Essay on Myself in English for students and children

Essay on Myself in English for students and children:: We come across essays about myself at almost every point of our life. Whether we are applying for a college or sitting for a job interview, we always have to write a composition telling about ourselves. Even in school, we often come across many topics for essays such as ‘essay on myself’, ‘essay about myself, ‘composition about myself, and many other variations of the topic. If you are faced with such topics, here is a whole assortment of those for you.  

Introduction to Essay on Myself

Essay on Myself in english for students and children

At every point in life, you will come across writing essays about yourself. This might become difficult, especially when you don’t know the basics of writing essays or compositions. For many, writing about himself or themselves becomes more difficult because they don’t understand what to include and what not to. Here are all types of ‘essay on myself’ for you to read and take help from.  

Essay No.1 on ‘Essay on Myself’ (100 words)  

My name is <Put your name and surname>. I am a <Put your age> year old <Put your gender>. I am a student at one of the most reputed schools, Ramakrishna Mission, in the city. Academically, I have been quite active and have scored well in all of my examinations.  

I am also a sports enthusiast who has represented my school at the state level basketball tournament. To recognize my performance in the match, I was crowned as the ‘Star Kid of the Match’. Reading and writing about sports and sportsmen is my hobby. I have also written many essays about them online.  

Essay No.2 Essay on Myself (100 words)

What can be the best way to describe me? I guess, the word would be ‘studious’. I am <Put your name and surname here>. I study in <Put your school’s name here>. My father is a businessman. From the very beginning, I have been drawn to books and studies. 

My favourite subject is English and I love reading stories and their interpretations. A major part of my day is spent on these things only. However, I don’t study for marks. I believe that if you focus on enriching your knowledge, you will automatically score well. 

Essay No. 3 on ‘Essay on Myself’ (200 words)  

My name is <Put your name and surname>. I am a student at <Put your school>. I have studied there since my childhood. My family is a small one, comprising only my mother, father, and me. We live in a small flat in the middle of the city.  

I want to become an engineer one day. For that, I am already studying more physics. My mathematics is also quite good. With my extensive knowledge of both these subjects, no one can beat me in them. My knowledge has also helped me score well in National Exams for which I have also been congratulated by the State government.  

With reading and writing as hobbies, I have acquired a good depth of knowledge. I regularly borrow books from my school library. Apart from reading autobiographies of physicists and mathematicians, I also love to read poetry and stories, especially the ones that were written during the 1800s.  

Young students also come to me to understand the concepts of science and mathematics. This has sparked my interest in teaching also. I always try my best to make them understand the concepts as simple as I can. Overall, I am a student trying to build a bright future for myself.  

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Essay No. 4 on ‘Essay on Myself’ (300 words)  

We meet so many people in the course of our life. Some of them start to play a crucial part in our life while some of them are just there for some time. I try to befriend and know as many people as possible on this planet. This is just an example of my friendly and outgoing nature.  

I am <Put your name here>. Professionally, I am a student studying in class <Put your class>. The biggest lesson that my parents have taught me is probably to help people. Whenever I see somebody in need, I rush to help them. I respect people for who they are and try to be as generous as possible. This has won me the support of many people in my city who have also started helping people in need around them.  

Academically, I am studying to become a professor. I aim to clear my school and higher studies with flying colours and then sit for the professor examinations. I cannot be completely sure but I believe I will be able to clear them. 

I am also trying to build my extra-curricular portfolio with various activities. That is why I take part in many competitions throughout the year. Last year, I won the chess championship organized in my city. It took me a lot of practice to be able to do that ut when I finally achi8eved it, I was extremely happy. 

Bicycling is another of my hobby. Every morning, I take my bicycle and take around across the city. This helps me to remain in shape and also boost my energy. After that, I return home to go to school. In the afternoon, I go out to play with my friends. 

Sticking to a strict schedule has helped me become successful across many fields.

Essay No. 5 on ‘Essay on Myself’ (500 words)   

 I am <Put your name here>, a student in class <Put your class> of <school>. My family consists of my mother and father along with my brother. I stay near the older part of the city. This small family also has another four-legged furry member, a German Shephard dog named Bruno. She has been a part of our family from when she was only 1 month old. The best of my memories are with her only. 

