Essay on Pollution for students and children

Essay on Pollution for students and children:: In today’s world, one of the most commonly spoken words is ‘Pollution’. Everyone knows about its ill possessions and their impact on the environment. It’s not that the world does not know the root cause of it or how it can be cured, but the quantitative efforts in reducing it are still missing.

Pollution is not a century-old phenomenon but has been taking place since man tamed fire. Since then, man has been polluting the environment in different ways, mostly under the cover of Industrialization, Modernization, and Progress. 

Let’s go step by step and understand:-

Essay on pollution for students and children

Essay on pollution for students and children
Essay on pollution for students and children

Pollution essay in English for students


As already understood, it is the contamination of the environment or a process by which the environment gets impure.

When impure substances mix with the natural environment and the process of breaking these impurities takes a longer time, there is pollution. It’s not only the time, but the amount of pollution which keeps on adding makes the situation worse. To understand this, in open land, one man lights fire for 10 minutes every day, the environment can dissolve it.

But if 1000 men light the fire for 24 hours, the capacity of the environment to clean itself will slow as the pollution keeps adding both in quantity and quality. 

Let’s also understand what these impurities are.


These impurities are called pollutants. They can be fire, emission from vehicles, gases from factories, chemicals, overt noise, and oil, to name a few.

Mixing of pollutants with a natural environment wherein the pollutants are not dissolved an adverse effect gets created on the environment is pollution.


The terms pollution and pollutants now make sense to us. Let’s find out the common types of pollution which affect us.

Air Pollution.

This is the most commonly talked about and has a big effect on human life. Vehicles, Fire, Industry, Home, Human Beings all contribute to this.

The increased amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium spoil the air quality and results in increased AQI, which is a measure of air pollution. Health risks increase with an increase in AQI, which stands for Air Quality Index.

Water Pollution.

Common pollutants that pollute both river and sea are Industry Waste. Industries that use a high amount of chemicals release their waste in water resources. Drainage and severs to find an outlet in water.

This leads to water pollution degradation of aquatic life. The water level is just not limited to surface water but also underground water.

Neglect of humans in treating the waste before dumping it into water is an area of concern. Waterborne diseases include a major share in casualties caused in the world.

Soil Pollution.

We proudly talk about increased yield in agriculture these days using fertilizers and manure but rarely do we talk about the deterioration of soil and land, which happens in turn.

Besides agriculture, we dig and drench the soil away from its natural minerals and do not even give it the time to recoup.

Noise Pollution.

Hearing is one of the most beautiful and important senses human has been gifted with. Chirping birds, running water, laughter, love, and anger can be heard. Ears have a limitation to loud noises and disturbances.

Vehicles honking, very loud music, aeroplane, and jumbo jets create a cacophony that starts disturbing the mind and ears. This may lead to many disorders that can affect normal life.

Pollution of any kind is hazardous to health and life and should be reduced at all levels. It creates a scary sketch when we see the impact of pollution on life.


The list of types of pollution is just not limited to the above four. It can be divided and subdivided into many more categories.

The overall impact pollution has on life is both external and internal. It is the cause of many malfunctions in the life cycle. Pollution has triggered different diseases that still are waiting for vaccines and cure.

There are species that have extinct because of pollution. Apart from the human race, aquatic life is the worst hit. We see animals reaching the seashore drenched in oils or chemicals and dying.

To name a few Whales which are a beautiful animal is on the verge of extinction, and the credit goes to pollution and hunting.

The coolers of earth, Arctic and Antarctica have seen some drastic changes because of pollution. Easy access to the man and climatic changes because of pollution is leading to the melting of snow at a much faster pace than was anticipated earlier.

Because of the internal disturbances beneath the earth by drilling and drenching, we see activity in the eruption of volcanoes and landslide.

In a nutshell, pollution and too much human intervention are increasing the threat to life in all forms.

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Ways to Control Pollution

We still have time and hope to correct our mistake because we are the only generation who are witnessing the changes because of pollution and can correct it for our future generations.

1.Alternate sources of energy are less harmful to the environment to be used to meet our daily energy needs. The use of Solar Energy should be promoted.

2.Before dumping industrial wastes into the water, they should be properly treated, and harmful elements should be removed.

3.The most basic weapon which helps us in fighting pollution is planting trees. We should make it ceremonial and attach it to birth and death.

It should be made a part of our culture to plant trees at birth and death besides planting trees on all happy occasions and ceremonies.

4.Also, studying about what kind of tree enhances the air quality and soil should be made compulsory at all educational institutes.

5.Waste management is talked about all the “who’s and who” of the world. Reducing waste and recycling will help reducing pollution.

6.Polythene bags which are the biggest nuisance in the world needs to banned and abolished; instead of bags made of cloth should be used.

7.Tree leaves should be used to wrap food instead of tissue paper and foils.

8.Avoid using a vehicle to cover small distances and rather run errands for the same.

9.Practice the minimalistic approach.

10.Keep the surroundings clean.

We still have a choice, option, and reason to control Pollution. Let’s do it for ourselves and our future generations so that they remember us proudly.

FAQS On essay on Pollution

What is Pollution? 

Pollution is the presentation of substances that cause unfavorable changes in the climate and living elements. 

What are the different Kinds of Pollution?

There are four kinds of pollution that is Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution , Noise Pollution 

Name the unsafe poisons liable for polluting the climate?

The unsafe poisons answerable for contaminating the climate are Nitrogen oxide, Sulfur oxide, Mercury, Chlorofluorocarbon etc.

What are the various sorts of pollutions? 

The various kinds of contaminations are primary pollutants and secondary pollutants that is primary pollutants are discharged straightforwardly from the sources like volcanic ejections, ignition of petroleum derivative etc. whereas secondary pollutants are straightforwardly transmitted from the sources however are framed when essential poisons respond in the air. Like ozone.

What is radioactive pollution? 

Radioactive pollution is the pollution brought about by the arrival of radioactive substances in the environment during exercises, for example, atomic blasts, mining of radioactive minerals, and so on.

Final word

I hope this essay on pollution for students and children will be very helpful for your examination; so please read the Essay carefully on pollution for students and children.

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