Essay on summer vacation in english for students and children

Essay on Summer Vacation:: Summer Vacation is one of the best and favourite time for most people. It generally begins when the student’s annual exam is over. In India, it begins in April and ends by June. Let’s know more about this topic by essay on summer vacation.

Essay on summer vacation for students::

Essay on summer vacation in english for students and children :
Essay on summer vacation in English for students and children

Essay on summer vacation::

We all get excited by Summer Vacation as it gives us time to rejuvenate, enjoy & learn. This is the longest vacation in the year as compared to the others.

Although it is extremely hot & the temperature goes up to 45-50^ C; still people don’t stop the leisure activities during this time. Instead, we all start planning our summer vacation activities before it even starts.

This is the best childhood memory that can anyone recall & relate to. The long night tales & fun with family is priceless. It is not less than a life of kids who really aspire to live it in a moment. Besides, there are many interesting ways to enjoy the summer vacation. 

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Here are some best ways you can enjoy your Summer Vacation with more fun & learning:

1.    Things you can do on Summer Vacation- 

Well, apart from visiting places, you can join any activity class or summer camp. So there are a lot of options available to learn & have fun at the same time.

You can go to several amazing classes or activities, like- dancing, yoga, swimming, singing, painting, etc. Indeed, it helps you to discover your hidden talent & explore the possibilities of your strengths.

This is the best time an individual can devote to discover his/her hobby in the form of games, music, leisure, etc. You can utilize this time in creating adapting habits that can help you in the overall lifestyle.

For instance- Waking up early, meditation, following good companies, etc., can really change a lot during the summer vacation. It is not only limited to kids only. Adults can also plan interesting hobbies & tasks during summer vacation, especially those who are in College.

There is no age to learn new activities like- Cooking, music, adventure, sports, etc. Killing time in front of a Television will only make your day monotonous. Summer camp is one of the best ways to make you learn different aspects of life through fun.

You can learn to make new things like – cakes, food, etc. Apart from daily textbooks, you would accept little challenges in the camp to check your skillset & opportunity.  

These efforts & tasks can make you a real warrior in life to deal with the situations accordingly. Hence, you can learn situational handling, problem-solving, decision-making skills & a lot more with the help of these camps. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s also discuss the best places you can spot to make your summer vacation more interesting & mesmerizing.

2.    Places you can visit on Summer Vacation-

Who doesn’t like travelling? Well, everyone wants to grab a bite on a beautiful lake or so. We always insist on our kids for study; however, they also need refreshment to explore nature & its beauty. Here are the top five spectacular places you can spot on:-

Within India:-

Manali located in Himachal Pradesh & best known for its hilly beauty & astonishing nature. A lot of people go there to rejuvenate & get rid of the daily chaos. You can certainly enjoy paragliding, snowfall & trekking. It is one of the best destinations to enjoy the summer vacation.

Goa-Located in the south & surrounded by beautiful beaches. You can easily spot a lot of foreigners there who visit the place to enjoy during the summer. You can enjoy kayaking, boating, sunbath, etc., with the beautiful sunset view.  

Sikkim-Situated in northeast India & bordered by Bhutan. Well, you can easily spot the real beauty of nature by surrounded hills. River rafting, trekking, Paragliding, etc., are the main activities during the summer. 

Rishikesh– This city is located in Uttrakhand & surrounded by hills. If you’re looking to do some adventurous activity, this place is the best for you. You can do river rafting, trekking, bungee jumping, etc., to explore the adventure & its beauty.

Vrindavan/Mathura– If you are looking for a spiritual experience this summer, Vrindavan & Mathura are the best places for you.

These cities are located in Uttar Pradesh & well knows for lord Krishna & his lover, the deity Radha. So you can enjoy the chants & experience the peace to introspect yourself.

You can also hunt for International places as per your likes & interests. For example, for example, some of the best places outside India are the British Virgin Islands, St. Lucia, Prague, Costa Rica, etc.

Let’s do something interesting this summer.

3.  Important things to take care of-

There are plenty of things you need to take care of during summer vacation. Let’s discuss one by one:-

● Take your time in Research-You do not need to rush on every activity or hobby to initiate. You can start taking down your interest on a piece of paper along with the timeline.

Check out the best & suitable activity as per your interest. Don’t forget to go through the reviews & ratings of a particular institute or camp before you enrol.

● Balance the study & fun- Most of us struggle while balancing the study & fun during summer vacation. However, you need to understand that the summer vacation brings many opportunities for us to learn new things apart from study.

You can make a timetable to bifurcate your daily hours between study & fun activity.

● Set your benchmark for future-Always to remember that every summer vacation would bring joy in a new way.

Hence, while you enjoy your summer vacation this time, set a benchmark for the next vacation so that it keeps you inspiring for a long. You can execute the same in your study & other activities too. 

 You can certainly unlock the best time you ever think during summer vacation. Hence, apart from homework or studies, you can enjoy the activities mentioned above by balancing the study & fun.

 What are you waiting for? Let’s get started & enjoy this summer vacation you have ever dreamed of.

Enjoy your summer vacation!

FAQS on essay on Summer Vacation 

Is Summer vacation is good thing for the children

Yes, summer vacation is very good thing for the children as children spend good time over there and learn various new things

How summer vacation helps the children?

During summer vacation children learn many activities during that children enhance their creativity and become so much confident over many things which ultimately help in improving their overall personality.

Why summer vacation is better than winter vacation?

During summer vacation children can learn many things as there are lot many options but in winter there are not as such option due to cold.

Should I encourage my children to attend summer vacation?

Yes, you must encourage and make your child to attend summer vacation. During summer vacation your children is able to learn various new things and activities which help them to grow at mental level too.

Is summer vacation after COVID is safe?

Yes, now it is safe as many of us learned about all precautionary measures and schools are taking good precaution about covid. Still take precaution.

Final word –

I hope this essay on summer vacation for students will be beneficial for your examination, So please read the Essay carefully on summer vacation for students and children.

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