 I like to call myself an interesting person because my interest varies across many different fields. I am a dedicated musician. I can play the piano, flute, and ukulele. With my skills, I have won many accolades from famous music schools and music competitions. I have also been invited to play in various shows as a guest musician. The most requested genre that I play is the Bollywood soft music genre. 

 Apart from music, I also love to read. I have read almost all the novels in the city library. Currently, I am reading <Put novel’s name>.  There are novels that I have read multiple times. What I love the most about novels is that they transfer me to a world of imagination. They also inspire original thought from me. Along with novels, I also love to read non-fiction books that give a lot of information. Non-fictions inspire and motivate more than fiction. 

 A major part of my schooling was done in a different city where I attended a big and famous school. After that, my father was transferred here and I also came with him. Getting acquainted with this new school was not easy but I eventually made friends. This was an eye-opener for me. All my life, I used to think that I am an extrovert and outgoing person who can easily make friends wherever he goes but when I came here, I realized that it is not that easy. But I am happy knowing that I ultimately made friends and that I could conquer my fears. 

 If I am talking about conquering my fears, I must also mention my fear of water. When I was hardly three years old, I was once about to drown in a pool where I had gone to play with my mom and dad. This instituted a fear in me and I started avoiding any huge water body. Recently, my mother decided to bring me out of this fear. She did not tell me where we were going and got me into the car. We stopped near the swimming pool. I was already refusing to enter but she did not listen to me. She forcefully took me inside and I was compelled to get into the water. At first, it seemed scary and I was pale with fear. But slowly as I felt the water flow across my skin, I began falling in love with it. This way, I came over my fear of water as well. 

 Thus, I am a musician, reader, and swimmer too. 

Essay No. 6 on ‘What I like the most about myself?’ (600 words)  

 What is that I like the most about myself? That’s a tough question to answer but I’ll try my best to answer that. So, I am <Put your name here>, a <Put your age> year old student at <Put your school’s name>. People call me multi-talented because of my skills in various fields. That is something that I love a lot about myself.  

 Playing cricket has been my passion since childhood. I just continued playing and never realized that I played so well until my school sport’s teacher asked me to play for the school team. With a score of 65 runs in my first match, I won the man of the match. The best part of cricket is that it promotes coordination among teammates. There is also a very different fun of playing cricket because it is the most famous game in India. Football is another game that I like playing but I am not very good at it. I mostly become goalkeeper there and the ball does not come to the goal-keeper much because my teammates are great players. This has kept my skill in football somewhat restricted. 

 Reading and writing poetry are other of my hobby that won me accolades. I just kept writing and then I submitted one of them for a national competition. I won that. From there, I began sending my poetry to different competitions and magazines. Many of them were selected and appreciated around the country. My biggest achievement in this literary sphere is receiving a recommendation from a famous poet who read my poetry and gave me concrete points of improvement. After incorporating those into my verses, I have received more love and support from the readers.

At the same time, I don’t let my studies suffer. I can’t say that I score the highest but I manage to score among the top 10 students in my class. Sometimes, I also score the highest. The trick to managing all these different things together is time management. When I get up in the morning, I like to make a mental schedule for myself. Then I try to stick to that mental schedule. That way, I can devote time to all the things that I have to do and not miss out on anything. 

One particular incident that shaped my life was losing my brother at an early age. He was seven years younger than me and because he was born at a time when I was considerably older, I took good care of him. He was very dear to me. But when I was fifteen, he met with an accident while playing. My mother and father were both out shopping and only he and I were there in the house. I was supposed to be taking care of him but I was busy studying. I did not even notice when he opened the front door and walked out of the house. He was playing with a ball and while playing he walked into the middle of the road. A speeding car ran over him. The loud sound attracted my attention and I ran out to see my brother lying on the road, covered in blood. The neighbours informed my parents immediately and they came back. We took him to the hospital but we lost him. 

This changed many things in me. I swore to never be careless again. This multi-talented nature of mine somewhat comes from this only. Somewhere, I feel that I also have to fulfil the dreams of my brother, and hence, I try to do so many things.


So, Essay on Myself. This is not only the Essay but also the emotion of many peoples of the world. Therefore, the abovementioned Essay on Myself should be followed by everyone to save water.

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