essay on water conservation

essay on water conservation:: In nowadays water conservation is an essential topic for us. Therefore today learnglad will provide you with an essay on water conservation.

essay on water conservation

essay on water conservation
essay on water conservation

Water: Our Greatest Need

The first life form ever existed on earth was evolved inside the water which clarifies that every living being that exists now is due to water. Without water there is no life, even our livelihood is totally dependent on it. 

In our day to day life, we use it in several works like fore Drinking, for Bathing, for washing, for irrigation, etc. Just imagine a Life without water ?? Impossible, isn’t it? Exactly!

 There is no way this fact can be denied that water is our greatest need. We all know that the maximum part of the earth is covered with water, almost 70% of it But there is only 2-3% of total water is clean water (Salt-free) remaining is in our oceans. 

This concludes that as per the speed of our population is increasing soon the whole world is going to face the problem of lack of water. 

A lot of countries are already facing it for a long time, there are countless cities and villages that are deserted due to the water crisis.

What is the water crisis or water scarcity?

Even after we have an unlimited amount of water we only have a very limited portion of it that we can use for drinking or other purposes. But as an increase in the population and also due to the irresponsibility of people’s clean water is Decreasing exponentially. 

This leads to the scarcity of water where people do not have sufficient water for drinking and cooking etc which results in deaths of people or that area gets deserted. 

Also a maximum of times people get helpless that they have to drink Dirty water which leads them to several detaining diseases. This phenomenon is called water scarcity or water crisis.

Now the question is that how can we save water to increase the percentage of clean water so we can save ourselves from the water crisis? There are several methods for that which comes under the term “Water Conservation”.

What is Water Conservation?

All the methods and strategies used to save the freshwater or gather freshwater to maintain the availability of water for us and also for our upcoming generation are called Water conservation. 

There are several ways that are followed by a number of people’s which saves the water, the government of countries makes several policies to save fresh water and also in irrigation there are technologies and strategies used so we can reduce the use of freshwater all comes under the water conservation.

Main Factors affecting Water Conservation

·Reducing the Use: For whatever purpose the water is used if by any method we can reduce the use of it then we can easily save a huge amount of Water.

·Reusing the water: In a lot of works we can use the water again, that is already been used so no freshwater gets wasted in it. In this way, we can save a huge amount of water.

·Avoiding or Stopping the works that Reduce the water Quality: Water also gets wasted when we mix the freshwater with the dirty water (Ex: Transfer of Sewage water in rivers ). So by stopping those activities or avoiding them, we can save a huge amount of water.

·Saving water / Gathering water: Maximum of the rainwater or River water gets wasted by mixing in dirt or oceans and there is a number of ways we can follow to save the rainwater (Called Rainwater Harvesting) and river water. In this way, we can obtain a bulk amount of water for us and our generation also.

Methods of Water Conservation

At Home Level :

If we talk about home level water conservation maximum of changes we can do by just Changi our behaviour in a positive way. Methods are mentioned below

«  By always closing the Tap tightly after using it.

«  Never let the Tap Open all the time when using it, only open it when need water and close it instantly.

«  Using efficient flush systems in the toilet.

«  Not using the showers or less using it, it’s better to use the bucket for bathing.

«  Try Washing clothes efficiently or use fewer water consumables washing machines.

«  Well maintained garden system so less water will be used in gardening.

«  Try Reusing water in several tasks like hand washed water for Flushing.

«  Doing Rainwater Harvesting (Most important)

«  Less use of electricity, water is used in making electricity.

«  Use effective and efficient utility machines like Dual flush toilets.

At industrial Level :

At the Industrial level, the problem is freshwater is polluted due to the transfer of wastes of industries to the rivers and other freshwater sources. Methods to prevent water pollution and water conservation at the industrial level are mentioned below

«  Avoiding the transfer of factories to the freshwater sources because the maximum of freshwater gets polluted due to it. Also, near factories water sources get infected and cause several diseases to the consumers of it.

«  Using alternative of water for the cooling system in heavy machines for example by using better and efficient machines or Fans for cooling etc

«  For electricity generation using unclean sources of water or seawater. There are several technologies developed by which we can generate electricity in Oceans.

«  By Rainwater harvesting at a large scale, we can gather a huge amount of water to fulfil our needs.

«  By not cutting trees and planting trees, due to a decrease in the number of trees climate change occurs which results in less rain. Then our Sources of water like ponds and river gets droughted.

In Irrigation :

A large amount of water is consumed for irrigation and by following methods we can reduce the use of it

«  Due to uneven distribution of water over crops, a huge amount of water gets wasted so by following farming strategies less water is used in it.

«  By using rainwater for irrigation a huge amount of water can be saved.

«  By creating mini drains all over the field so water gets distributed equally every when using river water for irrigation.

« Doing irrigation at night so not maximum of the water gets evaporated.

«  By following standard methods of farming and using machines so crops can be produced in lesser time and less water.

Lack of water is a global issue that leads to a large number of deaths of humans as well as animals and trees.

So Each and every person in the world needs to follow water conservation methods so not us and also our future generations die due to the water crisis.

Save water and save the world and have a Happy Life.

FAQS on essay on water conservation

Do the watering limitations apply to pressurized water system as it were?

Enforcement will be actualized for outside water system use from the pressurized water system framework as it were. 

What days are business properties (chapels, schools, retail) permitted to water? 

The city will be working with non-private properties on endorsed watering plans, which will follow the aim of the limitations. 

How would we get individuals to quit watering when it is coming down or has as of late down-poured? 

We are depending on every inhabitant to save water and turn their programmed sprinkling frameworks off during and following huge rainstorms. 

Should outside water fountains be killed? 

Drinking wellsprings are a public assistance and ought not be shut down. Some utilization artesian water, normally under tension, which will come out at any rate. 

Do the watering limitations apply to my nursery? 

All pressurized water system use will be restricted to the days that are assigned for your location. 

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