decisions.


Those leaders who take suggestions from their followers to make a decision are known as Democratic. These types of leaders take suggestions from their followers and then make the decision based on that suggestion. They are totally the opposite of Autocratic. The other name of democracy is participative leadership or shared leadership.


These types of leaders are too much energetic. They mostly like to do a huge quantity of work in less time. They also guide their followers to do work in a way that requires less time to complete huge work.


They are those types of leaders who have all the authorities, they usually make policies and plans of what and how to do works.


They are those types of leaders who mostly like to do their work as a strong team. They make their followers feel connected and promote to solve any conflict.


They are those types of leader who facilitates people to engage, as well as they emphasize their individual motivation.


They are also known as delegation. These types of leaders allow their followers to make a decision. Laissez-faire makes few decisions and allows their followers to pick up the good one.


Being a good leader is so much important for group success. One should have all the qualities to become a successful leader.

“A good leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way & shows the way” 

FAQS on essay on Leadership

What are the main qualities of a leader? 

The main worth of being leader is honesty and trust in the entirety of activities to set up validity as a leadership. 

How could a leader fail? 

A leader can fail when they can’t get their group ready for the objectives of the association. 

Does each supervisor should be a leader? 

All great supervisors are leaders to different degrees. They need to complete their superiors’ dreams by making their own dreams that help the bigger vision.

What is the connection among leaders and followers? 

Leaders are change specialists who direct their devotees onto new statures, while in route, they create and develop their followers. 

How Team leader are different from Team manager? 

A trough can deal with tasks and duties and guarantee that others complete their work. A leader will move and drive their group to accomplish their objectives.

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