Essay On Save Water for students and children

Essay On Save Water for students and children:: It is said that life is not possible without water. Because life on this earth is not possible without water. Water is not less than any elixir for living beings.

In today’s time, water conservation has become a very important task for every human being. So today we are bringing an essay on save water for you.

We all should conserve water. In this essay on save water, we will take about how to save water and How to use water properly.

Essay On Save Water for students and children

Essay On Save Water
Essay On Save Water for students and children

Essay on Save water


Water provides life to us and other beings on earth. Water is a beautiful gift of God that they have given us. It is very important to continue life on earth.

Life cannot be imagined in any home without water. Earth is the only home where till today both life and water exist. To save water in the future, water conservation is the only way to save water.

There is a severe shortage of water in India and other countries of the world, due to which the common people have to travel long distances for drinking and cooking as well as for the water required to carry out everyday tasks.

We should understand the importance of water in our lives and make every effort to save water. About 71% of our Earth is surrounded by water which contains a very small amount of potable water.

The cycle of balancing the water continues on its own such as rain and evaporation. There is a problem of security and scarcity of potable water on the earth. Drinking water is available in very small quantities.

Water conservation can be made possible by people’s habits. Clean water is affecting the lives of the people of India and the whole world in many ways. 

Water Conserve:

To balance life on earth, water conservation is to be avoided by various means. Due to the lack of safe and drinking water on the earth, the water conservation and save water campaign has become very important.

Large sources of water are getting contaminated every day due to industrial waste.

To bring more efficiency in water conservation, all industrial buildings, apartments, schools, hospitals etc. should all promote proper water management.

People should be made aware of the problems caused by water scarcity and simple water scarcity. Laws are needed to eradicate the behaviour of people by water wastage.

The people of the villages should start collecting rainwater. Large ponds should be built for proper maintenance of water and collecting rainwater.

Young students need to be more aware of water conservation and at the same time, there is a need to concentrate on the problem and solution of this issue.

Water insecurity and scarcity are greatly affecting people living in developing countries. 40% of the global population lives in areas with increased demand from the supply.

This situation will get worse in the coming decades as population, agriculture, the industry will all increase in the coming times.

Ways To Conserve Water:

People should water their gardens or gardens only when needed. A large amount of water can be saved by letting water sprinkle on the pipe’s place.

Water conservation can also be done by planting drought resistant plants. The joints of pipelines and taps should be properly fitted so that water is not leached and wasted.

Buckets and mugs should be used in place of pipes to wash the car, so that water can be saved. Blockers should also be applied for the fast flow of the shower.

Washing clothes and utensils should be used to wash clothes and utensils. To save water daily, less water should be used in the toilet.

For washing fruits and vegetables, water-filled pots should be used instead of taps. Rainwater should be collected and used for defecation, industries, drinking and cooking.

All people should understand their responsibility towards the water and should avoid using more water in cooking water and food.

Buckets should be used in place of the shower. Avoid excessive use of water at the time of Holi festival and should promote dry and safe Holi.

The tap should be closed after use so that water can be saved. In summer, water should be used as per the requirement in the cooler.

The small glass should be used for drinking water because most people leave water in a large glass. Using small glass can reduce water waste.

The remaining water should be added to the plants. After washing fruits and vegetables, water should be added to the plants. The tap should not be opened completely, it wastes more water.

Reason for conserving water: 

Water is very important in our life, its value should be understood. Life is not possible without oxygen, water and food. But the most important element among these three is water.

Less than 1% of the water on our earth is potable. People are beginning to understand the importance of clean water but do not try to save it.

To continue life on Earth, saving water is a good habit and one should try as much as possible. A few years ago, water was not sold in shops, but today all the shops have drinking water bags and bottles.

For the first time, people were very surprised to see the water being sold at the shops and were ready to buy water for 20 or more rupees for their good health.

In the coming time, the problem of drinking water will increase all over the world. More than 4 million people die due to diseases of water. People in developing country suffer from diseases due to a lack of clean water and dirty water.

300 litres of water is used to prepare one day’s news, hence the distribution of the second medium of news should be encouraged.

Every 15 seconds a child dies due to waterborne illness. People all over the world have started using water bottles, which cost $ 60 to $ 80 billion per year. In many countries, people have to travel very long distances for drinking water.

People of India are suffering a lot due to waterborne disease due to which the economy of India is being affected.

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Water Conservation Slogans: 

Many slogans are used for water conservation. Some are as follows: –

●Use water but never wastewater!

●Do the Earth a favour, Be a water saver

●Water is life so don’t hit your life.

●Save water and save the life on the earth

●Save the Sea to See the Future.

●We need your helping hand, to save water, sky and land.

●Use your brain to save water even from the rain.

●Go green & Drink clean


If we take care of all these things and put these habits in the children too, then we will be able to save water in a large part. By doing this, nature and life that develops on the earth and earth will definitely be happy.

Dirty water also makes clean water dirty. Because the amount of drinking water in the water is very limited on the earth, its proper use will prove to be very fruitful for some people.

FAQS Save Water essay in English

Why is water significant for living being?

Water is significant for living creatures since none of them can make do without water. 

What is water preservation? 

Proper use, keeping away from wastage, and keeping up the measure of water in its various sources is called water preservation. 

For what reason do we need to save water? 

If we keep on wasting water and its sources foolishly, and don’t moderate water, a period will come when there was no water left for our survival, in this manner we need to save water. 

Clarify the impact of developing populace on water shortage. 

With increment in populace expands the interest of water. More individuals need more water however the stock isn’t expanding with the speed of expansion in populace. This declines the measure of water accessible per individual. This makes water shortage. 

Express the impact of deforestation on precipitation on water shortage. 

Cutting of trees in observable numbers is called deforestation. This progressions decline precipitation and snowfall bringing about lack of new water.

Final word – I hope this essay on Essay on save water for students will very helpful for your examination and speech, So please read carefully Essay on save water for students.

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